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Sid Roth with Don Paul on It’s Supernatural!

In this Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! Classic episode from 2001:

Don Paul can see into the invisible realm. He’s seen demons and angels. He has prayed for people with cancer and AIDS, and they’ve been healed!

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    25 replies to "I Can See Angels & Demons! | Don Paul"

    • Joseph Pfalzgraf

      What do you think about psychic people that finds loss children and help find murders that are killing people like serial killers. Is this of the devil should we watch those programs on that or not

    • Joseph Pfalzgraf

      I have seen demons and a angel and with pleading the blood of Jesus and saying the Lord's prayer over every door and window in my home I have never seen a demons again. There's power in the blood believe me people there's power in the blood

    • Mercedes Hendrickson

      The holy ghost allows us to see into the Spiritual realm so we can fulfill his purposes here on earth, HalleluYAH! Amein.

    • keith k

      I can see what he sees, as a child I also was gifted. I am a targeted individual and the world is ever so alive and changing , evolving , the love….. the love. If only you knew( are aware ) the love.

    • Daniel Hoseiny

      🕊 May the Christ God bless you! 🕊 Χρίστος ο Θεός να σας ευλογήσει! 🕊Да благословит вас Христос Бог! 🕊 Moge Christus God u zegenen! 🕊 Benedicat vos Christus Deus. 🕊 Megi Kristur Guð blessa þig! 🕊 مسیح خدا آپ کو برکت دے! ۔ 🕊 שאלוהים יברך אותך! 🕊 मसीह परमेश्वर आपको आशीष दे! 🕊 🕊願基督上帝保佑你! 🕊 キリストの神があなたを祝福しますように! 🕊 ขอให้พระคริสต์พระเจ้าอวยพรคุณ! 🕊សូមព្រះគ្រីស្តប្រទានពរអ្នក! 🕊 "مسیح خدای دې تاسو ته برکت درکړي! د 🕊ಕ್ರಿಸ್ತ ದೇವರು ನಿಮ್ಮನ್ನು ಆಶೀರ್ವದಿಸಲಿ! ಡಾ 🕊 🕊 கிறிஸ்து தேவன் உங்களை ஆசீர்வதிப்பாராக! 🕊 🕊 ፈጣሪ ይባርክዎ 🕊 ღმერთმა დაგლოცოს 🕊 Թող որ Քրիստոս Աստված օրհնի ձեզ 🕊 ଭଗବାନ଼ ତୁମର ମଙ୍ଗଳ କରନ୍ତୁ 🕊 ക്രിസ്തു ദൈവം നിങ്ങളെ അനുഗ്രഹിക്കട്ടെ 🕊ဘုရားသခင်ကောင်းချီးပေးပါစေ။🕊

    • Walter Killens

      Pray for me

    • Walter Killens

      Pray for me

    • Harley 🙏🤍

      Amen”I receive the healing in my Back”I believe it🙏

    • Samuel Rosa

      When I was in my first year of college, I was in a worship meeting on Thursday night. I only had $1.00 and I had to travel on Friday to me town. The cost for bus tickets was $5.25. When the offering plate was passed, I doubt on giving the dollar, but I thought that anyway, one dollar was not enough for the tickets, and gave the dollar. On Friday, I went to my uncle`s barbery to say bye to him. Then he took a handfull with money from his pocket and gave the money to me. Then I counted the money. The count was the exact quantity for the bus tickets. Thank God for his provision.

    • Indian Invasion

      Don Paul: If I was unable to keep faith ….
      Timberline BP

    • Josiah Matthews

      I want to be like Enoch and King Josiah. I admire who they are and what they did. I want to be a warrior for God and not just observe.

    • Deepanshu Nayar

      Catholic faith is the best faith

    • Game Videos

      The heaviness is Gods presence or demonic ?

    • Pat Langdon

      I believe in blood of jesus tank u for ur program sid I'm trying to stop smoking and for my lungs and heart to heal tank you 🙏🙏🙏

    • vEx

      I have watched dozens of ur videos… im not even getting healed

    • Arturo Cortés Carrillo

      Thank God for Jesús

    • IT'S K L E O XO

      Powerful 🙏🏾

    • Robb Touchton

      I agree. There are definitely guardian angels and adversary demons involved in spiritual warfare for our souls: My new book, a novel of spiritual warfare in the Church, influenced by angels and demons:
      The Chronicles of Assignments: PRINCIPALITIES by RW Touchton.

      I hope you will check it out and I hope you love it.

    • Brenda Lucier

      i been asking the lord to bring me home or help me get better with my stomach I am in so much pain for a long time now I am losing so much weight

    • Bonnie Grimes

      People please believe and let JESUS do the rest . Now

    • christian warrior

      I've had two Supernatural encounter so far in my life I'm 34 years old my last one was a vision or an outer body experience when I was dreaming when my spirit left my body I saw the actual devil I saw demons I saw an Angel and the presence of Jesus was with me throughout this Vision it was amazing and all I do is watch episodes to try and broaden my supernatural abilities to see more and more

    • Becky Lloyd

      Thank you Jesus 💝💝💝

    • Lil fe4rlicia

      Yeah like I believe what about covid 19 😑🤔

    • Bethanie C.

      I had anxiety for yrs. But before it got worst God told me that everything will be alright but I didn't listen to him. Yrs goes by battling with anxiety I don't want to listen to music. Now I know I think my spirit is fighting with the bad spirit. I am healed already and iam praying to God everyday makes me happy and I feel loved.

    • John Armstead

      Motorhome in JESUS NAME,

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