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    19 replies to "God’s Glory Just Showed Up BIG TIME on Secular TV!"

    • carl zak


    • MAM

      Awesome 😃 Praise Yeshua! 👏

    • April Russell

      I’m stunned. Look how much favorite Sid received being able to speak without being cut off. The Holy Spirit really said what he wanted to say. Amen great job Sid!

    • Hook n Cook by Despina Trina

      Praise God!! God showed me that the world is about to see more of these miracles not Just the believers 🙏🙏🙏✝️

    • life is good because God is good


    • Laura Joiner


    • Wendy Low

      AND BRAVO to these interviews who let him roll on.

    • Wendy Low


    • More than a Conqueror

      I appreciate Sid's boldness for the Lord and passion to win souls.

    • son_of_HisKingdom

      Newsmax is not secular. But this is awesome.

    • Suzanna Hyle

      PRAISE THE LORD!! May the world know the power of our living God and be forever changed because they invite him back into their lives!

    • Read Acts 2:38

      Bro Sid, You did such a good job on that interview!! Ty for giving Glory to our God. Your so right. There is only One I Am. His name is Jesus. Within in Him, Jesus dwells the fullness of the God Head Bodlily. Well Done Sir!!

    • glassceiling3dprintingservices

      Thank you Sir for trying to teach me to speak in tongues. Thank you so much. 💛

    • marina

      Praise God!🙌🏻

    • Kim Dodwell

      Such a legend Sid. So much respect for this man

    • Pauline

      Sid Roth.Just want you to know your much loved and appreciated in the name of Jesus Christ.Much love from Kenya

    • DJ

      Love Sid Roth! The real deal… Wonderful man!

    • Mekonnen Tilaye

      wow it is Amazing Sid at the end you did it

    • James T

      In the last days, I will pour out My Spirit upon the earth.

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