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On this episode of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, Kevin Basconi sees in the invisible world just like you see in the natural. Kevin says many people’s angels are unemployed even though God gave them charge over us. It’s because we don’t know how to cooperate with them. It’s time to learn.

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    19 replies to "How to Partner with Your Angels | Kevin Basconi on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!"

    • His Child

      So about that wig in the videos. Surely there was someone there who could see that was a bad wig. Lol!

    • C G

      I was feeling a pressure under my left rib cage for some time now and listening to this prayer I asked God for healing and now, a few minutes after, it's gone. Thank God.
      I had been diagnosed with a heart ailment so, even though I don't know if it is related, I am trusting God that that is gone too. May it be to the glory of God!

    • Gregory Smith

      Can someone pray 🤲 for my right earlobe.. I need a breakthrough.

    • Denise Weber

      Thank You Holy Spirit for healing this mortal body,Praise Jesus my Lord

    • Denise Weber

      We Can Tell Our Angels to Watch Over Our Children,Prayer to Jesus too to send Angels to encamp around us

    • Cindi Powell

      Too many commercials

    • Memory Lumano

      I decree angels in my life and children's lives active in Jesus's name.May we begin to hear or and see them from now henceforth.

    • devy itua

      I'm healed n made whole

    • Bonelwa Bell

      The pain at the back is heal thank you God

    • caleb moore

      These people are all fake con artist just trying to sell a book. Please read your Bible and stop falling for this stuff.

    • Terry McReath

      "Heavens Revolt” 

       Heaven had just been through a devastating conflict. It seems that some of God's top angels had made the decision to come against heaven.

       Their leader Lucifer, had convinced them that he now had the power to take over God's throne.

       The battle was fierce,deadly and bold, but unsuccessful.

       Michael and Gabriel, two of God's top ranking soldiers and all the army of God had fought with great strength and courage, stopping the enemy forces in their tracks. 

       Once the dust settled it was obvious that Lucifer had lied, causing one third of Gods heavenly host to fall from grace. 

       In their futile attempt to come against heaven, their lives were now about to change. 

      You can imagine the shocked look on the faces of those that believed Lucifer's lie. 

       Michael and his first line guard had bound up all of Lucifer's officers, setting them aside to await their fate. 

       The rest of his army was rounded up and placed on the crystal sea before the throne of God, court was in session. 

       Witness after witness was placed on the stand. After hearing all the testimonies of the angels, Michael, Gabriel and a few more were called back into God's chambers for a briefing.

       After much time had past, the chamber doors were reopened. 

      God and all his judges were seated. God ask each judge to give there thoughts out loud. All were the same. Lucifer and his angels were to lose all of there ranking and authority in heaven.

       A select few out of the third of angels that fell with Lucifer cried out for mercy, asking God if there was any way that they could be redeemed.

       “Please let it be done they cried.” They were sorry for what they had done and pleaded for forgiveness. 

       Lucifer jumped up after hearing this and began shouting, “They fell with me so they stay with me, they're mine.” 

       After a period of silence, God spoke, “Lucifer, because of what you have done, your authority will be striped.

       All the planets that are now full of life, that you were in control of will be shut down immediately. 

      The light that now governs the planets and stars will be cut off because of what you have done. 

       They will all hang in outer darkness until further notice. Those that fell with you will stay with you until further notice.” “Oh Lucifer, how is it that you have fallen?” “Was my love toward you not enough?” “Was my blessing for you not all you needed?” All of heaven was silent. Not a word was spoken. 

      Then God spoke again, “All of those millions that have cried out for mercy, a judgment plan will be rendered and put into motion.” “Until then, you are to stay on the outer gates of heaven with Lucifer.” 

      Then the gavel struck,making a sound that echoed through out the heavens. Lucifer immediately turned to those around him and said, “This war is not lost, we can still win.” 

      Michael looked toward Lucifer pointing his finger at the gate and said, “Go, you are no longer welcome hear.” So Lucifer and all of his host went outside the gates of heaven to await God's judgment plan for those that had ask for mercy.

       The crystal sea As I stood there watching, it was as if my mind was in fast motion. The war that took place, the court session and now me standing here watching all the activity, I couldn't help feeling like I'd been here before. It seemed so familiar. Looking back over my shoulder, I saw what looked to be a crystal sea. It seemed as if it was miles and miles to the other side to where God's throne was. All of this looked so familiar. On either side to the left or to the right was the same. It was huge. In the far distance I could see that there were gates. The east gate was to the right of the throne from where I was standing. The west gate was to the left of the throne and the south gate was straight out from the throne. Which, like I said, all looked miles and miles away. As I slowly turned around, I looked down to see that I was standing just at the edge of the crystal sea. I could take my foot and tap on the sea. It was hard, yet it was transparent. I could see my reflection in the crystal sea. I look like a teenager again. My grayish hair was now dark brown. The wrinkles around my eyes were gone and my face was smooth with no whiskers. I was wearing genes and a white tee shirt with no shoes on my feet. 

