Pastor JD talks about a visual prophecy concerning God being the potter and His people being the clay in His hands.
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    14 replies to "Let God Have His Way – JD Farag"

    • angel blue eyes

      Why is the Internet making videos of the bride of Christ ♥️🌹♥️👑🙏🙏🙏

    • Christopher Moore

      I need to repent for my sins, Jesus I want to seek you.

    • Elke Rhodes

      Amen, I Surrender All Lord

    • Judy Sedillo

      Please pray for my daughter who is involved with a non Christian

    • Judy Sedillo

      Love your message

    • Kelly Chojnacki

      Love this teaching, just what I needed to hear tonight.
      He is my potter and I am his clay.
      Thank you JD from Michigan.

    • Karen Mino

      Please pray for my sister Linda please 🙏

    • matt prell

      FATHER i need your help. AMEN

    • Jennifer Bloom

      You are such a blessing JD. You touch so many hearts . Listening from Nebraska+

    • Trevor White

      Lord help me resist evil and sin, in the name of Christ Jesus 🙏

    • Return to the Word with Michael Anthony

      This message is awesome. Really helped me the other day.

    • Portland Patriot

      They threw away dignity, honor, love and beauty, perfection, and took up sewer water.
      It's easy for me to point fingers, but I need to look in the mirror.

    • light unto the people ministry's

      Apostle paul and jesus christ are in harmony and taught the same salvation message rd

    • alchemistking dickinson

      God has sent his way here who is in flesh writing words your reading in this comment! It is not possible to save one looking to clouds for my face to appear. Will you be able to stop lieing and repent? Will you sign your name Lambs book? Will you stand worthy in front of your only hope knowing who you stand in front of? God has given all souls here free will to act and do as they will. You can choose life by recognizing Saviors human face or you can choose death by only looking in a place Christ face will never be found. Tribulation begins 2022 and arks doors shut 2029. JC WILL BE KING OF JEWS 37TH GOV!!! Are YOU going call your ONLY HOPE A LIAR? THE ANTI CHRIST? 1 JOHN 2;22 NOT GOING BE 1 ANTI CHRIST BUT ANY AND ALL CALL JC A LIAR!!!! YOU GOING LEAVE HERE ANTI CHRIST ANTI GOD CALLING YOUR ONLY HOPE A LIAR AND CALLING GOD A LIAR??? YOU NOT GOING BE SNATCHED FROM THOSE WALKING DEAD AT PRESENT??? WHO IS WALKING DEAD??? WHO IS ANTI CHRIST? TAKING LORDS NAME IN VAIN EVERY DAY? LIEING EVERY DAY? BREAKING COMMANDMENTS EVERY DAY? WHATS REQUIREMENT KNOW LIGHT IS IN FLESH?

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