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Every Sunday an illiterate man miraculously read his Bible to his 11 children. He later died in Siberia for his faith! But it bore fruit two generations later: Natasha Schedrivaya.

Natasha Schedrivaya reveals the improbable plan God had for her life and the supernatural journey that led her to a radical conversion from communist/atheist to a believer in Jesus. Natasha’s story is an invitation to believe that God has a plan for your family! Natasha never imagined she would carry the Gospel to 36,000 villages in the former Soviet Union. What she learned is simple: God is real and you can have a real relationship with Him.

Fresh Perspectives on Physical Healing (CD) Natasha has seen many miracles and she shares the 4 voices that speak to anyone who needs healing:

• The voice of your Body (sickness or pain)
• The voice of the Doctors
• The voice of Religion
• The Voice of God (The Truth)

Natasha helps you make the Voice of God the final authority in your life. Healing follows!

The Simplicity of the Message (CD). Natasha relies on the power and simplicity of the Gospel message in 4 principles anyone can share. Just add some of your own story.

The Right Kind of Knowledge (CD). It is not God’s plan to present you with a book of rules. But spend time with Him! Knowing God produces trust. Once you have confidence, the size of a problem does not matter. His mercies are new every morning. Focus on that!

Making Jesus Irresistible (CD) Natasha’s unlikely story is a picture of God moving on our level. As God manifests His love Jesus becomes irresistible—even when people have been deprived of the Gospel for generations!

Natasha Schedrivaya is the first woman bishop of the former Soviet Union. Since becoming a believer she has carried the gospel of Jesus to 36,000 villages.

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    14 replies to "I Stood At the Cross of Jesus. Then I Looked Up & Saw This…"

    • Joe Fernandes

      Amazing God 👏 Love ❤️ You Jesus ❤️ VOW Amazing Holy Spirit ❤️

    • Sarah Kim Owen

      Wow love love love this

    • ✧.d a y d r e a m e r.✧

      Hey!!⚠️God loves you, Jesus died for you on the cross,✝️turn to Him REPENT!! before it's too late.!!!!! accept Jesus as ur Lord and saviour!.

    • Jennifer Hawkins

      please pray for my friend gerado for his choking liver problem & may God bless u

    • Lonnie Christopher

      ….I was in Russia….it was a ministry of "presence" and I quietly spoke- in- tongues for that country…It was just as Putin took over power- his Limo was just down the street…I have seen Putin in Russian Orthodox church services, so maybe I had some effect….A hunger for God needed to be instilled in the people after decades of atheism…

    • Suidwes678

      This is such an amazing testimony, it made me cry. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice and love!!

    • Thomas Mcdavid

      God bless this woman for letting our heavenly father into her heart. We are all God's children whether we believe it or not.

    • WildBlossom Scotch

      I didn’t see my first bible until about 26.

    • Jim Pettinato

      Touching message……….too much marketing

    • Queen Malaika Wa King Jesus

      Jesus will never live us nor forsake us
      He loves us all so so much 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Indian Invasion

      Sid Roth is a Doodh

    • Kalon

      Christian cow 😉💗

    • Rahul Pinto

      I love you jesus 🌹🌹🌹🌹

    • Debra Augustine

      Sid Roth God bless you hallelujah amen

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