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We hear about the glory. We see demonstrations by others on television, but somehow it hasn’t hit us. Jennifer Eivaz says, in many cases, it has to do with the dead places in our hearts from disappointments, sorrows, betrayal or trauma. To protect ourselves, we just bury these hurts so deep that we don’t even remember them. But Jennifer Eivaz knows how to awaken your heart again. Are you ready to have those dead places in your heart awakened? Jennifer Eivaz teaches and encourages you to give Holy Spirit access to every area of your life then carry God’s manifest Presence wherever you go!

Jennifer Eivaz says your deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit will take you places you never imagined! It starts with inviting the Presence of God. And He will come. Discerning the moment Holy Spirit arrives is where the learning begins.

In Glory Carriers (book) Jennifer encourages you in the process of becoming Holy Spirit’s friend. Jennifer admits it requires personal transformation! Not everything at once, but rather a partnering with His process. Meanwhile God gets to be God, and His goodness is full of surprises, both subtle and outrageous.

Along the way to becoming a carrier of God’s glory, Jennifer says you will become familiar with:

• Intimate fellowship with the Spirit of God
• Healing and deliverance
• His power and miraculous Person

Jennifer’s 3-CD set How to Flow in the Glory helps you become established as a carrier of God’s glory in your daily life. No circumstances or situations are beyond reach for the miraculous Presence of God!

Jennifer Eivaz is a minister and conference speaker with a heart for raising up more effective prayer. She is a regular contributor to Charisma online and The Elijah List and has taught at the Bethel School of the Prophets. Jennifer lives with her husband, Ron, and their two children in Turlock, California, where she serves as executive pastor at Harvest Christian Center.

▶▶Get your copy of Glory Carriers by Jennifer Eivaz: http://bit.ly/2HoMcvR

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    26 replies to "God Held Me. What He Did Next Changed Me Forever!"

    • Malaysia ai lab

      God I want to be hug by you

    • Tina Schmidt

      I 've had many glory encounters with God and I have seen angels and Jesus many times. Out of God's grace! But also because I made Jesus #1 in my life and he is in my thoughts all day long. He is our God but also our Commanding General, and our Brother, and our Friend. Getting to know Jesus and inviting him into your home, your room, your heart, your thoughts, into all that you do in your life. He wants us to partner with him and not just to ask, ask, ask. We have to develop a sensitivity to see his help and see how he involves himself in even the smallest of ways. If we can't become sensitive to the small things and praise him and see his glory in the smallest things, how can you be ready for the greater things? We need to bring the coarseness of our minds and senses way down to become sensitive to HIS Spirit which is subtle and peaceful, gentle and kind – at first. Then as we get conditioned to His gentle presence, he will come in more and more until you are able to take the full glory He has in store for you. He is God and the most amazing glorious being you will ever lay your eyes on!

    • Ano Nimothy
    • Whitney.

      I watched this 2019 while she prayed something lift I believe a wound was healed I could got up and wanted to clean the house I felt so light ….I often come back here it is really all about our 💕

    • ✧.d a y d r e a m e r.✧

      Hey!!⚠️God loves you, Jesus died for you on the cross,✝️turn to Him REPENT!! before it's too late.!!!!! accept Jesus as ur Lord and saviour.

    • Virginia O'Berry

      Her explanation about the heart seems right on. I pray god changes my heart,and lifestyle to what he wants . So I can work in my purpose amen

    • Teresa Rebolledo

      Please pray for me for his healing , thank you blessed lord Jesus for all you do for us, amen

    • Ashley Tubinis

      Pray for your friends and family

    • Ashley Tubinis

      God loves you so much no matter what happens

    • Ashley Tubinis

      God is good always

    • Bradford Llyoncrest

      The glowing means she is in the lineage of Moses. Spiritual lineage

    • Genesis 1 :1

      Father God, I want it too…feel all the love of a Father…love, security,….in Jesus Name!

    • Celeste Ruiz


    • Tim Thomas

      When I was 18-19 years old I was in the Navy in Charleston SC and I had my Mom living in Summerville where I was going to Church.

      A neighbor Charlie came over for prayer because his dad was in a car accident and dying. Instead of going to the hospital he came to Mom's apartment for prayer.

      I asked Charlie to "Stand in the Gap" while Mom and I laid hands on him. So I started praying in Tongues and I felt like someone turned on a lamp in the living room.

      Mom screamed in shock and said that I was Glowing. At the same time Charlie gets slain in the spirit and he gets stiff as a board.

      Just holding his right shoulder he goes down to the floor like a feather. The next day, I lived on base so it's Sunday. Charlie comes over, so excited he could barely get the words out.
      As we prayed his dad was healed and received Jesus Christ as his Savior. And was discharged an hour later.
      Charlie was a lineman and was electrocuted with nerve damage to his right side. He was healed.

      This happened around 1980-81. Years later I asked the Holy Spirit why He lit me up that way. It was the only time it happened. And He gave me 2 answers.
      Her husband constantly committed adultery. So to PUNISH him, she did. And I was conceived. I was Born Again at 3 and 1/2, with tongues prophecy and healing. The only one of 5 siblings.
      God Saved her because I kept interceding for her. And as a proof of my Salvation God opened her eyes. We will ALL glow in our Glorified Bodies.

      The Shakina Glory. Isn't FOR us. It is for the person or people we are witnessing to.

    • caw Andrews

      thats me my heart is hard because of so many things..

    • Anne Murugi

      Only God who know the desire of our heart

    • Indian Invasion
    • Agape Philerostorge
    • Ingrid Voltaire

      Thank you for the prayer, it feels like a new life came into me. God Bless you.

    • SKY s BLUE

      I heard the voice of lord jesus Christ the lord god,he always appearing on my dreams..

    • Cyrus Noble

      This testimony seems to contain all of my desires. Literal companionship and direct interaction with God – not downing the metaphorical stuff a lot of Christians talk about but it's never been what I've wanted. And secondly, it not only includes mention of, but also shows a manifest presence of God (which could have also been the headline).

    • Cyrus Noble

      I think Sid is seriously jealous, this time. No fooling. He's mad. lol

    • Cyrus Noble

      When God is literally your Lover

    • Dr Pujiarto


    • Jeanie Delgado

      The Greek name for Holy Spirit is PARACLETE……One who comes along side to help .

    • Margaret Petersen

      i want that

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