Jan Markell, J.D. Farag and Jack Hibbs 🌟 – America rise of perilous times

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Jan Markell is Founder and President of Olive Tree Ministries, a Christian ministry helping Christians see current events through the lens of the Bible. It also is a discernment ministry and encourages Christians to contend for the faith.

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    16 replies to "Jan Markell, J.D. Farag and Jack Hibbs 🌟 – America rise of perilous times"

    • Jan Markell Ministries
    • Lisa McAulay


    • vanessa Boman

      This is very old if Trump is still president!

    • Stephen Golden

      Jan, you quoted Daniel 11. In verses 33- 35 we see some of the wise will fall to try them, purge them, make them white and those the wise instruct will also fall and be purified unto the end. We will all be here to the end which is when Jesus returns. Tribulation will purify us and make us the holy bride for holy Jesus.

    • Stephen Golden

      Tribulation is for our good. Tribulation from Greek word "Thlipsis" means "pressure" and is necessary for Christians
      to enter Kingdom of God. Acts 14:21-22. We suffer tribulation unto death and thus given eternal life. Revelation 2:9-10. We can have joy in tribulation. John 16:21-28, 33.

    • Nicolette Worobetz

      Love Pastor JD .. I found him and amir when c 1st started… what a lifeline … thank you… can you address this yanuka in Isreal they are saying is their messiah… plz address this… it's another layer on the overhead projector

    • El Shaddai Ministry - Rev. Dr. Janis Marie Stewart


    • Chuck Edgerton

      This is an old show posted 6 hours ago?.

    • Ron Garbe


    • Denny Dekubber

      Hello from Lynden Washington

    • Char Yeomans

      I'm so thankful the Lord woke me up. Covid made me go down many rabbit holes but also lead me to the truth of the rapture. Was raised in a Christian home.. went to church 2xs a Sunday etc.. but was not taught this way. I'm so thankful I now know I'm saved because of Christ's finished work on the cross that I could never be good enough or earn salvation but that its a gift by grace and faith. I understand the Bible more now than I ever have. I use to fear the coming of Christ but more cause I thought I'd have to go thru the tribulation… now I know my Saviour is my life line and I'm holding on. God bless and may the message the true message of salvation reach all and those who hear be blessed.

    • Mark Hauser Bible

      Stop listening to these pre-tribers. There is no pre-trib rapture, no 7 year tribulation, and no one left behind. DEBATE ME with scriptures


      They have 5 red heiffers from Texas, but will have a total of 22 when the others are shipped


      They are building the Third Temple now. It will be finished in a year. The fake Messiah has revealed himself and has done 5 miracles.

    • πŸ­πŸ΄π—¦π—˜π—«.𝗫𝗬𝗭

      πŸ‘† – НАVΠ• А GООD Π’IΠœΠ• – FIND YОUR LОVΠ•! πŸ’‹β€tπŸ’‘

    • Deron McBee

      Thank you for posting these fantastic videos from Jan Markel & her wonderful guests sharing these Bible prophecy facts & truths.
      I'm a Actor & Stuntman & have been ministering my Christian faith in Hollywood & across the USA & the World for over 25yrs. And these are definitely the end times. GOD BLESS YOU

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