Are you going to Holy Spirit’s favorite place? Find out in this special interview with Mark Morozov.

    16 replies to "It's Holy Spirit's Favorite Place, BUT Few Believers Go There…"

    • Ekundayo Oreshotu

      Thank you Lord Jesus

    • Antionette Fernandes

      Please 🙏 pray for me holy spirit come to me I need you, I love you so much want to hear from you HS talk to me

    • lynn gursslin

      I appreciate the desire of wanting people to know and have the Lord Jesus Christ and I would hope that you know that those who are in Him already have The Holy Spirit and God never leaves us or forsakes us.

    • Miriam Escovar, MAEd

      I felt tingling over my head, and head discomfort gone and all other PMS symptoms gone. Thank you Jesus our Lord, Abba Father 🙏🏼

    • Lynn

      Amen! God I need you.

    • Martha Hillis

      Yes and Amen

    • ELAINE Nesby

      Thank for the encouraging word of knowledge. I RECEIVED IT AND I WAS GIVEN A SIMUIAR WORD A FEW DAYS AGO . God thank u for using this child of yours .

    • Isabella Jurado

      I pick a day where I just thank my Lord for all of his Blessing, I do not ask him for anything!! at all it is a day of thankfulness and telling him how much I love him. It is not easy, the enemy will bring you 101 things that you need to ask for in that moment and day but if you tell yourself no Lord this is your day this I need I can do tomorrow or some other time. just keep praising him. I also buy him flowers I feel his presence so close to me that day. to him be all of the Glory ! I love my Lord, and yes ! I fear him not because I am afraid of him but I am afreid of losing his annointing to me it is gold, since it is under his annointing that his Holy Spirit works through me.

    • Shirly Thomas

      Lord Jesus Christ I want to Glorify your Name I want to hear you I want to do all things with your help and guidance. I want the boldness and help of the Holy Spirit to spread the Gospel and save souls and bring to the Kingdom of God those souls victorious.
      I want God to use me and my family members mightily and Supernatural ly by God and God happy.
      I want to be in Joy of the Lord and Peace of God.

    • Richard Mulola

      amen hallelujah!

    • Unn Kroghen

      Yes I agree with you in Jesus mighty name.
      I belive and receive 🙏❤️🙋‍♀️

    • Unn Kroghen

      Praise the Lord Jesus
      Thank you for loving me God
      I love you so mutch🙏❤️🙋‍♀️

    • Kickie

      Thank you for sharing your story. You are a precious young man.

    • Joan Kyi

      I agree with you in your prayer and I say Amen in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ and be it unto me and my family members Lord .Amen !

    • Rafaielaprincess

      Hallelujah Amen and Amen!!!! 🙏❤️💙💜✝️💝🌻💝🌻💝🌻💝🌻✝️🙏

    • agnes naluyange

      To God be the Glory & Honor amen & amen.

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