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    15 replies to "I Saw My Mom in Hell!"

    • Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

      ▶▶Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/_2K8PxdrRKc

    • B

      You can't know you're saved. This is a lie. God draws who he likes. You can only pray to be accepted by God. Read Numbers 16.

    • itsHELLWithoutJESUS

      yet JESUS said blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy, what if those in Matthew 7:21-23 had shown mercy in their lives,will they still be told to depart? if so,then that proves the bible is unreliable! makes no sense .

    • Crepin Tchalla

      God is amazing ..

    • R G

      Glad his mom listened and believed him!❤

    • Bob Diaz

      This people have the bible so much in their subconscious that they see lucifarian dreams constantly.

    • FatmireM

      Mercy of the Lord God! Hallelujah

    • Damian Lopez

      Good Thing She Got Saved!!! Amen.

    • MEL E

      Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace

    • Ken Dexter

      I don’t believe this!

    • antoinette hellyer

      HAVE A great Commission! The fields are white x we Must tell everyone about Jesus x pray they Get saved before its too late.

    • Ink H

      This guy is moving his eyes a lot while talking. Probably lying about everything.

    • christina ten-pow


    • Let’s pray and fast together

      Pray God lifts the scales from the lukewarm and lost eyes, opens their ears and soften their hearts. Pray God brings revival to the earth. Pray the Lord of Harvest send forth laborers into the harvest. Pray God strengthens His children, gives them more discernment, unites them and wakes them up 🙏🏻

    • MaryMary

      Wow!!’ 😢

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