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On this week’s episode of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! 2017: Adrian Beale and Adam Thompson say God’s prophetic symbolism flows through your daily life — as signs, symbols, names and numbers. That intriguing conversation relates to you and your destiny! So search it out.

Decode the Prophetic Language of God

What is God saying to you today? God’s Prophetic Symbolism in Everyday Life (Book) and Recognizing Prophetic Signs (2-CD Set) will open your eyes to how God is constantly speaking to you through what is around you. This latest work from Adam Thompson and Adrian Beale expands on their groundbreaking teachings on interpreting dreams (Divinity Code). They show that God’s conversations go beyond dreams. And they get you focused to:

• Tune your prophetic senses to the ever-speaking voice of the Holy Spirit
• Open your spiritual eyes to what God is saying to you in everyday life
• Discern the meanings of unusual coincidences
• Operate in prophetic and seer anointing

God’s messages have continuity, and Adam and Adrian take your understanding to unexpected new levels. They will help you engage in God’s purposes for your life!

From Heaven to Earth, (Book) Adam Thompson wants you to walk in the fullness of the Spirit. He demonstrates a remarkable grace to interpret dreams, move in word of knowledge and minister the prophetic. Adam draws on ministry experiences across Pakistan, India, Africa, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and the Philippines — where he ministered and learned from the Holy Spirit’s school of signs and manifestations.

Adrian Beale and Adam Thompson are internationally recognized for their gifts in interpreting the voice of the Spirit in dreams, visions and supernatural phenomena. Both are from Australia and have many years of ministry both in Australia and overseas.

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    26 replies to "How You Can Hear God Like Never Before! | Adam Thompson & Adrian Beale"

    • Temprest

      He said God speaks to us through the world but didn’t even mention the Bible

    • Michelle Swan

      Sir. Sid I have questions. I have dream about Jesus Christ. In my dreams he was was walking on the stairs carrying the cross and he was watching me . I was walking on the other stairs opposite on him.

    • Dacia Prince

      I receive this anointing to hear God like never before in Jesus mighty name.

    • W-Roxie Clumber

      God bless everyone you can turn to God before it's too late you have free will!

    • REV Artist

      Great video

    • Louis Dimov

      HEY 🥰 WOW WERE IS IT WRITEN what is DIS cooking show 🥰

    • HT international

      It would be something else if these stories were really true but 🤭🤭🤭

    • Adina Motobu

      In Jesus name..Amen 🙏🙏❤️❤️

    • Nebiat Embiza

      This show teaches alot in how we hear God's voice….God bless from Ethiopia.

    • Scott Keturo

      I jst luv u Sid Rod! Thank you sir, am new to the ISN program.. enjoying every bit…!!!

    • Absolute Spirit

      777 is a 'personalised,' profound, linkage to the heavenly order of merit we attain to be.
      Each life form, 'earthbound or beyond,' are presented with a credit based superiority service to the sublime. Like a mark of respect, it formulates a 'services rendered' change, in what Spiritual truth we render to ourselves, to others, and to the Holy order we serve (above and beyond earthly form). It being for the life we choose for our purpose of existance, past present and future, (a who, what, when, which, where, and how).
      Given that we are each created to develop an 'understanding,' Spiritual or 'no,' we have to realise that this requires coordinated control, (a God requisit), of a numerical, 'respectful', imposition, on a meriteous factual standardization.
      Like soldiers of fortune, it states our intention to exist for the truth 'beyond' what we see hear, feel, know, or perhaps fail to understand. It also being like a Godliness of self choice, and devoutation to exist on equal terms with all that exists, and all that is yet to be.
      It is as the Holy father intended, it serves to present itself when necessary. Like a 'prompt,' it serves the purpose, to keep each life form on the road to serve the server, to the service, and to all that was, and is yet to be!

    • Whisky O

      WOW. This is not of God. This is new age/occult.

      Me. Me. Me. eh? These guys just wants to feel special.

