Judy Suzuki shares what the Lord had planned for her as she experienced miracles, the power of prayer, and joy through suffering during her battle with cancer.

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    21 replies to "Judy Suzuki Praise Report – October 9th, 2022"

    • Christine Oosthuizen

      May God continue to bless you and heal you completely! From Payson Arizona 💐

    • Robert Bobby

      It was beautiful, and hard to listen, but she's right on, and I pray that this will help, with our sweet saviors help, help us come closer together as a body and start showing our love for each other more and more. It's nice that we can do it from a distance, but if we ever have the chance to be face to face, well, John tells us that this is when our joy will be full, it's in his epistle.

    • Karen Kirby

      Thank you Judy for your restating. May He bless you greatly as you shine His light to so many.
      From Alabama.

    • JoLynn Benefield

      What a blessing you are❤️❤️Your testimony has moved me & given me hope at a very trying time with sickness & pain I go through every day. God’s mercy & love are so awesome.. may God give you a speedy recovery & blessings beyond measure in Jesus’s name. Amen

    • I'll Fly Away

      Thank you for your testimony! It really convicted me and made me realize what a selfish brat I am. It’s not easy to receive that conviction, but it’s very much needed. I sit there and throw a fit over my migraines and don’t even try to find the blessings in them. I feel like such a worm. I need the Lord to change my heart.

    • Debbie Klein

      Vengeance is the Lords & He will take it PERFECTLY!! LOL, I will get to watch 🥰

    • The Mustard Seed Adventures

      How cool I remember praying for her!! Praise God!

    • ChildofGOD

      Judy you gave me more hope! I know sometimes, it may be hard to trust God’s plan but we must take comfort and have faith in him. So I’m keeping faith in Jesus no matter what. I have lost so much since losing my job as a social worker at Forsyth Hospital. But I know my faith in Jesus will get me through this hard time I’m facing. I lost my job because I declined the vaccine I declined due to my pre existing health condition lupus and heart disease. I was denied my medical/religious exemption. I’m waitressing and I’m so thankful to be working, but I’m not making nearly enough to make ends meet. I have two beautiful boys both are autistic. My husband passed away years ago. I feel so alone. Each month is a struggle to not end up on the streets with my two boys. But even as I face homelessness almost every month. I have faith, God will provide. He has this far. With GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, please keep me and my two little boys in your prayers. Thank you. Prayers are all we need.

    • The Scientist's Church🤔

      I came to believe via the plethora of scientific evidence, research. Then I had over 14 dreams, experiences. From the rapture event, earth chaos, UFO fake reptilian, gods, heaven and the gifts, rewards.etc. Our beloved ❤️ wants a personal relationship with you!! Revelation 3:20.
      He is our perfect partner, soul mate, twin. Unique relationship, unique like You Are! As a child…heart and souls desire 🤔❤️. When in his presence ❤️ the joy, love, peace is uncontainable in the physical body. You can't help love, admire, respect, in awe of Him ❤️
      Please try…if he knows you….reborn, veil lifts etc.
      He knows everything, everyone, all the sins committd…But He Loves Us!! Even a loud mouth swearing bloke like me👍😀🦘

    • PoolDr.

      What an amazing testimony. God in so good. 🤙🌺🦁🐑👑✝📖🙏🕊

    • Toni Lynne Rodriguez

      Praise God. He is able, we just have to believe, not in what we see or feel, but believe him, our Savior. Thank you for sharing.

    • Daughter Of The King

      God bless this precious sister in Christ. ❤️ I've been in a season of suffering for over a decade. It makes my family too uncomfortable to talk or think about it so I stay in my bedroom, isolated most of the time. It can get so lonely. Praise God she has an army of brothers & sisters surrounding her. He is so good!🙏❤️

    • staceylovesJesus

      Beautiful testimony, Judy! 💕

    • Andrea Danburg

      Judy! Thank God for your powerful testimony 🙏

    • elizabeth da silva

      jesus please open my eyes to the little joy and graces you have for me in my life ove sorrow

    • Juanagohome

      Praise God! Hallelujah 🎊🕊🙏 Judy, thank you for your bravery, and for sharing your testimony. This was such a blessing. God's glory, grace and sovereignty is clearly shown here. May none of us ever doubt Him and the power of prayer. God bless you 💜🙏

    • Wendy a Christian

      God saved me through my suffering. I may not ever came to Christ Jesus. But he worked a work in me, and I was saved through my suffering and I am so so thankful. It's amazing how God works in our life . I didn't think I would be here now….But he has allowed me to live, and I'm still here.

    • MrMatt1138

      Amen!! & Hallelujah!! 🙏🙏

    • Tessy McCall

      Glory to God!!!!

    • Ashley churchill

      Her testimony is amazing my friend has a lot of pain in her body. She is saved God hasn’t healed her body yet for some reason.

    • Child of God!

      Glory to God in the highest! Amazing testimony! I love you family! God bless yall!

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