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Sid Roth with Igor Ashkinazi on It’s Supernatural!

In this Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! Classic episode from 2001: This Ukrainian Jewish atheist says God came to him. He said to God, “You don’t exist!” Then a supernatural hand literally touched him.

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    28 replies to "I Said "God You Don't Exist!" Then God Responded…"

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    • Martin Render Studio

      God walked into the room where me and my then boyfriend but now husband were. I felt him walk into the room behind my husband. My husband stepped to the side so God could pass by. God sat down near us while we were standing. He used my voice to scold us for what we had done. Then he left. I was in shock. I asked my husband did you since someone walk into the room? He didn't. But he felt the spirit all over him. God is Real!!! Ive also felt and saw Jesus standing next to me at church. Felt his hand on my back at a restaurant. Saw Jesus knocking on our house door. Fell under the Glory of God at target…i could go on and on…witnessed God heal my husband of cancer. The few days before we found out he was cancer free I saw someone holding a giants head. I knew that was our victory. He is real and a miracle worker!

    • Craig Littleworm
    • Princess of The-Most-High-God

      Such a precious testimony. Thank you Jesus

    • Mauritius Daniel

      I really want to see him even once

    • geneavah khoza

      Lord I pray for that hand to touch my daughter Supernaturally in Jesus s name!

    • Alan McDougall

      Nearly all of Sid Roths guest speaker lie?*. *Sid Roth just believes anything no matter how farfetched how nonsensical or stupid! Sid Roth walks by sight and not by faith?*. *Jesus said an adulterous and perverse generation will seek a sign and the only sign they will be given is that of Jonah This "Naturally Supernatural" nonsense remind me of the new age! *In fact the supernatural realms are the domain of demons which we must avoid not seek out! Sid Roth guest speakers with their umbilical! *New revelations, connect with your angel learn new keys, new portals, new dimensions, mysteries Learn how to hear the audible voice of God, use this or that method and you can twist the arm of God to get what you want not what you need? *Use this amazing key in oder to generate wealth? This or that new supernatural key on how to effectively pray, how to conqueror the enemy (never the Devil or Satan always this mysterious enemy?)! Buy the powerful CD at a very low price, buy so and so books on how to pray? Order now at the low low price of just $50 go each powerful revelation from mighty anointed man of God so and so?*. *Rush to the phone or website order now and don't be disappointed? What in God's Holy Name has that car sales pitching got to do with Christianity? Then instead of allowing the guest speaker to testify or tell their stories? Sid Roth produces these silly movies that show exactly what the guest speaker is trying to relate themselves? Then Sid Roth invites audiences so gullible so Biblically illiterate that they would believe anything! Sid Roth would even a revelation that the tooth fairy is an angel and such slimy nonsense! Sid Roth youtube channel is not about Christianity or the Gospel of Salvation through the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ! *This is a show that has in fact very little to do with Christianity and pandering to the sensational supernatural realms that fall completely outside of true Christianity! It is a disgrace to call this nonsensical rubbish Christian? "This is my Father's house and you have turned it into a den of thieves!

    • kane daley

      “Jewish atheist” ?

    • Culton Litdayton

      God my nick jonas swagg!!!

    • jt alien man jt alien man

      So the man said God you don't exist. God Shine the bright light on him. And said homie say what?

    • Big Guy’s 45’s

      Sid Roth is a scam artist and a liar. Not a true man of God.

    • hendrick marak

      I need Jesus now and always

    • Giovanni Spadafora

      SALMO 33.
      1 Giubilate, o giusti, nell' Eterno; la lode s' addice agli uomini retti.
      2 Celebrate l' Eterno con la cetra; salmegiate a lui col saltero a dieci corde.
      3 Cantategli un cantico nuovo, sonate maestreosamente con giubilo.
      4 Poiche` la parola dell' Eterno e` diritta e tutta l' opera sua e` fatta con fedelta`.
      5 Egli ama la giustizia e l' equita`; la terra e` piena della benignita` dell' Eterno.
      6 I cieli furono fatti dalla parola dell' Eterno, e tutto il loro esercito dal soffio della sua bocca.
      7 Egli aduno` le acque del mare come in un mucchio; egli ammasso` gli abissi in serbatoi.

      Voi, che dite: "Signore, Signore perche`, non giubilate dicendo: Noi siamo retti in Cristo Gesu`?
      Come posso dirlo io? Giubiliamo assieme, e lodando insieme con gli strumenti dovuti salmegieremo a Dio che ha creato l' universo e tutte le cose, che esso contiene.
      Cantiamo un cantico nuovo, Egli ha dato tutto a noi, e`, l' ha data con fedelta`e retta.
      Noi l' abbiamo resa, abominevole, con la pietra, gesso, legno, bestemiando quel che voi, volete rappresentare.
      Dio ama la giustizia e l' equita`; ci ha riempito la terra di ogni cosa; e se, lui non vuole, cosa mangeresti?
      Uomo, che non ragioni; uomo che non prendi in conziderazione e dici: Tutto vedo chiaro ed architettonico! Mangio il pane, che viene annaffiato dal cielo, godo dalla bellezza del creato; c'i` deve essere qualcuno che ha fatto, queste grandi cose. Si, c'i` deve essere qualcuno!
      La natura, non puo` aver fatto questo, s' e` cosi`, perche non continua a farlo?
      Il Dio che raduno` i suoi eserciti e le stelle che ha disposto e che noi godiamo della loro bellezzaed, il profumo di Dio fanno di noi le sue creature; camminando nelle acque a nostra disposizione; tenendo a controllo ogni cosa che, noi vediamo
      Quanto e` stupido l' uomo; usa il proverbio a suo discapito: 'Dopo ben servito ingrato paga.'
      Venite al Signore, lui non chiede nulla, solo la lode, potenza e gloria.

    • Lion & Lamb

      Jesus only shows miracles to believers, or those under a certain circumstance that involves his word. Read it.

      Jesus most likely shows unbelievers nothing, but the sign of Jonah. Jonah is the prophet who went to the gates of Hell

    • Rachel M

      Thank u Jesus! His gift of salvation and His love is the most beautiful thing we can experience

    • jrbhealth

      Google"prayer 3:14" abide, witness, watch….

    • fes fez

      Jesus is lord


      either lying or delusional

    • Israel Abraham

      When you watch this in 2020 and it still touches you.

    • IslandMystic

      Marijuana does NOT lead to other drugs. I have used it since I came to God as an aid to meditation. It's created by God,and its the only thing I use! I use it to worship God and meditate only! If used for God it is amazing!

    • Eddie Loius

      He reminds me of Yakov Smirnoff

    • Virtual City

      Why can't God show himself to me also? At least reveveal to me an angel whom will cmmunicate with me.

    • Semeon 4christ

      Before Abreham was born I AM

    • sungirl99

      Dont know if these people on show are genuine cuz they sell books and videos etc. Its all about money

    • TrueGritProductions

      How did you know the Sid Roth episode would go the Jewish route once again to attempt to highlight how "special" people who call themselves Jews are? Because he has only done it every other episode since he's been in business. The New Testament says there's no such thing as Jews. You are worshiping these people who are leading you astray

      Romans 2:28-29 King James Version (KJV)

      28 For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh:

      29 But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.

    • TrueGritProductions

      If you've ever been to Ukraine you might think God doesn't exist either lol

    • Krisztian Zsolt Szalai SDA Born Again Christian
    • Fenny Li

      I’m saying the same thing. God if you exist please speak to me

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