    • ham bam

      the best way to hear from God is to be in the word daily pray often and spend time being quit before him but always judge things you hear according to the bible

    • Ethereum Foundation

      Sid Roth, you are a brand! May the Lord give you long life and let me meet with you face to face !!

    • Indian Invasion
    • Helen Virgona

      I wake every morning no energy been a long time i have been praying sid please pray for me

    • Michaella Archibald

      Jesus showed me this

    • Janet Franklin

      My husband and I were fossil hunting under this bridge, further down there were several guys and I was sure they could see us, we could see them really well. they began to start shooting down our way and my husband had hearing problems and couldn't hear the bullets hitting the trees. He thought I was nuts when I kept yelling at him to get out of the river bank. I was mostly dried. I saw a bullet hit behind him and scattered the sand. I screamed at him to get out of there, I yelled at these men that they almost shot him. They would have hit him if he hadn' stooped down when he did. I had moved up the edge of the river bank but then I heard a loud voice right in my ear, kind of above me. It was an audible voice. He said MOVE and I took a few steps up the bank when I felt and heard the whistle of this bullet as it went right by my ear. I was so mad I marched right down the river bed yelling at these guys they almost shot us. I had no fear and I even started down the road to confront them but my husband I guess decided I needed to go home. I would have called the police but we didn't have cell phones back then and we way out in the country. the week before a car almost hit me crossing the street, It brushed against me as it went by me. I swear I was invisible. Something else had happened but for the life of me I can't remember what it was. When you hear a voice that loud you do as He says, don't stop and ask questions.

    • Kitty Perez

      Please pray for my son his name is Frank Jr. He has rheumatoid arthritis and is in pain every day. He has a good job and is afraid he doesn't know how much longer he can work. Please pray for God to heal him. In Gods name i pray


      Praise the Lord God Almighty! I am healed from my cough while listening to your program sid. God is so powerful.

    • wats mac

      I agrred with these 2 Pastors God shows me and speaks to me exactly what these Pastors says, i have so many testimony Praise God for giving me spiritual disermant,to be sensitive to His voice, " ask and it shell be given to " u

    • Nyonyoshin 511

      Amen.Thank you Lord.Thank you Sid😇😇

    • Otto Mullins

      While I was in church last Sunday praying I saw a giant hand come down from the top of my church and touch me on the forehead and then withdraw back the way it came in. I have heard the holy spirit before but this was my first vision. I wish I knew what it meant. Maybe God just saying hi and I see you.

    • pandora651

      I see 4:44 and 1:11 a lot. Any insights?

    • Shelly Lynn

      I have a testimony of God using license plates to speak to me.

      My husband and I had just come into some extra money and one of my first thoughts was to help a friend (a single mom who frequently struggles financially). I contemplated it for a while, being sensitive to what God had to say about it. (Just to clarify, we had been friends for several years, then had a falling out and didn't speak to each other for TWO YEARS. At this time, we had only been speaking to each other again for a couple of months, and we were still very tentative about the friendship.)
      Suddenly, I got a text from her letting me know that if she ever came into any money that I was "still on her list" of people to give money to. (She did NOT know that we had received this money, as we had told no one.) I thought, wow, that's an interesting coincidence, then text my husband to tell him what I was thinking/praying about.
      I went about my day, running several errands. While I was out I saw two license plates with her name on them. Shortly before returning home, I was wondering/asking God if He was speaking to me via the license plates, and before I could even finish, I saw one that said GOD on it.
      As soon as I got home, my husband finally got back to me and said he agreed that we should give her the money, and suggested the exact amount I was feeling, in my spirit, that we should give her. Needless to say, she was very blessed. Not only that, her son had just told her that he did not believe in God, and was thinking of suicide. She was able to use that example of God working in our lives to witness to him!

    • Grace O

      Thank you Sid Roth for teaching us G-d's ways, Yeshuah Hamadhiach through the Supernatural ♥️🌿 ptogram May the L-rd very richly bkess & keep you & your team under His Holy Wings. I 🙏 AMEN.

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