Linda Markowitz’s daughter was killed. Get ready to cry when you find out what Linda did next.
▶▶The Power Within You [2 Books & 2 CDs]:

When God told Linda Markowitz her supernatural tongues were her power tools, she knew she could pray without limits.

When Linda Markowitz forgave the man who murdered her daughter, she never expected the impossible outcome—that she would later adopt him as a son. At the same time, Linda learned how to co-labor with the Holy Spirit through the gift of tongues. Her walk with the Holy Spirit took on new and miraculous dimensions.

Linda’s latest book, Fire Up Your Power Tools, is an inspiring and practical guide for using your gift of tongues. Linda helps you transition your prayer life to a continuous walk with the Spirit of God. And she helps you to understand:

• God’s purposes in giving you a spiritual language
• What happens when you release tongues from your spirit to the Spirit

Linda’s 2-CD audio series, Discovering the Holy Power Within You, goes on to reveal the Holy Spirit’s 5 goals for your life, and she shows how to access the mind of God as your stir up this supernatural gift!

Then, in Linda’s testimonial book I Find No Fault, she shares the remarkable outcome of a personal journey that began with obedience and a decision to trust God. For Linda, it became the X-factor that fueled her spiritual walk, and covenant blessings followed. Linda says God really does give you the Spirit without measure!

Linda Markowitz and her ministry are focused on training and equipping the people of God to live passionate and fruitful Christian lives, bringing the power of the early Church to the generations of our day.

▶▶The Power Within You [2 Books & 2 CDs]:

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    11 replies to "He Killed Her Daughter. You'll Cry at What She Did Next!"

    • Esther Muthoni

      Thanks for bringing the true ministers to minister to me bless you very much

    • Art Gallery

      People looking for cure in a world, because of the missing part in them that suffers and depressed, so people try money, alcohol, drugs, meeting new people, moving from one place to another – nothing helps, people even try to hurt themselves and leave this earth.. BUT THE ANSWER WAS ALWAYS BY OUR SIDE – JESUS AND HOLY SPIRIT. Open your heart to Jesus and Holy Spirit and WATCH WHAT'S HAPPENS:

    • JOYCE K

      Our Heavenly Father is sooo merciful and sooo loving. Helps us Lord to see situations in your perspective

    • Maureen moriah Mukisa

      Good job 😊

    • urnkiosd

      glory to JESUS! 🥳🥳💯💯🙏🙏🦁

    • Alexander Pettifer

      I have just had multab;email tongues am shaking

    • Vijaya Kumari

      I speak in tongues but I need to know the Lord more and more.

    • Beloved of the LORD

      I pray for REDEMPTION for America…especially for the angry african americans in BLM, antifa and in the democratic party! Anoint us Father God in the Holy Spirit to pray for their transformation and DEFEAT the devil in all his plans to destroy us…in JESUS NAME!

    • Janna Jane Macalalad

      Praise the Lord…

    • D Redbud

      What a bunch of idiots . God tells murderers to kill as well.

    • catherine ogbeni

      Awesome testimony. Surplus love… Love that beat my imagination….this can only come from heaven.
      I tap into this unique kind of grace.
      Crying all through.

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