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The Bible Just Got More Supernatural! 👇👇

Now, for a limited time, it also comes with a paperback version of It’s Supernatural!, jam-packed with the best wisdom gleaned from Sid’s years of interviewing the Generals of the faith. PLUS our popular Yeshua bookmark. Yes, they come with Sid’s personal recommendation and only with this offer!

About the Bible—For the first time in 30 years, the King James Version has been updated for the 21st Century. This outstanding and faithful Modern English Version (MEV) is the basis of the newly released Large Print Edition of The Supernatural Bible.

✅ The first sections of The Supernatural Bible contain 78 pages of resources
✅ Includes original Hebrew words and names such as Yeshua (Jesus), Miriam (Mary) and shofar (trumpet).
✅ Chain-referenced commentaries by Dr. Sandra Kennedy and Dr. Michael Brown appear throughout the Bible next to the highlighted passages on healing and Messianic prophecies (both have added more commentaries). In this new edition we have added commentaries by Sid Roth on the baptism in the Holy Spirit and by Dr. Keith Ellis on the Glory.

The Supernatural Bible is 9.5″ long by 7.25″ wide. It is 1.4″ thick with a 14 point font size.

The 78 pages from the first sections include a treasury of the best teaching on the supernatural and Israel AND Sid’s favorite Scriptures for meditation AND Sid’s articles of personal mentoring and motivation—plus a special Yeshua bookmark!

▶▶ Get your copy of The Supernatural Bible (Large Print Edition): http://bit.ly/3XjfuRM

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    • Maria Inna Pereira

      Amen 🙏 Amen 🙏 Amen 🙏 Amen 🙏

    • George Brown

      I need my girlfriend stephanie to come to me protect her HELP her i need vehicle and money now God HELP stephanie and me

    • Nadia Read

      Do you have the supernatural bible in French? God bless Sid and team

    • cathyadmz m

      How can one get a copy in the United Arab Emirates

    • Esther R. Scott

      I had mine a few months now. I absolutely love it! Thankyou Sid.


      Thanks be to God, I love reading my Holy Bible and it's really inspiring, thank you Jesus


      Just ordered my Supernatural Bible. Can’t wait to receive it. HALLELUJAH JESUS.
      Thank you Sid Roth🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Howard Hoover

      Why don't you also do the same with the Duey Reims!

    • Brisbane Chukwuemeka

      Glory be to God forever.


      I'm in perfection!

    • Oscar Windham

      These folks in the religion business seem to be continuously looking to denigrate, and or otherwise degrade the Word of God so that they can make some more money by producing another one of their corrupt versions of the English Bible. For those of us who have actually researched the history of how we have come to have our King James Version (KJV) Bible, which is the standard for all the Bibles that followed, there is absolutely no question but that those people who have altered this English translation of Scripture will suffer great loss at the judgement seat of Christ due to this very great sin which punishment they seem to be smilingly, blissfully ignorant of. One really good source for the average Christian to know exactly how we have come to have our KJV Bible is the documentary – "A Lamp In the Dark: Untold History of the Bible" – (2009) – which can be found on Amazon, Prime Video, along with several other very good independent documentaries on the history of our KJV Bible that all agree and each one adds a little more information. Then if you were to take the time to go online to a site such as Wikipedia and click on all of the highlighted references on that site which has the history of the Bible (KJV) you would come away with more knowledge about the history of how we have come to have Holy Scripture in an English translation than these so-called modern-day transcribers of Holy Scripture.
      Here is a really simple "litmus test", if you will, for testing the veracity of the English version Bible that you have; the first verse of Scripture that you should compare against the King James Version Bible is Genesis 1:1 – "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." Note, in the KJV Bible "heaven" is singular, since there is only one heaven or kingdom of heaven which is what this verse of Scripture is referring to and I might add, the word "earth" in this verse of Scripture is referring to the "universe". So, in this first verse of Scripture we are told that God created the kingdom of heaven and the universe and in the following verses of Scripture we are told that our universe/earth which is to recognize that the word earth in Scripture is a homonym that refers to both our universe (universe/earth) and our planet earth and they are both encapsulated in a firmament which is where we get the plurality of heavens since the firmament that encapsulates our planet earth as well as all of the other inhabited planets (Genesis 2:1) is also referred to as being heaven, or more specifically, the first heaven of which there are many and the second heaven is what we call outer space which, of course, means that the infinite outer expanse beyond the finite, ever stretching firmament that encapsulates our ever expanding, closed sphere, matter containing universe/earth in which there is darkness, is the third heaven or the kingdom of heaven in which there is no darkness nor shadow of darkness, the kingdom of Light. Then there is the scientific aspect of this reality which states that this infinite outer realm is where we will probably find all of that thus far unaccounted for antimatter in infinite form instead of being in an equally proportional amount to the matter contained in our universe/earth and you talk about the ultimate "fail-safe/shut off switch". (Isaiah 65:17; Matthew 24:35; Revelation 21:1)
      Since we're on the scientific aspect, it does appear that the JWST and or the next space telescope that will be launched in 2023 to map the universe/earth will corroborate one of the main postulations in my Windham Hypothesis which states that the firmament that encapsulates our universe/earth has a reflective inner surface which would mean that there aren't as many actual stars in the night sky as we currently think there are. It would also mean that our universe/earth isn't as big as we currently think that it is and this would mean that our universe/earth isn't as old as we currently think that it is which would all be really, really big news.
      Anyway, to bring this to a close, the next verse of Scripture that should be checked against the KJV Bible is found in the Lord's Prayer, Matthew *6:10 – "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven." Note, "in earth", NOT "on earth" which I take to mean the universe, or the universe/earth and the word heaven is singular which is referring to the kingdom of heaven. To belabor the point, God's will is to be done on every planet throughout the universe/earth, not just on our planet earth which truth has some extremely profound ramifications such as applies to these ET visitors.
      Finally, Revelation *12:9 – "And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him." Note, "… cast out into the earth," NOT onto the earth and the word earth here means the universe/earth. By the way, this account of Satan and his angels being cast out of the kingdom of heaven has nothing to do with the account found in the noncanonical account found in the book of Enoch which account is about the 200 Watchers which is a different account, a different timeline. Of further note is the fact that those angels cast out of the kingdom of heaven with Satan were numbered in the thousands of trillions if their numbers could have been numbered due to the greatness of their number and in my opinion, we're probably talking about the ET species called the Nordics and there is absolutely no way this vast number of fallen angels were cast "into" our planet earth.
      The following are a list of Scripture verses in the King James Version Bible in which the word earth means the universe (universe/earth). Genesis *1:1, 2:1; Job 1:7, 2:2; Isaiah 40:22, 65:17; Matthew *6:10, 24:35; Mark 13:27; 2 Peter 3:13; Revelation *12:9, 21:1.

