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    18 replies to "I Saw These Demons Loosed on the Earth…"

    • Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

      ▶▶Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/qBTrqPY2mOU

    • Linda Pandley

      Amen thank you yeshua for your protection

    • Richard Frank

      I receive all there is to receive from this wisdom and revelation AbbaFather strengthen my inner man w might to overcome my flesh help me Jesus to arise and shine 🌈🌈in yeshua name I pray 🌈🌈God bless both of these Generals and everyone that watches this🩸

    • Heather DelVecchio

      I was asking God why people don't believe in His word because it is obviously supernatural. He explained that man likes to limit Him and put Him in a box so that they feel comfortable, like they have control over God. This is why there is no fear of the Lord. Hyper grace is a byproduct of this thinking. We make God what He isn't so that we feel better, so we can keep the illusion of control over what we think is OUR life but He is about to come out of the box. He is about to show the world that He is not contained and His power is limitless!! He is God!!!!

    • Bree Welch

      Wow & it’s so many ppl deceived right now

    • Karen Newbold

      Just a time we live in, there is a major we’ll know denomination that has split wide open. Not only opening and welcoming gay marriages. But ordaining then as minister. Yes the Lord is that unconditional Love, but he is also Holy Holy.♥️🙏

    • Holly Cole

      Yup! Seeing allot of this

    • Ann M.

      I have dreams that come true. It's a blessing

    • Perez

      Joseph prince should watch this

    • Nina Marie

      Thank you so much for saying this because people just really don't realize.👍


      It comes from Joseph Prince 's pulpit!

    • doe

      OSAS people now teaching that people living in LGBTP relationships are OSAS.

    • Spooky

      the gates of she’ol/hades, not gehenna

    • init4dawin

      Lord will will win !!!

    • William Harold

      You're supposed to let the love for God overcome the fear of evil. Smh

    • Kathy johnson

      I have seen Jesus face to face. Test me
      Arnold and ex President Bill Clinton will die next Jesus said to me

    • Born Again 33

      Wow…. I pray for more fear of the Lord.

    • Elban19

      I see demons every day. They're all in Washington D.C., systematically removing the greatest country on earth every, single day from its Christian moral standing.

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