Pastor JD talks about the matter of in whom or what we place our hope when everything seems so hopeless in the end.

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    15 replies to "Hope in this Final Hour, Jeremiah 37-38 – November 17th, 2022"

    • Skyler Haute

      Great message! I have completely put my trust in the Lord. Thank you, JD, for that very important reminder!🙌❤️

    • Judy Williams

      This is a message for ALL TIME! World Governments to day are lulling the masses, AND your ONLY HOPE
      IS Jesus THE Christ when you come humbly before Him
      IN SURRENDER 🙏🤲🛡🕊

    • WingingIt

      Thankyou Pastor JD, birth pains are birth pains they don't go backwards usually, as a mother of 2, I can confidently confirm this..the only person that is gonna make all things great again…is the King of Kings Jesus Christ..Revelation 21 and 22 it is written

    • Catherine Gray

      Okay, last comment: I've said THE SAME THING. I'm disgusted over money foolishly stolen and spent for NAUGHT. WAKE UP!!

    • Catherine Gray

      Ever since I discovered Pastor JD, I've thought, with all due respect, that he is a modern day Jeremiah..

    • Tazzie Payne


    • FullofHope

      So blessed to hear you again – (Ireland) – always worry when I hear of the earthquake swarms on the islands

    • Magda

      Happy to meet you someday in glory Brother. Thankyou for your tireless work and obedience to God.

    • BobrRoss

      amazing just how much this message relates to whats going on right now thanks for this message and glory to God for using you to get this message out.

    • Kat Looking up

      Jesus is coming to take us out of this evil world… keep your faith brothers & sisters

    • Christina Farmer

      Awesome teaching pastor JD. I love to listen to you. You have such a gift from the Lord. God Bless you.

    • MJ Portell {His Truly} Eternally secure-PRETRIB

      ❤Beautiful ❤️

    • Katherine downover

      Thanks pastor JD that was wonderful timing life is extremely strange here in Australia now people waking up all the time which is wonderful and yet at the same time so many people lost and hurting, I've been quite sad as I'm not attending my church any more with some of the stuff that they implement over the last two years been trying to talk with members but they are fast asleep to what's going on , at one point I was made to stand outside if I wanted to sing as the church would not allow anyone to sing . I am over everything But God He keeps me going everyday and looking forward and sharing His Good news. God bless everyone

    • Rain Dancer

      I think Hope is the word of God, Jesus was the WORD. The words of the LORD are happening right before our very eyes. It's incredible if you just sit back and let it sink in. For such a time as this, I'm ready!

    • Lovethy Neighbor

      "Eternity"😇 😇

      Peoples Hearts are waxing Colder by the day

      it's for these reasons I write these rhymes and In His Holy Name I pray

      to speak Life in every sentence, and Hope in every bar

      to give back to what's been Stolen, and send Healing to every Scar

      cuz Life is Unpredictable, the Confusion of this World is Deep

      Knowledge is Exploding at a rate never seen before, and Mankind is about to Reap

      for every sin we've committed, and every seed that's been sowed with hate

      the future isn't what you should be questioning, rather it should be your souls fate

      cuz were at the point of no return, what's in motion cant be stopped

      prophecies being fulfilled, and Eternity in heaven cant be topped!

      so check your heart, humble yourself, and receive the free gift of grace

      Jesus died for us all, he died in our place!😇🙈🙉🙊❤‍🔥💯☝🙏🙌💪

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