Jim Woodford died and found himself standing at the mouth of hell…
▶▶The Heaven Package by Jim Woodford [Book & 3 CDs]: https://bit.ly/3mzAnXG
▶▶The Heaven Package by Jim Woodford [Digital Download]: https://bit.ly/39jTnq2

What Awaits You in the Afterlife?

Heaven – An Unexpected Journey. (Book) Unsaved, and facing death, Jim Woodford cried out for God to forgive him. Jim died, but it was not his time — Jesus sent him back, and he is here to tell you it’s not too late for you.

Jim’s journey through a tunnel of light brought him to the edge of Heaven and Hell. The darkness and the sound of Hell’s gates were real, but so was his angelic rescue from a creature who called him by name. Jim shares the experiences of singing flowers, God’s “sticky love” and meeting Jesus, who silently read the book of his life to him. Jim was ashamed that his worldly accomplishments amounted to so little! Jim is changing that now, and his book will change you!

Beyond the Veil. (3-CD/Audio Series). The time to consider the realities of Heaven and Hell is now. Jim loves to share the vivid sights and sounds of Heaven and what it’s like to be around angels. He also shares his too close encounter with Hell. Jim says you can take comfort in the six simple words that propelled him into the presence of Jesus—who sent Jim back for good reason!

▶▶The Heaven Package by Jim Woodford [Book & 3 CDs]: https://bit.ly/3mzAnXG
▶▶The Heaven Package by Jim Woodford [Digital Download]: https://bit.ly/39jTnq2

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    26 replies to "I Died & Stood Hell's Entrance. What Crawled Out Horrified Me!"

    • Johan Britz

      What a blatent lie! Hell does not exist yet. Hell will only start burning after the judgement, the Bible is clear on that! You are just another false preacher…PERIOD!

    • Jesse Smith

      'hollywood' is always used when explaining something hard to imagine with "not even hollywood could come up with this"
      It was a game changer for satan

    • Audrey Gabriel

      From India, Brother Sid, please pray for supernatural healing for Sandeep in 4th stage bone cancer, mother is widow, lost her teacher's job since covid19. Thanks! Shalom with love and prayers 🕊

    • patriot15

      A nursery in heaven….that made me cry like a baby. What a wonderful beautiful outcome for all the poor souls that passed too young. Oh to be raised in heaven by God's angels 😇

    • patriot15

      I don't want the beast to know me or my name! Lord, I have known You since I was a child, but I haven't cultivated and nurtured our relationship like I should have. I want You and nothing else for eternity AMEN!!!

    • Mohsen Saiid

      Love and Peace From Brazil Mohsen Said and Family

    • Estelle Dean

      Amen!!!! Thankyou for sharing this testimony!!

    • They Might Be Lions

      Praise God!!!!! 😍😍😍😍

    • Patricia Kaufmann

      Great testimony of one life, Jim thanks for sharing!!!

    • Born Free

      My Dad passed away in 2011, when he passed he was in Michigan and i was in Alabama, i was looking up something on my laptop and i heard my dad clearly say " Good by Brett " i thought that was a strange thought, so i tried to get back to my business and my oldest Brother in Michigan called me about twenty minutes later and said he wanted to let me know our Dad passed about twenty minutes ago, i was speachless and literally could not speak and my eyes started pouring water out of them, i know at the time my Dad passed away he said " Good by Brett ", this is hard to understand but honest to God true.

    • Solomon

      From what I know, Jesus, the Father, Holy Spirit and angels are "shachor." Also, burnt brass is pretty dark. I do believe Jesus' eyes are dark. "His eyes were as a flame of fire" would mean the sclera or the white part of the eyes were/are flaming red.

      Violet is the hottest color of fire which was not used as a description. Blue, grey and green were used.

      This testimony has be scrutinized according to the Word.

