JD Farag incorrectly preached more than 5 years ago that Isaiah 17 was being fulfilled before our eyes, and obviously was wrong. And he still won’t own up to how many times he has been wrong about the future. Yet he still stands behind a pulpit, in front of literally 100,000 people each week, and proclaims that God has put the words in his mouth that he preaches. Don’t be afraid just because he is internet-famous! HOLD HIM ACCOUNTABLE.

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    • Alta Nortje

      First time seeing this….and…..it is NOT ONLY JD preaching these messages. And…..how come 3 years later and!!!!!???
      Seems to me the big problem here is the hundred thousand people listening.
      DO NOT JUDGE!!!!n

    • Steve Conn

      Iam really sorry but your so wrong on this the very reason why he never ask for money like most tv s pastors he always qouted scriptures he speaks and prophecies from the major prophets I'm sorry but jd farag is not a false prophets he would not qoute from the bible

    • Garry Emlyn

      Hi Bruce , all I did was put on a certain rapture preaching site that no one knows the date JESUS will return and say about a family we lost at church because they listened to on line rapture preaching . They believed they would be gone with in a day to a year but they are still here , churchless and bitter .
      Guess what ? My comment was removed .
      As I tell the congregation, " TEST THE SPIRITS "

    • J blank

      Look at the world today. So much propaganda, programming of the mind an utter mindless ( lack of critical thinking) zombies. Nevermind geopolitics at this current time. The man has brought many people to study scripture an repent an accept christ in a world of bottomless evil. I'm just saying. We are not in the days of Noah, yet… but it ain't long. My thoughts an learning in this world an reflecting on scripture an how this man sends his message. Just thoughts, I'm not critical of your thoughts… just more food to think on.

    • Julia Pom

      Wow! Where do you get your claws sharpened, I must have me some of that! Meeow!

    • V

      Sorry not interested, he's a blessed man

    • Norman Sylvester

      You are wrong my friend. The Bible tells us to always be watching for Jesus soon return. "When you see these things begin to take place look up for your redemption draws nigh" JD has gotten my family, and thousands of others closer to God. If you say that is bad… Well… get thee behind me

    • MeeMaw777

      Your opinion Sir He’s at least informing the Church Sorry I believe your JUDGING !!! Praying for you !!! Everything you just posted is judging how This Pastor chooses to share What He believes I will send to all of this termin too and he always tells you to look it up yourself check it out he offers each and every person he’s listening to his sermon to slip feel free to go back and check his words so whoever you are maybe you want to take a look at that scripture that says Judge Navy see not be judge

    • Trent Rossdale


    • Trent Rossdale


    • SandiLand

      Brother…ive never heard a date set by JD Farag? world events…. and humans are showing us their global plans.. and that is what i hear JD Farag talking about. the only plans of God I hear him share is when he reads the Scriptures, which is God breathed. i also sensed or felt a spiritual shift 3 years ago.. and im no prophet. but im telling you some dreams and that spiritual sense i experienced was real and drew me back and even closer to God. im thankful and grateful to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. we worship Jesus Christ, not JD Farag. i dont need JD in order to see for myself the times we are living in… Christ Jesus told us what we would be seeing.

    • SuperKal

      some things i need to bring up concerning your video:
      first, while i wholeheartdly agree with your conclusion that we need to stat away from “newspaper theological sensationalism”, you made the comment that when it concerns escgatology, “no body is ever right about anything”… that’s a blanket statement, and wrong…
      there are things we can know with 100% certainty, such as Jesus will return, there will be an Antichrist, the Euphrates river will dry up (which is currently happening) and there will be a New Heaven and a New Earth. We know this because scripture tells us so, explicitly. Of course, there are nuances to these beliefs that we may disagree on, but that doesnt change the originally stated truth.

      second, concerning end times, signs of the times, entering into “the last days”, this has been going on ever since Jesus ascended into heaven. even the Apostle John said that there were antichrists during his time, so we have been in the end days/times ever since back then…

      but i do understand why you are being extra critical, and skeptical of JD Farag, and maybe not just JD Farag, but maybe even the entire Calvary Church denomination… in the past, Calvary Chapel did have a practicing homosexual as a pastor in the 1960s, Lonnie Frisbee, who was allegedly one of the key figures of the Jesus Movement… of course, they now dont allow that, but the fact that this even happened does give me a small pause, but im willing to forgive that, because that is something they no longer endorse or support.

      but the big one that catches me more than the aforementioned above is their connection with the teachings of Jesus returning in the 1980s… this denomination was the key figure in the preaching that Jesus would return in 1981 and 1988, this teaching was started by Chuck Smith in 1976 and affirmed in 1978… the younger generation would rememebr Harold Camping, and his predictions that Jesus would return in 2011 or 2017… well, before Camping, there was Hal Lindsay and Chuck Smith.
      Hal Lindsay has stated multiple times in the 80s and 90s that Jesus would return before the year 2000… of course he was wrong, and in all honestly i dont think anyone should take him seriously…
      Chuck Smith was the founder of Calvary Chapel, and was one of the main leaders in the 80s that taught jesus would return in 1981 and the second return would be in September 1988,,, he based this belief on the definition of “generation”… if some of you dont know about this, i highly recommend you to do some research.

      now, concerning JD Farag himself, like you said, I have no doubt that he’s sincere, yet while his newpaper senationalism may give pause to some, this man boldly preaches dispensationalism. Dispensationalism is a stright up heresy. Its roots go back to the 2nd century with the heretic Marcion of Sinope. Marcion started the foundations of what we would know today as dispensationalism, and we see this in John Hagee’s theology. Hagee has not only said that Jesus never came to be the Messiah in his bok In Defense of Israel, he also said the following:

      β€œI’m not trying to convert the Jewish people to the Christian faith… In fact, trying to convert Jews is a waste of time. Jews already have a covenant with God and that has never been replaced by Christianity.”
      (Houston Chronicle, April 30, 1988, sec, 6, pg. 1)


      for those who criticize this brother for judging him…
      well, how dare YOU judge his judging… you claim we are not to judge, yet right before, you contradict yourself and openly judge him…
      We are CALLED to judge. COMMANDED to judge.
      John 7:24 says to not judge by outward appearance but judge with righteous judgment, and Paul in 1 Corinthians 5:11-13 says to not associate with any person “who claims to be a brother or sister but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or slanderer, a drunkard or swindler. Do not even eat with such people” and “purge the wicked person from among you”

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