Jennifer Guetta didn’t believe demons existed, that is until she let one into her house…
▶▶Awestruck by Glory & Ancient Secrets Revealed [Book & 3 CDs]:
▶▶Awestruck by Glory & Ancient Secrets Revealed [Digital Download]:

Don’t do these things even with good intentions!

In her search for the truth behind the Bible, scientist Jennifer Guetta led archaeological excavations in Israel. Then she met a practitioner of kabbalah who promised fascinating information. Awestruck by Glory tells the story of how this woman turned out to have a dark side. Before long, Jennifer and her husband were attacked by a lethal supernatural power. Out of this darkness, Jennifer and her husband Elijah went on a quest that led them to Truth and lessons they gladly share:

• Learn to distinguish between what is and what is not from God
• Dreams, angels, demons and YOU
• How to conquer your fear and overcome in spiritual warfare

Jennifer learned the hard way, but you don’t have to!
Many believers unknowingly make agreements with the enemy.

In Jennifer’s 3-part audio series, “Ancient Secrets Revealed,” she shows how you can open gateways to the enemy and give him permission to wreak havoc.

Jennifer shares prayers for breaking permissions (prayer card included) with the enemy to live in freedom. Her keys on how to be set free from evil spirits can break demonic strongholds! Jennifer then gives you hands-on information about how to keep a clean house spiritually.

▶▶Awestruck by Glory & Ancient Secrets Revealed [Book & 3 CDs]:
▶▶Awestruck by Glory & Ancient Secrets Revealed [Digital Download]:

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    15 replies to "I Invited a Demon in My House. What Happened Shocked Me!"

    • AWESTRUCK with Jennifer Guetta

      Thank you Sid for giving me the opportunity to glorify Jesus for what he has done. I pray that this testimony will inspire many people and show that Jesus – Yeshua is alive right now and that he the only way and that he will set them free. Many blessings to you all.

    • BlackConservative

      Every knee shall bow!!!

    • Neve O

      All interesting apart from the glorifying of 'Israel' who murder torture and imprison Palestinians every day even young children *hundreds in prison for many years ) I was very interested in this story of demons; why did the woman curse the family who let her stay? Is Kabbala evil? Jesus is the saviour in Christianity?, not Judaism? The Israeli archaeologist she worked with ie Fi Kelston, wrote a book called 'The Bible Unearthed' whete he describes his findings having excavated areas the Bible mentions eg City if David snd more. His findings gs are that no such cities existed and that these places were rural backwaters..Israel today is founded on lies and even if it were not, ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is a heinous 70 year long crime

    • Alan Pe Benito

      Psalms 91:9 Because thou hast made the LORD, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation; Sapagka't ikaw, Oh Panginoon, ay aking kanlungan! Iyong ginawa ang Kataastaasan na iyong tahanan;
      Psalms 91:10 There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. Walang kasamaang mangyayari sa iyo, ni anomang salot ay lalapit sa iyong tolda.
      Psalms 91:11 For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. Sapagka't siya'y magbibilin sa kaniyang mga anghel tungkol sa iyo, upang ingatan ka sa lahat ng iyong mga lakad.

    • Kevani Seneka-Burland

      Thanq Lord for everything amen🙏🛐🇵🇬

    • Oyintanda Matshalilanga

      it doesn't matter what kind of demon is assigned to one's life, once you mention the name of Jesus, it flees


      All fake from this person. He said Donald Trump will come back to power soon. What happened now??? Haha ha funny chap.

    • Rafaielaprincess

      Hallelujah Amen and Amen!!! ❤️❤️❤️✝️🙏

    • Whitney Estes

      Hey if any of you can pray for my nephew Anthony Cravey please please pray for him. It's not looking like he will make it out of the hospital. Please he needs any prayer warriors and anyone who has time to send up some prayers on his behalf. Please pray for his beautiful wife Rachel and their children… please pray for his momma Cheri Cravey y'all she needs support and love right now in the most incredible way. Abba please hear our prayers. Please fight for him. His mother said he believes in God but I don't know to what extent and he is loosing his battle tonight with alcoholism. So much trauma in his life. He is only 34 yes old. He didn't come in contact with deliverce ministry in time…he has a great heart. Never really hurt anyone on purpose but knowing what I know now he was just lost and needed to be delivered from childhood trauma, self destructive generational curses and addiction. Please help me pray. His mother has a 13 hour trip to Dallas please pray for her calm and peace and safety home. My mom heart is breaking for her. Please help family.

    • stella samuel

      Amen and Amen

    • WisdomKnowledge Lover

      So is Kabbalah the same as the Cabal?

    • josta geldorp

      Happy. Loofhutten🌹

    • Bret Williams

      Amen 🙏🏽🙌🙏

    • Adam Heczko

      Amen! Jesus is redeemer.

    • Steven Wolinak

      What are fallen Angel's you believe you are the good one here on earth or more like in hell ???

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