Pastor JD talks about the hopeful and encouraging truth that God knows how to rescue the godly from trials and tribulations.

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    14 replies to "God Knows How To Rescue The Godly From Trials, 2 Peter 2:4-9 – January 22nd, 2023"

    • Cathy Knapp

      Well thank you so much Pastor this was a much-needed message from me and my husband today we live in Canada and have been hearing some awful things that our government is doing to the people that had laid heavy on her heart's

    • O74

      Needed this reminder praise God

    • angela anderson

      I love this. Enoch is a picture of the church. Enoch walked with God and then he was no more.

    • Jeff beights

      In my daily journey of learning to trust Jesus completely with everything in my life both small and great I have come to a perplexing question. How can I have trust issues with someone who has never failed or given me a reason to not trust him? I am troubled by this. He has never ever let me down. He has never forgotten any of my concerns even when I have forgotten He has always remembered and reminded me later on. He is 100% faithful and has not made even one mistake… ever! Yet, I still find myself hesitating sometimes. It is most certainly that need for control to know the "how and "when". I fear I will struggle with this until I take my last breath.

    • Moonlight Gardener

      Good morning Pinball. My favorite spring flower in Indiana is the Bloodroot. Thank you for all you do.

    • Nancy Rhodes

      Great message!!!

    • Christian Parker

      Thank you dear pastor. Excellent…as ever 💞🙏🇬🇧

    • God's Love

      Thank you Brother/Pastor JD. Lets go home soon ! God Bless you all in Love. Maranatha !

    • Jane Mitchell

      Thank you Pastor JD, I really needed this today! Both sermons were powerful! Jesus return is imminent! Much love and prayers to you, your family, church family and online family!

    • FullofHope

      💥 BOOM – MIKE DROP! JD you just smashed it out of the park man! (Ireland)

    • Ricky Robinette

      You so funny
      You make me laugh
      Love your since of Humor
      Keep me laughing
      Life is tough some times
      Keep your Humor coming
      Laughing is good for your soul

    • Karin Traut


    • serious Stuff

      I've been looking diligently!
      I haven't found any talk about the Antichrist calling fire down from Heaven! What it might concern!
      I think it is possible that the fire he calls down: might be to consume the Temple Sacrifice! " That would really be significant on many levels"
      ….what are your thoughts on this possibility?🙏

    • Randy Micklick

      Love you brother and I thank our great and awesome God for you. As always great message God spoke through you to me and I’m sure many others. May our great God open the windows of Heaven and pour out His blessings and love upon you and everyone around you ♥️🙏🏻

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