Pastor JD talks about how and why God will never abandon or forsake His people, then concludes with the celebration of communion.

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    14 replies to "God Will Never Abandon You, Jeremiah 51 – February 2nd, 2023"

    • angel blue eyes


    • Pam Jacobs

      Thank you Pastor JD blessings from South Africa 💞

    • Average Joe

      It's very true that the devil and his servants will pile-drive us with guilt all day long. He has some real subtleties too. I got a sneak attack from him that lasted all last week. I would get very fleeting moments of "just think of all the duties GOD would have had you do had you come to serve GOD when you were younger. Think of what you have missed out on.", and then nothing more. Really brief darts, and only every now and then. Meanwhile he would come after me with the big attacks that have become obvious to me. I finally saw it, that the big attacks were a distraction to get me to let down my guard. Meanwhile, very slowly, the guilt was growing and I didn't even see it. When I did see it, I broke for just a few seconds. Then GOD does what HE does. HE reminded me that time means nothing to HIM and I could still serve and do what could have been done in the past. GOD is great!!! GOD bless the church and protect our shepherds.

    • Diane Gonzales

      I'm so glad I listened to this teaching I will be listening to it again I came from a church where there was so much condemnation it's been on me for two years and I have left that church

    • Christian Parker

      Thank you dear pastor JD 💞🙏🇬🇧

    • Kay Brlght

      So glad for the archives. I can hear God's word every night and not just on Thursday or Sunday night

    • Jackie Pack

      Ty so much for your teaching, I shared it twice and told everyone that you are my favorite Bible study teacher. I hope a few listen and tune in on Thursdays and I pray most of all for Lost souls especially to hear this message and be saved Amen

    • SB G


    • SB G

      Can't wait to meet all the real followers of Jesus in heaven. I am tired of being surrounded by the evil on this earth, I can't wait to be with Jesus and all of you. It's going to be perfect Maranatha Amen!!

    • Alan Radbourne

      Thankyou Pastor, you make connections that I am unable to you are a blessing, you get many Amens throughut your service, Jesus what a beautiful name.

    • lynette kingipotiki

      Having been put aside from a home church I was going to. 9 of us. A new person joined and when I said pray for the innocent in Urkraine I was verbally attacked by another member. Watchman Tom river mentioned your name so I decided to check you out glad I did. As now I feel part of a church again. Lyn 68 years born again. Baptised 2 weeks ago. New Zealand

    • Christine Wright

      Thank you pastor Farag for your timely word so powerful, so needed for us all as Christians, the battle as so intensified for us, last week I was constantly battle weary by the on slaught ,but God thank you God bless you and keep you .

    • Michelle

      I love how you teach. I suffered from condemnation instead of conviction in the beginning of my walk with Christ. I had no preacher or teacher to explain what I was going through.🙄👍

    • Gregory Prevenslik

      7 degrees here in Pennsylvania. I could sure use some global warming right now. Thank you JD. More and more, I need God's word every day now. Look up and pray without ceasing, right? Blessings everyone

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