John Veal grew up in a “haunted” house full of evil spirits. One night he saw one doing this…
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John Veal wants to equip you to make the enemy tremble as you close open doors and live surrounded by a supernatural hedge of protection.

John Veal grew up with spiritual encounters of the wrong kind. But Holy Spirit used it for good!

Today John is ready to help you get rid of unwelcome spirits of every description and close the open doors to trouble in your life and home.

To say it another way, John will help you take out the spiritual garbage. For good. John’s new book, Supernaturally Delivered, and 3-CD set, Overcoming Spiritual Strongholds, bring powerful help right to your doorstep.

For instance—fear and anxiety were never meant to be your secret companions. New Age thinking and spirits were never meant to be mainstream where you live. And—should opioid addiction really reside in your neighborhood?

Whether it is something as old as a poverty mindset or something new-and-not-harmless, John Veal has answers from God for your hedge of protection…and deliverance, if needed. That includes:

• Knowing how to receive deliverance from things you can’t see
• Learning to identify and close doors to the demonic in your life
• Operating in 7 secrets for guarding your anointing

The gateways are as nearby as your big screen TV, computer and smart phone! But Jesus wants us free!

Dr. John Veal is the senior pastor/prophet of Enduring Faith Christian Center and the CEO of John Veal Ministries, Inc. He is a regular contributor to Charisma Magazine Online, The Elijah List, IMAG, Spirit Fuel, Reformation Today and others. John currently resides in Chicago with his wife, Elisa.

▶▶Supernaturally Delivered! [Book & CDs]:
▶▶Supernaturally Delivered! [Digital Download]:

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    28 replies to "I'm in a Haunted House & See a Demon Doing This | John Veal"

    • Michael Eckerson

      Are tarot cards evil

    • Adore Bible Verse Ministry

      Hallelujah, In Jesus name I bind the strongman and cast him out.

    • Kstezy

      i’m a christian but i have a question that’s been bothering me for weeks. why do other religions such as islam claim they do exorcisms

    • Gloria Siess

      My teen years were ruined by demonic curses via the ouija board my dad brought in.

    • Julie Crouse

      When I was a child visiting a little friend. Her mother brought in an Ouija board to keep us entertained. She told us to put our hand on the needle platform it began to move so fast circling letters. It told me the little boy I liked. It said I would live to eightyfive. Me and the little girl began to argue I said you moved it. She said no you moved it. We were innocent. I renounced the evil works of darkness later. A familiar spirit was moving that needle platform. We must abstain from any appearance of evil. I went to Church and when she brought it in the room I thought it was a game I was a child. The board creeped me out. It was a trap and the enemy was already working to try and trap my soul. I was saved at a Billy Ghram crusade at six.We must pray for our children and ask God to protect them. I avoid all evil works of darkness. It can cause demon possession. I pray that you avoid the evil works of darkness. The enemy desires to trap souls and take them to hell. Jesus desires that all be saved. Resist the devil and he will flee. Our weapons are the name of Jesus the Blood of Jesus prayer and speaking God's Holy word. The demons tremble and flee at all of these. We must be vigelent. We have an enemy that came to steal kill and destroy. Jesus came to give life and that more abundantly.

    • John Sheridan

      I loved this teaching. Back when I was in the U.S. Army and got stationed in the Siani in Egypt we infantry soldiers came across these vendors who sold us certain types of jewelry. One of which had your name spelled out in Hieroglyphics. The symbols which made up the hieroglyphics made me CRINGE! I could never explain it exactly but man was I ever getting the "willies!" This piece was called a Cartouche. Now of course I warn folks, if in Egypt NEVER buy a Cartouche! It is a portal into your home and life by demons!!! Oh and the other piece that just so totally weirded me out was that of this Beatle. I saw someone wearing a black beetle and a GOLD Beatle and they claim it is for good luck and fertility. What I saw as I looked at these was some weird BLACK, and I do mean VERY Evil spiritual BLACK orah just oozing out of them. Every time I would even get close to these things I got the creeps in my spirit! Talk about feeling the EEVY JEEVIES or the Willies! Even back then I steered clear of these things.

