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🙏 Take hold of this prayer and never let go 🙏

Chad Gonzales never imagined nearly 20 years schooling by Holy Spririt was ahead. But that’s what he got, and it’s what you get in a lot less time.

But the heart of it, The Supernatural Prayer of Jesus, is a prayer for all time and our day now. Chad gives you access to:

🙏 Supernatural peace in Jesus
🙏 Absolute rest in every circumstance
🙏 Absolute cover from darkness.

Chad brings you into the depths of John 17, then carries you into his 3-CD/audio series, The Power of Union—because you are alive with John 17 power! We will also include his personalized prayer card based on the High Priestly Prayer from John 17.

▶▶The Supernatural Prayer of Jesus [Book & 3-CDs]: http://bit.ly/3YF8Jcm
▶▶The Supernatural Prayer of Jesus [Digital Download]: http://bit.ly/3LjrEqd

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    24 replies to "It’s Jesus’ Greatest Prayer, BUT Few Believers Pray It…"

    • Kimberly Nelson

      Please pray for my health- thank you!

    • Diane Holstein

      I refuse to be robbed. Revelation 2:25

    • JesusIstMuslim

      👉 Jesus: The only true God is The Father!

      💣 The Church: No! You're also a true god!

      👉 Jesus: By myself I can do nothing!

      💣 The Church: No! You can do everything!

      👉 Jesus: The Lord our God is ONE!

      💣 The Church: No! The lord our god is three in one!

      👉 Jesus: prayed on his face like muslims do

      💣 The Church: No! Just sit on this bench, have a coffee and stare at a cursed icon/idol.

      👉 Jesus: If you want eternal life then keep The Commandments!

      💣 The Church: No! If you want eternal life then believe that Jesus died for your sins!

      👉 Jesus: I cried and prayed to God to save me from the crucifixion and God heard my prayers!

      💣 The Church: No! God didn't save him so we can be saved by his blood!

      👉 Jesus: My Father is greater than I, my Father is greater than all!

      💣 The Church: No! The Father is not greater than you, you're both co-equal!

      👉 Jesus: I was sent ONLY to the lost sheep of Israel, not the gentiles!

      💣 The Church: No! You were sent to the entire world!

      👉 Jesus : Circumcise male children as God Commanded!

      💣 The Church: No! Circumcision is unnecessary and will profit us nothing. This is what Paul said, the one you came to in a dream!

      👉 Jesus: I didn't come to abolish the Laws!

      💣 The Church: No, you came to abolish it all! The law brings wrath, and where there is no law, there is no transgression! This is what Paul said!

      👉 Jesus: If you love me keep my commandments!

      💣 The Church: No, don't listen to him Christians! If you love him then keep the Church Commandments built by Saulus the jew who persecuted, imprisoned and killed followers of Jesus!

      👉 Jesus: never met Saulus/Paulus

      💣 The Church: No! You came to him in a dream, can't you recall?

      👉 Jesus: I never ate ham and so you should as God Commanded!

      💣 The Church: No! Ham is good!

    • Marcos Olguin

      I can feel a supernatural presence of God in me. By just watching Chad's Show

    • ronald nival

      Praise God the Father
      Praise Lord Jesus my Lord my Saviour my Healer..

    • Mary

      Amen and amen

    • Tendai Mupondi

      I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthen me

    • Melissa Pietersz

      Please pray for my family and especially for my son to be protected from all evil . Thank you

    • YK 21

      "greater works" are greater in QUANTITY not significance. AA Allen was told this directly by God in an encounter he had with Him.

    • Susan Sila

      Greetings from Kenya.
      Glory to King Jesus

    • Read my ABOUT section

      Hello. Please please pray for me and my family. 🙏 May we can finally afford to move out from this house filled with black molds to somewhere cheaper and a safer neighborhood. Please also pray that there can finally be peace between me and my family. Whatever it is going on between us is taking a toll on me, just making the heavy weight I carry heavier. Im tired. I cant change them but I cant just leave them. 💔 Please pray for my breakthru, so that I will never have to beg, borrow and keep putting myself to shame anymore. 🙏

    • Deconverted Man

      What a bunch of nonsense.

    • deno Njoka

      Thanks Pst. Chad Gonzales 4 Yur Powerful Testimony Where Our Great Almighty God Healing & Doing Those Powerful Miracles Shows That With Our Great Almighty God, Nothing Is Impossible Written In Matthew 19:26 & On Yu Pst. Chad Gonzales Going 2 Heaven, I Don't Believe That Where God's Word Says That Apostle Paul Went In2 The Third Heaven Which He Could Not Tell Written In 2nd Corinthians 12:2 & It's Sad That Yu Chad Gonzales Is Making Merchandise Out of Our Great Almighty God 4 They Will Make Merchandise Out of Yu Whose Judgement Now Lingereth Not & Whose Damnation Slumbereth Not Written In 2nd Peter 2:3 4 I Have Been Blessed Pst. Chad Gonzales & God Bless Yu Pst. Chad Gonzales & Sid Roth So Veryyyyyy, Veryyyyyy Much 🙏🙏🕊️🕊️

    • Holly Berry

      I have a sign that says,”Until you make peace with who you are you’ll never be content with what you have”- And I constantly say,”WHOSE” you are when I read it! Bless you!

    • FishHeadSalad

      Odd how you guys can only do these "healing tricks" in Africa. Why don't you ever do them in Washington D.C. or Los Angeles, or NYC?

    • Jack Heppell

      As a man 1 jn 5:27

    • FishHeadSalad

      If Chad really wants to save souls, why not just give his book away? Is $35 bucks in his pocket per book worth your eternal soul to him? Ask yourself…what would Jesus do? Would Jesus charge you for a prayer or a book?

    • FishHeadSalad

      Why doesn't Chad spend all his time in hospitals and use that healing power he received cure every patient in there? Why do all hospital patients need to go to "healing conferences" in order to get healed? Isn't that convenient and profitable?

    • FishHeadSalad

      Short of dying instantaneously, we all experience pain when we die.

    • FishHeadSalad

      @ 4:37 this man will die from something, we all do. Spooky curses never take anyone's lives, death takes everyone's lives.

    • Extransgenderpastor

      Jesus is alive. I am a 52 years ex-transwoman from Malaysia who is living his best life. Jesus has healed and delivered me for His glory. Only Jesus can do that for ANYONE who chooses to believe. Alleluia!

    • FishHeadSalad

      How can a fallen angel even be considered a rival to Bible God? How can Satan be a true antagonist against it's creator when it is much weaker?? Yet, somehow, Satan has all these spooky powers!

    • Merle Jainu Deen

      Always loved to read and study John 17 …. it was, it is encouraging and inspiring

    • World505

      Thank you Jesus Christ 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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