God told Jessi Green that for Him to move, she first had to make an important decision…
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⚡️About Larry Sparks⚡️

Larry Sparks is a prophetic leader, speaker, and lecturer on revival. He presently serves as publisher for Destiny Image (destinyimage.com), a Spirit-filled publishing house pioneered by Don Nori Sr. in 1983 with a mandate to publish the prophets. Larry is fueled by a vision to help the church community create space for the Holy Spirit to move in freedom, prophetic power and revival fire, providing every believer with an opportunity to have a life-changing encounter in the Presence of God. In addition, Larry is a regular contributor to Charisma Magazine, he conducts seminars on revival, hosts regional Renewing South Florida gatherings, and has been featured on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, TBN, CBN, the Jim Bakker Show, and Cornerstone TV. He is author of Pentecostal Fire, Breakthrough Faith, The Fire That Never Sleeps with Michael Brown and John Kilpatrick, compiler of Ask for the Rain, and co-author of Arise with Patricia King. He earned a Master of Divinity from Regent University and enjoys life in Texas with his beautiful wife and beloved daughter.

The Vision of Larry Sparks Ministries is summed up in three words: Encounter, Activate and Transform.

The Mission of Larry Sparks Ministries is to help followers of Jesus:
✅ Encounter the Presence of the Holy Spirit through prophetic ministry, events, and media.
✅ Activate the Power of God in your life through audio teaching, articles, and training resources.
✅ Transform your life and your world as a Spirit-empowered individual who impacts your sphere of influence with prophetic Kingdom strategies.

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    25 replies to "God CANNOT Move in Your Life UNTIL You Do THIS!"

    • Mary Fosnough

      This is so good. Thanks for posting this!!

    • Lazer darkness 19 gameing

      Hallelujah Amen thank you Savior and Lord Jesus Christ for healing and abundant blessings hallelujah Amen 🙏🏻✝️🌹

    • Miche Sepeng

      Wow Jessie the Lord is amazing. It's important to avail ourselves to the Holy Spirit. May God Almighty continue to extend your territory for your Ministry.

    • Terri Lee

      Never seen anything so dramatic in a church… maybe a little help for others but never anything so radical and sacrificial before.

    • Allan Lindsay Arce

      I am active sharing the Gospel online. But once i shared in person, the Gospel to a person i know, i got a barrage of intense spiritual attack.

    • Mareva Joyon

      Yes Kingdom of God we are in Revelation 5

    • Mareva Joyon

      Thank you Larry and Jesse Green and her husband.We watching from Australia to America.Avalanche of Revivals happening.Domino effect is happening in America.From Alaska to Florida.Wining souls to Yeshua

    • Mareva Joyon

      The Lion of Judah Roars☮️🌈🔥🙏

    • 👑ND3🌹

      I got the feeling God power feels amazing

    • markgumbs

      Hallelujah!!! Amen!!! God bless your families and ministries!!!!

    • Elaine Hernandez

      Ur SO BEAUTIFUL!!! HALLELUJAH! Holy Spirit 🔥🔥 & ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 2 ALL Of Us!! Praise Jesus!! TY 4 Ur Obedience & Testimony!!! Praise God!

    • GMMamaOF3

      Amen 💎🌟 praise God. 🙏

    • Jason Barone

      If in difficult times declare that the devil has no power over you or this world

    • Dorothy Newhouse

      Amen!! I just got baptized on the spot Amen!!

    • Rachell Austin

      I kept crying listening to this message..not knowing what was going on I almost changed to something different..I felt something touched that cause me to sob n weep n crumble..revival kept being sd..I kept hearing something new something new..so I listened n heard this is new he touched it again..n asked the Lord what was new He was doing n me?? N wept so deeply I couldn't heat anything but my heart..n then as I was about to let up I heard go thus way..nd it was about origami n a harmonica but also I heard again n touched b same spot..ask Me what am I doing..nd I went deep n didn't remember what was sd..I heard it will b done again so I couid write it down then..it was about direction nd healing nd something new!! Like word play new n knew..so I was crying for a while..n still feel the need to cry..ppl r falling n it's not the direction of Holy Spirit..n falling beside me..even Holy Spirit sd move n that was almost yr ago..this whole conversation is about where to move touch something to heal..nd which way to go

    • Cathy Gilmore

      Just read the bible.

    • kara Burris

      I had a vision of a tent revival in my small hometown in oklahoma. I just felt the Lord so much in this. This girl is the real deal. I love Jesus and am ready to see His face and want everyone ready when he comes. Thank u for sharing this.

    • Christian Huck

      I'm beyond lost

    • Brenda Tristani


    • DevineKingsBeloved

      I humbly decree!
      Bless the LORD, all His angels mighty in strength
      who carry out His word,
      who hearken to the voice of His command.
      My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed:
      I will sing and give praise.
      The LORD will fulfill
      His purpose for God’s will be done.
      O LORD, Your loving devotion endures forever do not abandon the works of Your hands.
      Father, God, I humbly bow as your humble servant bow, worshiping in prayer with thanksgiving to our Lord our Righteousness, Father, God because the Lord also has highly exalted the Anointed Savior’s, name, and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Yeshua Mashiach (Jesus Christ) every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; praying God’s will be done! With thanksgiving to our Lord our Righteousness Father God! So be it!

    • Charles See

      Are you a false teacher of God ?

    • fisher4yashua

      do not be afraid or ashamed to preach on Tithe and Offering,, that is a key to deal with

    • lizbhet garcia

      Minute 12:18
      I believe it was the Lord asking you to give the checks to the single mothers for their kiddos, and what an amazing testimony that was; but it was for their needs, not to cover Christmas’s presents.
      Just wanted to point that little part out because it seemed added in a little bit, and not in alignment.

    • Simon Gladdish

      Jessi Green is the real deal!

    • A2J.HolyLoveAffair REYNA

      Two Month YOUNG Baby.. Major Plus Jeremiah 29: 11, 12, 13 Equals WISDOM, COMMON SENSE, GOOD JUDGEMENT.

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