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    15 replies to "God: "Tell him to STOP what he's doing.""

    • Elizabeth Zacharias

      Beautiful praise you Jesus❤

    • Pipni Pipa (Dr.& Me)

      It is such a sweet story .

    • Peggy Welty

      Great for you to be able to do this before it was to late

    • Frances Jordan

      Read Acts 2:38 for GOD'S Plan of Salvation!!! Please HURRY 🙏

    • Nick Smith

      One time I was driving home and I felt the presence of Jesus come down and he got right by me. I started getting chills and I felt so comfortable with him.
      I knew if I asked him to play any song he would. So I said "Ok Lord, play Come as you are by nirvana…
      I turned on my radio and the song began right on the spot, perfectly.
      I started getting flooded on the inside like a waterfall of chills by the Holy Spirit and started crying. I got home and he stayed with me for 10 minutes til I got out of the car.

      After that my faith got strong enough that I didn't doubt anymore and I've been getting answered prayers for nearly 5 years. Many involving other people. Just praying in Jesus name and following the Biblical instructions.

    • David Motlaloe

      I remember receiving a warning message for another sister for judging other people. The Lord specifically said the following words” to the one who demand fruits from other, if the book of her life is closed today will I find fruit in her? I gave her this message and she repented. Little did I know that she was left with less than a week to live. God was merciful to her because she Bible state that with measures we use for other, it will also be used against us.

    • Megan Cruz

      I'm so proud of her.

    • HillbillyTarzan

      Read the Bible and we all will be told to stop sinning. It’s wasn’t a divine intervention, it was reason.

    • Anonymous A

      This made me cry

    • Unofficial Studios

      Hallelujah! Amazing!❤

    • Cassandra Romero

      Hallelujah Amen 🔥🙏

    • Evelyn Nicholl

      😰😰😰Oh my gosh

    • Everyday Life is Beautiful

      Praise you! Lord Jesus

    • Mitch Chrisburd

      God is ever mindful of people…He loves everyone all the time…nothing can and nothing will stop His love of you or me!! He is DEVINE!!!

    • JO MAMA

      Halleluyah -Amen, ! 🧡 🙏

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