Pastor Curtis Coker with Coker Ministries has a unique style, and the revelation that Holy Spirit has given him brings The Word alive to your heart. Pastor Curtis is a minister of God’s Grace, Peace, Christ’s Righteousness and The Finished Work of The Cross. He has been teaching this life changing message of God’s grace for over 30 years. Curtis and his wife Joy, currently bring this revelation to people all over the United States. Please visit to learn more about this ministry and to support this ministry and message. PLEASE ALSO SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL! Thank you for supporting the ministry of Grace, Peace, Christ’s Righteousness and the Finished Work of the Cross!

    15 replies to "Holy Ghost Singing in tongues Rodney Howard Browne SD 480p"

    • Heather Snell

      I think I have heard this recording many years ago. Thank you for reposting this.

    • Marc Kemp

      Anointed. Makes me want to just lift my hands and pray in tongues myself.

    • Geraldine Parker

      for the sake of his sorrowful passion have mercy on us and on the whole world

    • Geraldine Parker

      divine mercy i trust in you amen

    • Geraldine Parker

      thanks for this i love the holy spirit you who light all roads

    • John Elliott

      For real? People believe this?

    • SuperGospelGangsta

      WOW, RHB lost this anointing for sure . . .

    • Faith White

      Praise Jesus

    • Mmelì Gamedze

      My favorite 🔥🙌

    • Debbie Bramwell

      Wow, I love this. Holy Spirit ! 🙏🏽✝️🤍

    • Esther Garza

      I have LOVED this Holy song since I first got touched back at Lakeland, Florida ( Carpenter's Church). I still play it and it always takes me right into His Holy, Awesome presence. There's nothing else like it!!!!

    • Wanda Pitts

      I love this🔥i have a cassette of this and couldn’t find it anywhere in my stash of collectibles. This sound came up in my spirit this morning so i decided to google. Glory, Glory to God!

    • Sandy Jque

      Unshakable Leader's and Ministers conference.The main and last service starting in a few minutes! Re watch this entire week;Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne is off the chain… Focused on equipping the Saints.I pray : Father May they receive Heavens download ,eyes to see ,ears to hear: God's Will God's WORD God's voice to Go and finish the work Jesus started in who so ever.💞🙏👍 Holy Ghost you're wonderful Holy Ghost ✝️🗝️🕊️🔥💖👑🛐in Jesus Name Amen

    • Jesse M.

      Thank you Jesus

    • Jesse M.

      Glory to God

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