Joshua Mills shares how to tap into Heaven’s creativity!
▶▶The Miracle of the Oil Package [2 Books & CD]:

The recipe of ingredients that God gave to Moses reveals God’s intentions for you today.

The miraculous power of God’s anointing—represented by oil—was intended to flow through every believer. Joshua Mills’ new book, The Miracle of the Oil, helps you learn about each ingredient and what it prophetically signifies in your life. Precious ingredients include:

• Liquid myrrh • Sweet-scented cinnamon • Fragrant cane • Cassia • Olive oil

When God first instructed Moses, intimacy, healing, unity, purity and wisdom were some of the ancient truths in view. But their spiritual potentials are nothing less than impartations of God’s unlimited power for NOW. In The Miracle of the Oil, Joshua intentionally invites God overflow into your life, assuming you are willing!

Joshua also encourages declarations and time set aside for personal worship.

Fresh Oil is a book of declarations and prayer. As you speak Joshua’s selected scriptures and prayers aloud, the power of God’s anointing will begin to fill your life. Fresh Oil is a constant reminder that it is your fragrant offerings and real relationship that God wants. Holy Spirit takes care of the transformation that goes with it.

And Joshua’s new worship CD, Holy Oil, will lift you into God’s Presence over and over again. Joshua says it’s not complicated. When you take the initiative and set aside your time, God is already there. Holy Oil’s eight songs include:

Oily Anointing • Spirit Come • Heavenly Tongues • Drip by Drip (Oil and Wine) • Holy Laughter • Oil of God • Dwell in me (O Blessed Spirit) • Light One Candle.

Joshua says, Be fragrant, be faithful and be transformed!

▶▶The Miracle of the Oil Package [2 Books & CD]:

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    11 replies to "God Has Ideas & Inventions for You [Are You Missing Out?]"

    • RMB

      Everyday we all interact with other people not just family. Whether we like it or not, there is "something" being imparted from us to others (even without speaking). My dad taught us years ago the importance of practicing daily 1 John 1:7-9 walking in the light as HE Jesus is in the light, and when I sin to confess it right away (don't wait till the Sun goes down). Confession isn't so that you get saved over and over, but more of a cleansing of the debris and residue of the ugliness of sin or unholiness. HE Jesus is faithful and just to not only forgive but cleanse and than we are in a right standing to be filled with His Spirit and impart something to the people we bump into! I want to make sure they bump into the glory that is operating the right way in me. This produces great glory because God's people are walking in humility and repentance, not self-righteousness or self-anything. You are never alone because HE will never leave nor forsake you. Invite Him daily to do life with you and watch what happens.

    • Kenneth Mwangi

      Amen and Amen! I agree, believe and receive in the Name of Jesus! Amen!

    • Hardtobelieve It

      Yes Lord…thank you.

    • Yvonne Balan

      Thank you🙏🙏🙏 very much.
      I request you to agree with me for my mom's healing. She's far away from us but in the ICU. However I believe that distance is no barrier. Hallelujah

    • Victoria Collett

      For many years I declared over my life that "I'm not creative" so I was in fact "not creative" . Recently I realized this was a lie I was believing that like this guest is saying we are all creative in some way shape or form but that each our creative abilities are not the same. The reason what I said I "wasn't creative" was because I would compare myself to others. Every seemed creative "naturally" as where I wasn't. Anyways after the Lord showing me the lie, I started declaring " I am creative Lord because you are" and a couple months later he led me to write a children's book (not published yet). I was so amazed that I could even do that. It was God working thru me. It was honestly so relieving to know that I don't have to be everything and that everything I'm not, he is! Don't limit what he can do in and thru you. Just be open to however he wants to move thru you.

    • Nicola Stoute

      I was taking in the spirit to heaven when an angel poured oil like a big bowl all over me from my head to toe even my hands he poured oil on and he said whatever you put your hands to do some of you will have business ideas the oil is for your business receive it

    • Armelda Allen

      I receive this for myself and my children and grandchildren

    • Susan Herron

      Wow! Blessings!

    • Fisher of Men

      I so appreciate Joshua Mills' ministry. As soon as I started the video, the glorious presence of God began to overwhelm me with joy and wonderful peace.

    • Beverley Wagner

      Pastor Joshua,I feel very dismayed currently,as I lost my only child,a 28year old male in a horrific motor vehicle accident. I am struggling with finances for years. I need prayers. My name is Beverley Wagner

    • let's farm with Melissa

      God bless you all , watching from Jamaica 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

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