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The Blood and the Glory with Billye Brim & Sid Roth
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On this episode of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, Billye Brim says if you only knew how much power you have in the Blood of Jesus. Has America and the world forgotten the Azusa Street Revival? It’s the very same power!

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    25 replies to "How to Use Your God-Given Authority | Billye Brim on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!"

    • Jenny Animal

      I have had so many amazing dreams about God Angels and the dark side. EPIC dreams.


      You don't just enter into this woman's home thinking you'll get away with it. You're wrong!

      Ooh, Rev. Kenneth is my best Christian book author.

    • Amen Hallelujah

      This is a woman of God 🙏

    • Sophia Postell

      I believe and receive this word today in Jesus Christ name! Amen! 🔥🙏❤

    • Amen Hallelujah

      I love Billye Brim❣️❣️❣️🔥🔥🔥

    • Rosa Theron

      There is miracle working power in the blood of Jesus!!!

    • W-Roxie Clumber

      God Bless everyone you can turn to God before it’s to late you have free will

    • Laura D

      Freely you have received, freely give.

    • Jeni Fad

      What an anointed woman of God!

    • Rosaura Esparza

      Amen hallelujah! I plead the blood of Jesus over my life over my marriage, over my husband, over my children, over my finances, over my household and possessions in Jesus name amen

    • Denise Smith

      What utter foolishness! No where in Scripture are we mortals exorted to "plead the blood", nor, speak to demon powers. In fact, Scripture says those that do are unlearned & know nothing. This is a man-centered theology & is actually what the Bible calls Doctrines of Demons.

    • Kingdom Living Without Limits

      Make much of the blood and the blood will make much of you.

    • Tillybless

      Is listed as 4yrs ago, but I watched it 2days ago.

    • Ambassador’s for Jesus Christ Knoxville Tennessee

      John 3:3-5 Mark 16:16 Acts 4:12 COL 3:17 Acts 2:38

    • Ambassador’s for Jesus Christ Knoxville Tennessee

      We are filled with the holyghost of God and baptized in Jesus mighty mighty name that corrects the blood of the covenant

    • Ambassador’s for Jesus Christ Knoxville Tennessee

      There is no right hand Jesus Christ sets on the throne of one invisible God almighty Jesus Christ is the express image of the invisible God

    • Curjohn TV

      Hallelujah , God is my doctor / My protector and my source.

    • sukeerthy.R jaykumar

      Amen glory to u Jesus.


      Praise God,
      I have many testimonies about the powerful blood of Jesus.
      God bless for this video

    • E Juarez

      I receive it for me, my kids, grandbaby and family, by the powerful blood of Jesus, Amen🙏

    • Ernest Kant

      Praise the lord

    • Alisia Mondragon

      I love Billye! She speaks with such authority

    • Heygrams mcgugan

      Lv the blood All my kids inthe ministry too n their partners all pastors .. I apply the blood also got your book on the authority of believers. Today. 2020. Found this video just as I got a E message. Gr/kids being violently attacked n applied the blood against it. .. n prayed binding all witchcraft attacks far from them n to be reverted back on the sender n gods heavy hand of mercy to find them n shake them lose from all darkness they R caught-up in n bring them to place of salvation Satan got my attention so now I got his n it’s in Jer32:27. God of all flesh. Hands until they give up n get joyfulledly saved

    • Rob H.

      What an amazing gift is Sister Billye Brim thanks to her I understand the precious power and beautifulness mighty sacred precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ

    • Ankit Uniyal

      Thank you FatherGodYeshua (Jesus HolySpirit

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