Joshua Mills was taken in a vision where he saw an angel pouring this over the earth…
▶▶The Miracle of the Oil Package [2 Books & CD]:

The recipe of ingredients that God gave to Moses reveals God’s intentions for you today.

The miraculous power of God’s anointing—represented by oil—was intended to flow through every believer. Joshua Mills’ new book, The Miracle of the Oil, helps you learn about each ingredient and what it prophetically signifies in your life. Precious ingredients include:

• Liquid myrrh • Sweet-scented cinnamon • Fragrant cane • Cassia • Olive oil

When God first instructed Moses, intimacy, healing, unity, purity and wisdom were some of the ancient truths in view. But their spiritual potentials are nothing less than impartations of God’s unlimited power for NOW. In The Miracle of the Oil, Joshua intentionally invites God overflow into your life, assuming you are willing!

Joshua also encourages declarations and time set aside for personal worship.

Fresh Oil is a book of declarations and prayer. As you speak Joshua’s selected scriptures and prayers aloud, the power of God’s anointing will begin to fill your life. Fresh Oil is a constant reminder that it is your fragrant offerings and real relationship that God wants. Holy Spirit takes care of the transformation that goes with it.

And Joshua’s new worship CD, Holy Oil, will lift you into God’s Presence over and over again. Joshua says it’s not complicated. When you take the initiative and set aside your time, God is already there. Holy Oil’s eight songs include:

Oily Anointing • Spirit Come • Heavenly Tongues • Drip by Drip (Oil and Wine) • Holy Laughter • Oil of God • Dwell in me (O Blessed Spirit) • Light One Candle.

Joshua says, Be fragrant, be faithful and be transformed!

▶▶The Miracle of the Oil Package [2 Books & CD]:

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    15 replies to "I Saw an Angel Pour This Over the Earth!"

    • Cherry Bell

      We are saved by the blood of the lamb of God and by words of our testimony amen. Holy spirit pour out golden oil burning spirit within me I pray thank you God blessings to your people Father God and his son Jesus christ yeshua messiah and the Holy spirit Amen revival shall break forth in Lord Jesus Christ Yeshua Messiah Name Amen.

    • Mike G

      The Church needs to finish the job and give those who believe in Jesus extra oil , Acts 8 Peter and John heared what happened in Samaria with Phillip and when they arrived they SAW that the power of the Holy Spirirt had not come yet , so they laid hands on them and they all received , there where 5 wise and 5 foolish virgins , the wise had extra oil , Saul was knocked to the ground by the Lord and at that moment he was a big believer in Jesus , but it wasn't until 3 days later when a man named Ananias who was known as a layman [ lays hands on people to receive Holy Spirit] , he laid hands on Saul who became Paul and he could see clearly !

    • Mack Joel

      Amen 🙏 ❤❤

    • dhyan chandra

      jai yeshua masiha
      jai hind
      amen amen amen

    • Cecilia N

      Please pray for me. I’m hunger for God’s oil and anointing. I need it so bad. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

    • SkullyTheHypnoSkull

      Not sure if the natural and supernatural are the same thing 🤔

    • Maria Inna Pereira

      Please pray for me my children and grandchildren for peace and salvation protection happiness health deliverance forgiveness prosperity and grace mercy

    • JackieM

      Sid Roth is a Jew, .. Eli Roth, famous movie producer is a Jew .. are you both related ??????

    • RMB

      "Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning. Give me oil in my lamp I pray, Hallelujah. Give me oil in lamp keep me burning. Keep me burning till the break of day. Sing, Hosana! Sing Hosana! Sing Hosana, sing Hosana to the King of Kings!……"

    • Fun

      Please forgive the sin of my mother, Chi Tai LEUNG!She suffered a second stroke in a wheelchair(dangerous) and did not believe completely. Please God to lead her and the blood of the  Jesus Christ for healing! Thank you God! Thank you Jesus !

    • deno Njoka

      Hawayu Pst. Joshua Mills & In My Opinion I Appreciate Yu 4 Yur Powerful Testimony of The Anointing Oil Miracle Where I Feel I'm Skeptical & Veryyyyyy, Veryyyyyy Skeptical About The Anointing Oil In Yur Hands & Yu Pst. Joshua Mills Seeing An Angel In a Vision Pouring Oil Over The Earth 4 It's Sad That Yu Pst. Joshua Mills Is Making Merchandise Out of Our Great Almighty God 4 They Will Make Merchandise Out of Yu Whose Judgement Now Lingereth Not & Whose Damnation Slumbereth Not Written In 2nd Peter 2:3 & God Bless Yu Pst. Joshua Mills & Pst. Kynan Bridges So Veryyyyyy, Veryyyyyy Much.🙏🙏🕊️🕊️

    • Barbara Greig-Ceaser

      Please pray for Barbara H. Brown! She has been paralyzed for seven years, I'm sure Jesus will restore her to perfect health!!! Glory to God!!!

    • Havila Jeldi

      Thank you dear heavenly Father for your blessings I and my household received these prophetic and oil anointing in Jesus mighty name Amen Thankyou sir for strengthening us by your wonderful and powerful prophetic sermons and prayers Really God is awesome andWe received these prophetic words in Jesus mighty name

    • Rajesh Jadhav

      Very nice interview taken let guest talk more

    • Olga Vorwerk

      Truthfull merciful father i give you praise 👏 Amen

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