    • S F

      Babies and small children will go in the Rapture. Parents need to be warned and told "all who call on the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST will be saved"

    • Jennifer Ramos

      I don't want my book to be thin😢

    • Cool Joe

      I need this experience in my life

    • David Veltmeyer

      Please pray for divine wisdom strategies plan for Ecuadorian soccer player Byron Castillo and Ecuador soccer team including 👌 🙌 😀 🇪🇨 ⚽️ coach Gustavo Alfaro against the demonic spells and evil intentions and witchcraft curses from the evil people of chile and that chile will loose in courts and Ecuador wins, 🙏 and be in the final with the Nethetlands in december 2022 starting the tournament in November that Gonzalo Plata will recover completely fast from his right knee injury, amen glory to God and God bless you abundantly and I love you in the Lord.

    • Lawerence Sebastien

      Jesus I am a sinner I accept you as my Lord and Savior of my soul!

    • Momma Bear

      "Lord Jesus Christ, I believe you are the true Son of God and that you died on the cross to rescue me from my sins, death and to restore me to heaven to be with the Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit. I choose now to turn from my sins, my selfish ways, and every part of my life that does not please you. I choose to serve you and I choose to give my entire life to you. I believe in you. I believe you are the way, the truth, and the light. I accept you into my heart, into my soul, and into my mind. I choose to serve you and to receive your love and forgiveness. I ask you to take your rightful place in my life as my Lord and Savior. please lord of lords and king of kings come reign your peace, love, and happiness into my heart and into my soul. fill my heart and my soul with your love and your life, and help me to become a better person who is truly loving and trusting —a person like you. Please cleanse my mind, body, and soul from the demonic entities that have been tormenting me my whole life. may the blood from your sacrifice wash my sins away and restore my mind, body and soul in your name Jesus Christ. allow me to Live, Love, Learn and grow through you. please bless my soul in your holy name, the heavenly father, and the holy spirits name and help replenish the strength of my mind, body, and soul in your honor. Thank you, God of the Holy Land and the Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen"

    • Username Password

      Amazing, thank you. My spirit yearns for God

    • Terry

      No he didn't. No one is in heaven or hell right now. The soul sleeps until the judgement and the dead know nothing.

    • Adam Ant

      Buy the book you will join James with his experience. He should never wrote the book.

    • Nicholas Maswabi

      I cannot believe that people believe this hoccus pocus nonsesnse. There os no such thing as heaven and hell. When you die you are gone no coming back.

    • Hazel May Lebrun

      I love this testimony. The way you know an encounter is authentic is… a life is changed. It's not about how many lights you saw. Meeting Jesus and experiencing Heaven for real leads to a changed life.


      ~Make sure your name is written in the book of life~Your soul♡ is 💖priceless~A Call to Repentance~ Luke 13:1-5 ~ The Large White Throne. Read: Revelation 20:11-15 Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the pool of fire. Revelation 20:15 ~Salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ~Jesus Saves~Repent of your sins~Forgiveness in Christ~Accept the Lord👑 Jesus Christ into your heart❤ It is I, I the LORD, there is no savior but me. Isaiah 43:11 ~ …Your word is truth. John 17:17 ~ John 14:6

    • biblewomen77

      I saw Jim on other programs before. It's a remarkable story and I feel like the most believable. I'm just am having a hard time trying to understand in scripture this place where hell and heaven merge

      Abraham Bosom?
      Outter Darkness?
      I don't know what this place is?


      Hell Exists: Revelation 21:8 ~ Revelation 20:10 ~ Revelation 20:15 ~ Revelation 19:20 ~ Revelation 14:10-11 ~ James 3:6 ~ 2 Thessalonians 1:8-9 ~ Luke 16:23-26 ~ Mark 9:48 ~ Matthew 25:41 ~ Matthew 13:49-50 ~ Matthew 10:28 ~ Matthew 5:22 ~ Isaiah 66:24 ~ Isaiah 34:9-10 ~ Isaiah 33:14 ~ Deuteronomy 32:22


      ~Amazing Powerful Testimony~ Not everyone gets a second chance… to come back and share his testimony~God's ❤Mercy~ God showed Jim, that Heaven and Hell Exists … ~Get right with the Lord~ 🙏❤ Prayer: God have mercy on me a sinner! I believe Christ Jesus died for me and that His Precious blood will cleanse me from all my sin. By faith I now receive the Lord Jesus Christ into my heart♡ as my Lord and my Savior ; trusting Him for the salvation of my soul. Help me Lord to do thy will each day. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen

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