    • Lori Rose

      Very sick and young, please pray for me? I’m decreeing and declaring but also battling PTSD, depression and chronic fatigue, black mold poisoning and Epstein Barr Virus and cmv virus. So exhausted all the time but I do have hope 🙏


      How do i get any only bible please directing me where to go

    • Frieda Areses

      Pray for my spiritual life and my eyes, doctors said the nerves is weak. ⚘⚘Thank you

    • David Sanderson



      There are these times where you think you’re just going to work, you’re just running an errand, just taking care of the kids, just coming to church. But what you don’t realize is that it’s a sovereign moment. It’s a moment that God has strategically orchestrated to put you at the right place at the right time, to meet the right people, to hear the right thing. It’s the sovereignty of God. Thanks for reading this comment, I hope you are blessed and uplifted by it. We are a new and growing channel, your support and blessings is much appreciated. Thanks and God bless you. Amen

    • David Veltmeyer

      Protection for me & my sister Natalie & her 💪 Kistemaker family in Ontario & my mother Ana & my brothers James & Henry, their Veltmeyer families in California & 😇 Ecuador team from demonic powers of the🇨🇦🇬🇧 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 evil canadians. Pray that 👼 Ecuador ⚽️ team wins the game today November 20 & reach the semifinals & wins the finals in December 18. For God to 😊 appear to me bring my bunny pet Snowball & raise her from my apartment & repair her & 🙌 bring the 7 years period of the great tribulation all for the glory of God. Wisdom & increase of knowledge for me & my family. God favor me, my 🇪🇨 family over generations back canadians & the english. God bless you abundantly. 🐰 🐇

    • sagai mary

      Lord Jesus I ask u to bls my both daughters forgive their sins for whatever they hv done knowingly unknowingly lord I beg u lord to send ur holy spirit on thm n guide thm protect thm n I surrender thm on ur altar lord plz lord my both daughters shud shine like a star like crystal n pure holy n grow in faith lord remove every evil lift thm lord make thm strong n show thm right path lord I ask ths in Jesus name amen

    • Prensès Haytienne VIV HAYTI

      Why the code it's 9666? A whole of 66 in the web site?

    • sagai mary

      Lord Jesus I beg u lord plz deliver my daughter Suzanna from Satan attack n deliver from all evil acts n deliver from hatred anger disobedience disrespect lies fight with her sister Sharon n deliver her from stubbornness n ego n deliver her from using mobile continuesly plz lord I bind all ths which is against u lord plz do ths supernatural powers n change n transform them n use thm for his glory I ask ths in Jesus name amen

    • Eunice Ikere

      Amen. How can i get a copy? Im based in Nairobi kenya

    • Bala Chinnamma

      I want to get a copy of the supernatural Bible?I am from Hyderabad India .plz help me to get it because I love it
      Thank you Jesus

    • sagai mary

      Plz God of faithful plz pray for my daughters Sharon n Suzanna for divine uplifting n grow spiritually n bcom children of god may the holy spirit guide thm bls thm with gud knowledge wisdom n understanding n draw closer to him n walk in his ways n use thm for his glory I ask ths in Jesus name amen

    • sKyWaTcHeR —412

      I wish I was able to afford this Bible but I still praise the Lord for he is holy holy holy is God Almighty the whole earth is full of his glory in the name of Jesus Christ amen…!!!!🙏✝️✝️✝️🙏

    • Nthabeleng Modise

      How to get it when living in South Africa

    • Charles Romano

      Please command in the name of the FATHER MOST HIGH that the illusion of my girlfriends stroke paralysis is ordered to go and the perfection she is before her birth is brought forth to glorify the FATHER in the name of THE ALMIGHTY FATHER AMEN! I KNOW SHE HAS ALREADY RECEIVED THIS IN THE NAME OF JESUS AMEN! THANK YOU JESUS!

    • Ray Hannum

      With all due respect,i 'll stick with word for word translation. In other words a literal translation. Old Testament and New warn against adding to or taking away from the Word of God.

    • Warren Isaac - Living Water Wells

      Praying for those reading this battling depression and anxiety. Declaring the peace of Jesus Christ over your heart and mind! Commanding all stress and heaviness to lift off you! Be healed and filled in the name of Jesus Christ!

    • Riam

      Please when can I buy this beautiful Super Natural Biblia in Spanish ? Thank you from 🇨🇴

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