Darren Canning was taken by an angel to see his mom in hell…
▶▶Tuning into the Frequency of God [Book & 3 CDs]: https://bit.ly/3vnwABs
▶▶Tuning into the Frequency of God [Digital Download]: https://bit.ly/3S7pScw

Are you hearing God’s voice and not knowing it?

Darren Canning says the enemy is trying to distract you from hearing the voice of God. Darren went from being an atheist to believing in the Messiah instantly. After decades of learning to minister from the SOUND of God’s Voice, Darren has taught thousands worldwide to hear and understand God’s voice. His practical teaching is for EVERY believer!

God is not limited, so the way He speaks to us is also not limited. But not everyone hears the same way; Darren calls it “Learning to minister from the SOUND of God’s voice.” Learning to Hear, Recognize and Understand the different ways of listening to the voice of God.

Tuning in to the Frequency of God will teach you to….

• How to hear and recognize the Voice of God
• Understand multiple ways God speaks
• Interpret what God is saying to you through dreams, visions and encounters

Darren’s 3-CD/sudio series, Praying God’s Prayers: God’s Pathway to Supernatural Results, adds…

• How to remove blockages and lies that keep you from hearing
• How to fulfill His will for your life
• Prayers & Declarations of activations
• New Prophetic words for America and Canada

▶▶Tuning into the Frequency of God [Book & 3 CDs]: https://bit.ly/3vnwABs
▶▶Tuning into the Frequency of God [Digital Download]: https://bit.ly/3S7pScw

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    21 replies to "I Saw My Mom in Hell"

    • winnie mwangi

      Wow! I'm getting ready for an encounter with the Lord

    • Lynette sanchez

      Amen god is real thank God for life ❤️🙏

    • Kona621

      Amen for sure of course. (: praise God In Christ amen.

    • fai mot

      Amen.Praise you Jesus.I let go of all the unforgiveness I've been entertaining.I surrender to Your will Father.

    • Mona Gounden

      She needs help with money and food. Do Christians help other Christians.

    • Mona Gounden

      This lady needs somebodyThen she can do any job.

    • john hammond

      As an atheist my head almost swims at the idiocy of believing in religious nonsense like this.

    • Phi Sel

      I’m very prudent in saying who is and isn’t in hell.
      God and Christ never revealed any names of those who landed in hell except Judas.
      The Rich man’s name with Lazarus wasn’t revealed at all.
      I would be careful if I were you.

    • Luciya Mithaiwalla

      Praise Jesus

    • Lou Keeney

      AMEN! ✨✨✨

    • Ayesha Shaik

      Glory be to God Hallelujah Amen

    • Damayanti Londhe

      I recieve the prayer over me & my children in Jesus's mighty name.Amen& Amen.🙏🙏🙏

    • Christ Truth Reveal

      It's parables misunderstood.
      It's paradise, without a body, like spirit in love experience or like spirit lost unable to experience love, it didn't say forever. Where Jesus went without body, paradise, he went to heaven when body became spirit in conscious Love experience. When the body dies there is no brain, heart or ego, basically unconscious. Do the things Jesus did and that is greater, resurrect and rapture in body.
      He said let the dead bury their dead and follow him in body. Temple conscious Eternal Life.
      Without oil the door is closed, full vessel goes in.
      "pure oil olive beaten for the light, to cause the lamp to burn always."
      Relax, God "created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created."
      We are part of All Things.
      "God's Kingdom in Within" us, God IS us. God sure is pleased by the experience of fear especially of death, it's being sold by so called "people of God", which is actually no lie, the "people of God" thing.

      "An angel of the lord" named "Jehovah" said "I am that I am". 

      God said "Let (us) make man in (our) image, after (our) likeness:" Imagination for Pleasure?"

      "the man is become as one of (us), to know good and evil:"


      The Kingdom is within our body Temples with the word sown in our heart. It's All right here within us now and always was

      But those by the wayside have ego take it away. 

      To God, "Alpha and Omega", it is done!

    • Matrixqc

      Amen! to Jeremiah 29:11! I was 23 when I felt so hopeless and I nearly tried to kill myself. I heard two voices. The first one was condemning, said, "You are useless and without hope, kill yourself now!" and a Second Voice said to me, "Stop! Don't kill yourself, I have plans for you!" I thought to myself, that was strange. Two voices contradicting each other. Later, the Lord visited me in my room and said, "Come and have eternal life with Me." That was 40 years ago. 🙏

      "The perfect goodness of God is seen in the benevolence which embraces all mankind and provides for their welfare. His merciful dealings with men declare His goodness; it is also seen in His unmerited favor, drawing man to salvation and in the use of SO MANY MEANS TO THIS END, also in the abundant provision which He has made for man’s present and eternal happiness."

    • Saveeta Johai

      So full of joy

    • Cecilia Mwangi

      I thank God that his mother gave her life to Christ. May God have mercy on our family that non of them will perish in the eternal fire but God will give them life everlasting. God have mercy on us. Thanks God for your grace of salvation.

    • Summer Arrambide

      But the Bible says no man has seen heaven . How is this possible? I’m not saying anything about the Holy Spirit not being real I believe whole heart mind and soul in the lord and I just can’t seem to grasp this I feel like some of them are just doing to much.

    • ella'rei!

      AMEN. Praise God.

    • Salomi Immanuel

      Its awesome.. Am now in condition whats this man before committed sucide.. Am in full of oppression and confusion.. About my life and gods assurance about my life.. Really am saved now through this interview… Sir its excellent.. Please make this program translate into indian languages… Bcz we need more than other countries… Here ao religious.. But i found life and reality what god is… Through so many of ur interviews on different people.. Please pray for me.. Am RAVALI from india.. 🇮🇳

    • Justin Smitley

      What are you talking about!? Hellfire is for judgment which takes place at the end of the world after Christ returns.. But lier's do exists..

    • van2wp thang

      Thank you so much Sir.

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