Jesus told Richard Berget the one secret that changes everything!

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    • Hyperactive Picker

      It's Sunday morning y'all! Hope those butts are in a pew and learning about God's love for you!!

    • Jackie Powell

      We re not in apostoluc period. You re pushing heresy and minimizing the scriptures. Hebrews1 God doesn't talk to us. Except bible.

    • bango bango

      Why are only American Yankees bandits, terrorists and imperialists who could see Jesus

    • Teresa Walker

      He has been telling me this for a long time now!!! This is confirmation for me.

    • Linda Fox

      Isn't it horrible how some people make up lies about God ? I know you don't do that ofcourse, but some despicable people do and they will pay a dire price at some point. I am so happy you don't do that

    • Fun

      Please forgive the sin of my mother, Chi Tai LEUNG!She suffered a second stroke in a wheelchair(dangerous) and did not believe completely. Please God to lead her and the blood of the  Jesus Christ for healing! Thank you God! Thank you Jesus !


      Why you told everybody it's Jesus secret

    • ] LIMITLESS [

      Amen! Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior! Hallelujah God bless everybody reading these comments and may God's blessings come upon you tonight when you fall asleep and you wake up tomorrow make sure you thank God for everything that he brings to you cuz you deserve it You deserve love peace joy happiness and everything he has to unload on you with the holy Spirit Amen!

    • Rich 4

      I didn’t know Jesus was a white guy 😀 doesn’t say that in the Bible

    • Daniela Herman

      Sir Roth, you are one of the greatest blessings .
      May our Lord Jesus bless you richly.
      Thank you from Romania!🌹

    • Daniela Herman

      Amin !!!!!💕🌹

    • lynn rose

      THE KingDOM come! 🙌🏻

    • Diane Jimenez

      Amen 🙏
      Shalom 🙏❤️

    • Chiffey Khun

      Scripture 19 please read and share Amen.

    • Daniel

      Hallelujah I really feel holy Spirit while I am seeing this video.praise GOD!LORD pours out your spirit in this generation.Amen!

    • Henri_p ayanbee

      The pride of some our beloved Prophets has been a huge concern to God. Everyone wants to claim " I was the one God showed this and that event to" " it was our prefers and the special place I have in God's heart that brought the Revival". God has used the unseen missed COVID-19 epidemic , failed 2019 election prophecy, most recently failed blood moon- red wave prophecy to bring humility and complete abasement and dependence on him without success. I pray He doesn't get to physical removal, because He urgently, desperately,almost- frantically, wants to MOVE in a way NO ONE shares in the Glory!!!⛈️🌊🔥……..If not , prophet-worship would quickly arise in the Revival , make mega-churches out of the Revival,and turn people's heart from God to men, and then , the Revival dies.

    • Teresa Tapia castillo

      Por favor traduce en español

    • DaMi

      The pain in my hip and right leg is gone! Thank God.

    • Josephine Behan

      Thank you 😌

    • Neelam Gurung

      Amen i receive baptism of Holy spirit of God of Fire 🔥 in Jesus name Amen

    • Atisha Reliford

      Come on Sid, you really think that white guy you put up is a representative of the messiah?🙅🏽‍♀️

    • Prreity Wadhwa

      We are vessels, we have to humble ourselves asking Lord to use us for the kingdom of Heaven. His way and His timings.

    • Myra Gold

      The game Love that not being able to go to commercial and I suppose cut off power – halleluyah halleluyah 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Nicoleen Danielz

      We need to be hosts of the Holy Spirit! Pray in the Spirit more. Thank you Jesus😀😀😀😀
      We love You soooo, sooo much Jesus!!🥰🥰🥰🥰💜💜💜💜

    • Adrienne Sisco

      Covid has left me with debilitating Neuropathy in my feet. God, I need to walk! My family and life is falling apart and I can't stand it. My mom doesn't want to leave me alone long enough to find a new job, my boyfriend has been helping us financially but it shouldn't be all up to him, and the stress & worry that we're not going to make it, could end when I start walking again! In Jesus's name I pray for the damage to the nerves in my feet be healed! I need to be independent and have quality of life back! Amen. 😥🙌

    • Sol Aüm

      Hallelujah! I'm being healed in my joints, knees, wrists, shoulders! Praise God!

    • larold lee

      Sounds like the annoiting in the last days..

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