       “Wow this is great,” I thought. In front of me and all around the crystal sea were these flat stone pathways, leading off in what looked to be thousands of different directions.

       The stones were green,white and red mixed colors, shaped like chess boards. As far as I could tell these pathways looked as if they went right into the outer walls of this room I was now in, and disappeared. In between each pathway was the most beautiful green grass I had ever seen. It sparkled like diamonds,shifting ever so gently back and forth in the small breeze that was now blowing. 

      There were huge, round, beautiful trees, with many different kinds of fruit on them in-between each pathway, They were decorated with beautiful colored fruit. I noticed in one of the trees was a hawk just sitting there. He said to me, “I've been waiting for you soldier.” “I've been sent by The I am, to describe the fruit on the trees to you and to tell you how they can help you on your journey.” I thought to myself, A hawk that can speak.” He answered my thoughts and said, “Yes I can speak.” “But our time is short so I must tell you quickly.” “There is a lot you must do while here on your journey.” “The half orange, half apple is to be eaten to bring up your energy level and bring clarity to your mind.” “This fruit will be the most important for your journey.” “All the fruit has an effect of bringing your energy level up, but this first fruit I mention will cover every thing that you will need for this journey.” 

       So, off you go mate, "enjoy your journey.” “I will see you again at oceans sand.” Then the hawk flew down one of the pathways and disappeared. After the hawk flew away I was looking around, trying to understand where I was exactly. It seemed like I was in a gigantic room as big as the world. Above me was white light, bright, yet not so bright that you couldn't see. As I turned around,it felt like I was in slow motion. It was as if I didn't try to move my feet but yet I turned.

       I turned with just a thought. It was a very strange feeling. I was looking toward the throne, across the crystal sea. I couldn't see clearly until I began to think that I couldn't see clearly. All of a sudden my eyes became like binoculars. Yes binoculars.

       My eyes began to zoom in on the detail and the craftsmanship of the throne. The throne was very detailed. It would take thousands of books just to describe it. It was the most detailed woodwork I had ever seen. It looked like carvings of people and angels and every thing else imaginable. As my eyes backed away, I could see seraphims, which seemed like a very special angel. They each had six wings on their backs. The two of them hovered over the throne with great grace and beauty. Out in front of the throne stood two golden lamp stands, one on each side of the throne. There was a golden pole that branched out to seven fire holders. The fire was burning like torches. The light from the fire would flicker over onto the throne,making the angels that were walking around the throne illuminate. Flames from the lamp stands danced around like they were worshipping God. 

       God,himself was a big brilliant ball of light, radiating in different waves of light. He was seated on His throne. I could see the shape of him as the light would wave around, but never to where I could see Him clearly. All around him, above and behind, was an innumerable quantity of angels.

    • Hilda Kumah

      I really love the man of God .. Sid !!! How I wish to be there to see you face to face in your church,

    • Hilda Kumah

      I subscribed just recently, and this program has really inspired me . Amen glory be to God

    • elizabeth christine

      There's a evil angry woman inside my room I hear her when I sleep harrasing me controlling & trying to ruin my life.when I pray she gets angry and say she will destroy me.please pray for me

    • rachel mihambo

      I am so happy to hear that Mr Basconi was in Tanzania when he saw angels. I love my country Tanzania

    • Healthy Soul Happy Soul

      This is amazing!

    • PAULA O

      I was about to take my son, to the clinic. I stood up, with my purse over my shoulder, from sipping my coffee at my counter… All of a sudden I heard a voice saying, go ahead and finish your coffee, you have time! So, I sat back down and was sipping my coffee, when my son was 9 years old, at the time.
      Then within 10 minutes, I heard ambulances, fire trucks, police sirens. It was nearly deafening! I was planning on taking that route to the clinic. They were picking up body parts, off the road and railroad tracks. It was so bad, they later said, they had to sort out, whom the body parts went to. I thank God, that Jesus talked to me that day! It pays, to pay attention & obey, when the Lord tells us things!

    • Oliveta Elizabeth

      St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil, may God rebuke him we humbly pray and do thou O Prince of the heavenly host by the Power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who wander through the World seeking the ruin of souls, Amen

    • Catherine Miller

      I need prayers for my family. We're divided. My son has a brain injury. He is FULL care

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