Joy Woodruff was traveling and saw her angel at the airport. She even knows his name! Find out what her angel did and what his name is! Experience God’s supernatural presence as you watch!

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    13 replies to "I Saw My Angel At the Airport. This Is What He Did…"

    • Elize Cornelius

      I love music…I pray that I can recieve this gift from God…..AMEN like THUNDER

    • NotStara

      Where can I get the music? I- need it genuinely.

    • Lizelle Jvr Grobler


    • eaglehaus

      Angels are depicted as white skinned. False.
      This is the white man's propaganda.

    • FaReal WitIt

      the star of remphan is satanic

    • Rafael Sales

      Thanks to this show for growing people in the Spiritual! ❤️ just a little amount for now

    • Olutosin Ogunkolade

      Sid Roth is a lovely man, he has a unique media ministry, he is curious towards the right tjings, and he loves his viewers. God bless Sid Roth, his family and his wonderful ministry team.

    • Menbere Degfaw

      I want to buy the cd, where can I find it?

    • Hunter Dunker

      That was a worrier angel 🤨😉😎👍

    • Glass Flower

      Pray for us worried and confused and anxious

    • Charlene de Fin

      Aaaaaamen !!!!!!! Precious Jesus

    • Myriam Roxx

      If you want to have an idea of how angelic choirs sound, you can listen to "Offertoire – Liturgie Byzantine" on the Oremus Channel on YouTube that is part of the byzantine liturgy, but in french! Offertoire means offering, I see it as meaning, offering yourself fully to the Lord!


      I agree with you and I claim my healing and deliverance in Jesus name.

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