The enemy tries to distract you on a daily basis, in hopes that you’ll take your eyes off Jesus. Pastor Rodney shares how you must have a resolve in your spirit and a focus in your eyes to receive what God has for you as you keep Him first place in your day-to-day life.

Service Date: September 26, 2021

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    10 replies to "Keeping Your Focus on God | Rodney Howard-Browne"

    • Phyllis Hernandez

      Si si si Gloria a DIOS mi gran y bendecido pastor. The Blessings of Heaven are all over me. I’m watching from Maui Hawaii & attended the DOUBLE PORTION CONFERENCE & I’ve never heard GOD’S WORD come alive & bring GOD’S blessings all over me.🙏👌👩🏻🔥❤️

    • Debbie VanBrunning

      This is a true man of God! I come and listen to his messages, and enjoy the refreshing! When I get hit, the Holy Spirt will bubble up inside of me, and I will begin too laugh at the devil! God Bless Pastor Rodney and this Church!

    • No Thankyou

      Geez. Let. It rain. On. Us. Don't. Work. It. Out. Give. Jesus. Full. Rein!!

    • No Thankyou

      Hallelujah!! Thank. You. Lord!!

    • No Thankyou

      The. Enemy. Is under. Our feet. A. Dead. For. We. Only Win. In. Christ!

    • No Thankyou

      Praise. God. For. A. Leader. Of. Faith. In. Theses. Days. Praise. Jesus

    • No Thankyou


    • No Thankyou

      Praise. The. Lord. For. Pastor Rodney. Howard Browne. He. Is. The. Last. Generation. Voice!!!! The. People. Will. Run. Into. The. Church. Just. You. Wait!!! Get. In. The. Life. Boat. And. Quit. Looking. Back!!!

    • Shalom Shelley

      Thank you for your great ministry! Santa Barbara, CA

    • djkk

      Glory to God the Most High:)♡♡♡♡♡ In Jesus mighty name 🙏

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