    • Tony The Great

      I seen many demons, they can be in Shadow, Animal, Alien/Monster, Human, and Family or friend member forms..

    • Satyakumari Timothy

      Jesus has already won the victory for us.Claim the Victory for you .Encash the cheque.

    • Scary Harry Flanagan

      Ghost of "people" are demons. The Holy Ghost is not a demon.

    • John’s Insight


    • Fred Sebio

      Quija board is bad its a door connected to the enemy of God

    • georgene kain

      Dealing. With. This. Now. Came. Know. Where. He. Willnt. Leave. I. Have. Faith. No one. Help. My. Family

    • Matt Jackson

      Yes demons believe in God. They have to. Jesus is their kryptonite, how can they not believe?

    • Dei Zoe

      Si por alguna razon aparece una figura y dice soy tu abuelo o algun pariente que ya fallecio. Debemos hacerle preguntas acerca de Jesucristo. Y si no responde conforme a la Biblia. Entonces. Esta ablando mentira. Solo los que ablan conforme a la Biblia son verdad. Humanos y espiritus. Pero a travez de la Biblia tambien podemos comprobar si el espiritu que nos abla es de parte de Dios. O del mentiroso

    • Shirley Celaya

      I disagree on some relatives coming back from death to be demons, for example my grandfather beg the doctors to please let his grandchildren when children were not allowed in the 60s and 70's, anyway my grandfather past away. Time past not sure how long for I was so young, but while in church my older siblings and older cousins were joking around about a man who looked just like our grandfather wearing his beige pants white tank undershirt with open dress shirt over and holding his hat, he was my grandfather who was in the far back of our packed church. Mass started we turned around, shortly later I turned to see him again but was gone. Later I found out that he also visited my cousin in another state, she came home from school saw our grandfather sitting on the rocking chair rocking and reading the the Holy Bible, she ran upstairs yelling " Momma Grandpa Rendon Grandpa Rendon", they ran down the stairs only to see the rocking chair rocking. I believe GOD allowed him to see us for one last time, GOD is sooo good!

    • Nikki Nicole

      It's not the board that works it's the intent. And not all people believe in what others believe in. Because you believe it don't mean it's true. I believe in sprits visiting that are not demons. I also believe in reincarnation. And dear lord burning books! Remind you of anything. Unless they were bad book then I don't believe it. If they were bad books then you shouldn't have had them.

    • Renée Calpin

      This is a amazing episode 😍, please pray for Tim Heywood from Rhode island, he is losing his battle, full of self defeat and failure demonic spirits, please pray for his salvation and Deliverance

    • Maureen Lynden

      I believe, cos I moved into a house 2015 and the every first 2 weeks I have been in the house I have been getting tormented every night and I know it's a demon cos it's cause my mental health problems worst as well my health problems worse than before I moved in, when I am sleeping I get polarised cos I know what I see and what I hear, I believe there's no ghost there all demons tormenting people all around the world,cos they know that they are running out of time and our lord jesus is RETURNING.

    • Angie's World

      I have already figured that out and was telling people that ghost are demons not people.

    • issac martinez

      Y’all are crazy believing in all these fairytales

    • Beechtown Organics

      Who is making notes while watching this?

      I am making notes and noting the scripture reference.

    • Melany Barragan

      I want to cast out demons

    • Vivi Shikhu Sumi

      Amen!Thank u Jesus

    • Ali Kowsarnejad

      Praise the Lord, our redeemer, our savior. Lord Jesus, redeem all people of this haunted world! Amen in Jesus' holy name.

    • Lisa lee

      I really enjoyed this video Glory to God 🙏

    • cresun

      19:08 The most important thing to understand about these events is that they were Ordained. These people did not decree because of a secret formula they had taught themselves in their minds. They had received an inner knowing directly from the Holy Spirit, and therefore knew, instinctually, what they were to do. If you try to go on about achieving something without the Ordained promise from the Holy Spirit to lead you there, your result is destined to be one of mere disappointment. The faith only flows with the knowing of the given promise, and it only serves as a catalyst for the mind to act accordingly.

    • Charlette Jackson

      I don't want to see nothing like that ooohhh no the Devil is a liar

    • Sea To Sea

      Sin opens the door to demonic activity.

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