Jesus showed Michelle Steele the benefit most believers miss about His blood.
▶▶Escaping Hell by Michelle Steele [Book & 4-CDs]:
▶▶Escaping Hell by Michelle Steele [Digital Download]:

The blood of Jesus will help you experience life on Jesus’ terms!

In her brand-new book, Escaping Hell, Michelle Steele shares the shocking tale of how one bad choice after another led her from a happy childhood in an affluent family down a self-destructive path to become a prostitute, junkie and criminal. Yet even more captivating is the story of how Jesus’ miracle-working power transformed her into the wife, mother and pastor she is today. She shares how you too can experience life on Jesus’ terms!

In her exclusive 3-CD series, Michelle teaches you about The Supernatural Power of the Blood of Jesus and how you can apply it to your conscience and overcome shame and guilt. But don’t stop there!

And through Michelle’s bonus CD teaching, Freedom from Addiction, you will learn how to cast down thoughts that keep you in bondage to addictive tendencies. God wants you to be set free. He sees His destiny for your life!

Yes, free from guilt and shame! Blessed through the blood of Jesus!

▶▶Escaping Hell by Michelle Steele [Book & 4-CDs]:
▶▶Escaping Hell by Michelle Steele [Digital Download]:

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    16 replies to "Jesus Showed Me What Most Believers Miss About His Blood"

    • Edwin Kirkland

      Amen nothing but the blood of Jesus amen

    • Christine

      Sid no longer interrupts his guests 🙂

    • Janet Turner

      Yes, Michelle Steele is correct about the Blood. Jesus is the visible physical manifestation of the Invisible God, The I Am that I Am and it is God's Blood that was shed and body broken. Ron Wyatt found the ARK of the Covenant hidden by Jeremiah and on the Mercy Seat was God's/Jesus Blood. The Blood dripped from the cross into a crack in the ground and found its way to the Mercy Seat. The Jewish priests thought they were crucifying a man because they were blind to His Divinity. God is eternal He cannot be killed.

    • El Din

      Luv ya Sid…🌺

    • Deborah Wesala

      i like the study, but his interrupting her completely trainwrecks my learning something new from Holy Spirit. Sid you gotta quit doing that.

    • CRYing Souls

      Lust disobedience adultery fornication Jesus me an my husband. Jesus

    • CRYing Souls

      Jesus. I rec u. Pls wash me. From.isin an shame

    • CRYing Souls

      Father I Conn with the Blood. Lift the weight of sin washhe.pls from perversion

    • Ngatamaine Ratumu


    • my savior Jesus (F.khan)

      The lost benefit of blood, God bless you

    • Alexander Bemar

      This is true! Ron Wyatt found the Ark of the covenant and on the mercy seat he found Jesus Christ's blood and the angel instructed him to take the blood and took to the best place where they can check the blood, they found it was alive it has 23 chromosomes from the mother and only Y from the mother. They called their professionals to come and see it, then they asked Ron Wyatt whose blood is this then he told, it's the blood of your Messiah. It changes their from that day forward.
      23 chromosomes from mother and 23 from the father then a baby is normal, but 22 from either, that baby will be abnormal.
      But Jesus Christ has 23 chromosomes from Marry and only one Y from his Father God.

    • Julie Westron

      4:58 Reach into covenant with God
      She had shame instead of righteousness.

      5:52 the devil found an open door.

      6:19 study about the blood of Jesus.
      Faith she had in the blood.


      12:06 prayer
      The blood of Jesus cleanses me in every area including my conscious.

    • La Leona

      We need a sid roth in spanish !!! Spanish subtitles?

    • ThisisGodsMinistry -

      Hey i know that the visual represent her testimony.
      But an actor had to be used / exploitive for the prositure visual
      beloved Church We are not to tolerate that woman Jezebel
      Who call herself a prophet

    • Pastor Avril Wiggins

      The blood of YESHUA (Jesus)

    • Pastor Avril Wiggins

      My son is in hospital Autism and they said Covid Communion DNA, heal me and husband and family, taking Communion now

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