Sid shares what happened when he unknowingly invited a demon inside of him.

    25 replies to "I Invited a Demon Inside Me *Here's What Happened*"

    • Jason Eve Ballard

      Thanks Sid, I needed to hear your testimony. 🕊️

    • David Powell

      Sid Roth l have been watching your show for years with my mum.Sid every time I watch your show l feel the messiah and the glory of God. I just want to say thank you for saving me Glory to the messiah much love Cheryl ❤️🧡❤️🙏

    • lian simte

      Amen.. I want this glory in Jesus name

    • Winnie Nakabugo

      81? The glory of God is on u..


      I totally agree and believed for Your GLORY Almighty God .Releasing Your GLORY of doing a NEW NOW. So be it as we are in Agreement with Your GLORY . Amen n Amen 🙏 ❤️🩸🔥 I received and decree of this new Season

    • CherryMargaret Aciro

      I want more and more of the Holy Spirit

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      love principles………

    • Ken Victor

      Amen🙏 Thank you Lord Jesus

    • PridelessChickz

      I love Sid Roth

    • Lisa Sharkey

      Thank you so much for sharing your testimony, Sid. You’re so humble and you have blessed me for so many years. I hope you to meet you one day. God bless you in Jesus Name 😊🙏♥️

    • David LaRondelle

      Sid, you have been such a blessing to me for the last 15-20 years. I am a different man because of your ministry. All glory to God.

    • Roqui Rock

      Love you so much, Sid ❤️ Thank you for sharing your powerful testimony. God bless you and your family.

    • Yvonne Moses

      ALL SOULS MATTER!!! A great read on Amazon!!!

    • Ursula Hutchins

      AMEN💖 thank you for sharing your story with us.💓💛💙

    • Adorabledawn

      What an amazing testimony 🙏🙏🙏 Glory To God!!!!

    • Jaise Jacob

      Sid always getting better and better…Lord make him stronger

    • 酸民

      Too bad you are still searching for your 100 million dollar. Be honest, Sid, how much cut you get when you promote those false prophets' books? It's a sad story I can see.

    • Alcina Chipeio TV

      Isaiah 43:19 has begun❤️
      Amen🌻and Amen🌻

    • Maria Szymanis

      I wish I married jew but I'm single never married.

    • Jeffrey Spiteri

      I have brain damaged.

    • Jeffrey Spiteri

      As i see sid im heald ohh sid your anoted is strong. God bless you.

    • woods runner

      Jesus said no sign would be given.

    • M L

      Sid, you put anything in order to attract people's attention. Are you on Jesus side or not? Put programs that edify and put Jesus' name on high. Those demons are available only for those who trust them more than the victory of Jesus for us. It is written, Sid. It is finished! Nothing was left undone by Jesus. Stop the silliness of your programs.

    • Prescilla Satish

      Amen… I will be the next Katherine Kuhlman in my hometown and so is everyone listening to this message. You’re the next powerful person God is going to use to bring the Glory , the message of deliverance and redemption to thousands. God bless you all. Hallelujah

    • We're just a passin thru

      Thank you for sharing some of your testimony. 🙌🏼🤗

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