Pastor JD talks about how Jesus will always lift us up in those difficult times in our lives when we find ourselves so down.

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    17 replies to "Jesus Lifts You Up When You’re Down, 2 Peter 1:1 – December 4th, 2022"

    • Teine770

      Thank you Pastor JD 🙏🏽

    • Dee

      I'm in the middle of a crisis… I served God faithfully in ministry work and was truly blessed to have God given opportunities to influence many souls for God's kingdom. But the enemy hates me and he sure enough wants to take me out and he almost succeeded. I know the word of God stands forever and he is my only hope now in a hopeless and near impossible situation that I'm going through. I would like to solicit powerful prayers from my brothers and sisters in Christ as I do the same for you. Blessings!

    • Cheryl Cooper

      I would love to hear Pastor JD comments on this video titled:
      An 83-year pattern – Esther rapture and Hamon 2.0
      Will put link below in reply –

    • Cheryl Cooper

      What do you think of this video about the rapture and signs in the sky..

    • loveofreedom777

      Praise God For Brother JD! Looking Forward to the Soon coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for His Bride – Hallelujah!

    • Jonathan Albert

      Thank You JD always good to hear the word it is well presented

    • Donna Keith

      At about 40' mark Jonah get spit out on the beach of Nineveh… Nineveh hasn't got a beach.

    • Melanie Hughes

      Pastor JD has never been interrupted by ads. He's not the only one who now has ads in their messages. Is youtube doing this on their own or are these pastors trying to make money off youtube? There are several I no longer listen to because of the ads. They have no idea what ungodly propaganda they've allowed to interrupt their programs. If you didn't do it Pastor would you look into it? I still have a few who never have ads. Why?

    • Ness

      My first thought of what my most valuable possession I have on this earth, is God's word in my bible but yes Eternal Life and my soul is so so much more valuable.. ❤

    • David James Ferguson

      Turn your eyes upon Jesus, Look full in His wonderful face, And the things of earth, will grow strangely dim, In the light of His glory and grace :

    • Warren Rodgers

      Good video tyvm

    • Warren Rodgers

      We all must do our part and spread the good news be bold be brave be humble

    • Warren Rodgers

      I am not a believer….I don't believe in Jesus…….. I know Jesus… I am a knower…….. Thank you Jesus

    • Michelle Costea

      Thank you pastor JD again God bless.

    • Texas

      Turn your eyes upon Jesus and the things of the earth will glow dim….soon forgotten.

    • Texas

      Pastor JD is dead on what he teaches. Only two kinds of people. Saved and not saved. Forget about Republicans or Democrats, etc…….

    • Ozark Picker

      Such a blessing thanks so much ❤🙏

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