Night 3 is HERE, and we’re excited to have Roy Fields lead worship and Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne share an anointed word!

Both of these men have been key leaders in past revival movements around the world, and we believe the Lord is using them to spark a revival in this nation and generation again!

Thank you for joining us! Stay tuned as we’ll be going Live all week long!

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    • Suzanne Wirsching


    • GoDigital

      Acts 1:80
      Witnesses means demonstrators or Ready models

    • GoDigital

      Acts 1:80

    • Kim Juanita

      I love all ps Rodney's books

    • Kim Juanita

      I love pastor Rodney Howard-Browne

    • Eagle

      I was there and it was awesome! I hope it can become an annual gathering.

    • GoDigital

      Only thing we can take From this earth is people
      Give it way
      2 cor 9:2

    • carmelita petersen

      I want the fire 🔥 🔥🔥to win souls🙌

    • Mike Brown

      Notice, as usual no interpreter.

    • Mike Brown

      There is no such teaching in the Bible as the baptism in the Holy Spirit, or a heavenly language. Notice the man doesn’t even use a Bible because his heresies have no book, chapter, and verse reference. The man is teaching these ignorant people how to let devils take over their body. When you deviate from scripture you are setting yourself up for devil possession. Ask these heretics for book, chapter, and verse on their heresies. That will be the end of the conversation and the devil may even curse you out. This is serious business friend, you are playing around with devils that will destroy your body and life. You better get to reading the Authorized King James Bible 1611 about a dozen times real slow and ask God to show you the truth unless you just want to be deceived and have those demonic chillbumps.

    • Warda Shimon-Australia

      The Gospel:

      Plain and


      “But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent

      beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your

      minds should be corrupted from the simplicity

      that is in Christ.” – 2 Corithians 11:3

      Ask someone today if they are saved and

      you will most likely hear responses like these:

      “I have accepted Jesus into my heart.” Or “I

      have made him Lord of my life.” “I’ve been

      baptized.” “I said a prayer.” Sounds all good

      and churchy don’t it; but it is difficult to de-termine whether or not a person actually

      knows the gospel that saves them. These use less phrases don’t describe a thing about what

      the gospel is and has left a devastating effect

      of people not knowing what it is that they are

      saved from nor how they are saved; which

      leaves a more serious effect of people ques tioning their salvation.

      Let’s not muddy the simplicity of salva tion that is in Christ with vague church

      sounding phrases that do not communicate

      anything. But rather present God’s word with

      clarity and assuredness. So here is the gospel:

      plain and simple.

      Sin was passed upon all men by one man

      Adam, and death is a consequence of this sin

      (Rom 5:12). Mankind has an eternal destiny of

      condemnation and wrath – Hell – because of

      this sin (Rom 6:23). No matter what good

      works one might do we are still found sinners

      in the sight of our Creator God. And all un righteousness and those who follow get in dignation and wrath. We cannot be found

      righteous for by God’s law we are found sin ners (Rom 3:19-20). If we have broken even

      one law we are found guilty.

      It is for this reason of not being able to

      create our own righteousness and being born

      in a sinful flesh that we need a savior (Titus

      3:5). Christ is that Savior, God manifested in

      the flesh, sinless, died in our place on a cross

      2000 years ago. Taking upon him the wrath

      and judgement that was intended for us sin ners. And it is through his bloodshed, burial,

      and resurrection on our behalf that we are

      able to have peace with God and forgiveness

      of our sins (1 Cor 15:1-4, Col 3:14). This good

      news is unto all but only those that believe in

      it are made righteous in Christ (Romans


      It is then after we have heard this good

      news of Christ’s righteousness available to us freely, that we are sealed with the Holy Spirit

      and we are now part of Christ’s body the

      church (Eph 1:13)

      There is nothing that we need to do, no

      good works that are required, and no bad

      works that can separate us from our new po sition in Christ (Romans 8:35-39).

      Faith and belief in this information from

      God’s word is the gospel.

      The gospel is not accepting Jesus into your

      heart. The gospel is not making him lord of

      your life, it is not saying a prayer and it is not

      being baptized with water.

      So next time someone asks you if you are

      saved. Give them the clear assured answer

      “Yes! And let me tell you why!”

      Find more free resources at:

    • Margaret Lim

      Thankyou for sharing ❤️

    • wanda woolward

      Thank you for the Best message ever.

    • The EaglesFam

      Great worship time 🙌🔥 …. brings back some good memories 🔥 let the fire of his presence burn in us and let us never cease to praise & worship him! All glory to Jesus 🙌

    • Gertrude Mushayabasa

      Oh God bless our drummer in the music ministry 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Jesse M.

      Amen 🙏🏻

    • Jacky Kroeske

      So powerful!! 🔥 Watched from Amsterdam!

    • john bishard

      Wow! Incredible ministry of divine life and love

    • Evangelist Tyrelle Smith

      Ev Daniel thank for how promote other people's ministry. I respect and admire that

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