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On this episode of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! 2017, Steve Stewart started out too afraid to pray for others. Now his successful prayers are leaving doctors baffled! He wants to teach you how to access God’s Kingdom!

Let God propel you into a place of anointing (and favor) by which you can do more — faster — than you ever thought possible. Steve Stewart says there is more of God to be experienced, especially His call to represent Him. There are benefits, and Steve demonstrates just how real the Kingdom of Heaven can be in your life. He specifically shares:

• Keys to releasing healing and miracles

• The implications of the revolutionary gospel that Jesus preached

Steve says these simple lessons are for everyone who does not already see God moving in their life. He challenges you to step into the front lines of what God longs to do around you.

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    12 replies to "Healing Is Simpler Than You Think! | Steve Stewart on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!"

    • Rina Ramirez

      How can we heal ourselves

    • GoTellJesusSaves

      Everyone who is born again of the Holy Spirit does in fact have a special gift.
      The blessed and beloved Holy Spirit of God.

    • Johan Gurung

      Glory to God Thank you God lord Jesus thank you

    • Musonda Mwelwa

      Pls pray for me I ve been in bed for a year with a cancer wound so painful and with chemotherapy its painful I'm crying Lord heal me in Jesus name Amen

    • yahwehsonren

      Who is Indian kid name?

    • unelady2

      I need a miracle! Doctor say they can't help me but try to prolong my life a little with immunotherapy. But the tumor on my liver is very large. Please help me Jesus, my savior, healer and deliver me of this evil in Jesus blood! Amen

    • unelady2

      We are feed with evil news on disaster ans sickness all day long when THIS is what we should have on the news! How can so many miracles goes silence! Jesus is Coming!

    • Lucy Evans

      Please pray for my knees , blood and thyroid. My name is Lucy.

    • Eunice Yanez

      such a delight to watch It's Supernatural every night before I go to sleep. Thank you…thank you very much for what you do! You are such a blessing to many…..and all the people behind It's Supernatural.

    • Muna Giri

      Pray for my Mother she has acid reflux problem and back pain .

    • negatwa asrat

      Please pray for my fatty liver and gastritis problems.

    • Robin Hathorn

      Jesus just healed my knee Jesus just healed my knee praise God

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