Topical teaching on how to address the worldview of evil and why a healthy understanding of presenting the gospel from within the Old Testament aids in showing God’s plan to redeem man from the beginning has never changed. This teaching aims to serve as a potential guide of sorts when it comes to witnessing to non-believers especially as it pertains to evil. Also, this teaching will show based on the Scriptures that all of humanity has the same spirit of life provided to us by the true and living God; but our evil nature must be replaced by being born again of the Spirit, by the belief in the Messiah. Taught by Assistant Pastor Mac at Calvary Chapel Kaneohe Hawaii.

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    19 replies to "Messiah the Answer to Evil – June 26th, 2022"

    • Lumix247

      just found this channel and I absolutely love it. you guys are so awesome!

    • TodaysAudrey

      "The pressure's off if you know the Word of God" 🙌🙌🙌 Thank you Jesus!
      Wonderful, bracing message Pastor Mac 😊🙏

    • william williams

      We love you bro Mack. You are a fine teacher and your beard is Epic

    • Kimer

      Great teaching Pastor Mac. Praying for the beautiful baby and strength to her mother. ❤️

    • Jane Mitchell

      Beautiful message Pastor Mac! Love, prayers and blessings to you and your family!

    • Kelilah Rose

      Amen! Such a good message!

    • Gary Leibowitz

      Thank you Pastor. I am blessed by your love for the truth and sound teaching. Shalom.

    • Yoshi

      The kingdom of heaven is at hand.. go forth stars and spread the word lest ye fall to the earth……

    • Brandon Evans

      Thank you thank you so much for everything I believe I trust and I have faith in you God father Almighty and lord Jesus Christ thank you for your loving kindness and compassionate thank you I trust the process of life I trust in the flow of life and I trust myself thank you I trust in the timing of Devine thank you God for working my life thank you so much for everything I am grateful for everything that I have thank you I trust in the timing of Universe thank you for working my highest good thank you for providing me everything that I need thank you for all my guardian angels for supporting me and guiding me and blessings me everyday I received it all thank you I am so grateful for all the blessings after blessings and blessings everyday I achieve it all thank you I am so grateful for all the miracles and my presence I received it all thank you I am so grateful for everything that I have thank you for empowering me thank you for loving me for who I am thank you for choosing me thank you for the power I can transform my life thank you I can uplift myself thank you I can blessed myself thank you for fighting my battles thank you for being with me all the time thank you for today thank you for saving my life thank you I am alive thank you I am thankful for my abundance that soround me thank you I am grateful for my financial prosperity I thank the Universe for everything I am thankful I am grateful for fulfilling the purpose of my life thank you I am thankful for discovering my passion I am thankful for living in my dreams I am thankful for trusting myself to evolve everyday I am thankful for the loving relationship in my life I am thankful for my awareness I am thankful for my achievements I am thankful for my higher consciousness I am thankful for learning and growing thank you..The moment I was about giving up, I was introduced to a business by a man I met in a seminar I went to in Florida. This was not my first time hearing of such business but I took the risk Investin 1OOO USD and it was worth it. info@markhanfarmer, KOM 4 weeks later I kept on getting earnings and I started using the money for Gods work. I am very popular in Maryland. Doing Gods work always give me joy. There is peace and joy in my mind . I am here to motivate you and tell you never to give up even though the situation seems so though. God has promised his children and he will surely do what he has promised his children.

    • MusicAchefionado 808

      Pastor Mac knew his mistake the minute he said it. After the sermon this morning he knew it was wrong and was grateful that the congregation caught it and let him know. Easy error when you have pre prepared slides that you’re referring to. Thank you all for your grace! God bless!

    • Pam Jacobs

      Thank you Pastor Mac 💞Blessings from South Africa

    • ima mushroom

      what a shame man claims to believe the Bible yet after embracing Genesis 1 which tells of limited creation capped by a firmament then embraces science cosmos by telling of a unlimited creation then backs it up by showing computer generated images by masonic deceivers at NASA. there's a reason they put the serpent tongue through the NASA logo and it aint because they love truth. obviously Pastor Mac is oblivious to the fact that as the Bible states we live on a stationary earth where the sun moon and star's revolve around us, with a not to far firmament with Heaven above the firmament and Hell below the earth the only unlimited space the Bible ever mentions is the Bottomless pitt or abyss that is below the earth. Baal earth is the great end times deception that the Bible warned us about that if it were possible Gods very elect could be deceived, yet with no proof of rotation or curvature except cgi images from a corporation that was once led by a former NAZI Werner Von Braun most pastors ignore the realities of the Bible for Hollywood trickery and pass the fake teaching on to their flock unfortunately thanks to internet censorship the truth is not as easy to find as it was 10 or even 5 years ago and searches for truth will lead the average person to more deception yet there are many researchers offering many proofs that back up the Biblical non rotating flat earth with a heaven, that men once tried reach by building a great tower, or the earth that Jesus saw when Satan took him up to a high mountain where he could see all the kingdoms from one point, cant imagine how the New Jerusalem a thousand miles square is gonna fit on that spinning baal or what it will take to bring it from zillions of miles away and no the sun is not 93 million miles away as we were taught by that catholic priest Copernicus it's relatively close and the same distance away as that light source for night. I could go on forever about the creation the Bible talks about vs. the creation modern astrmoners preach but just like evolution the teaching of a universe that we were brainwashed with in in the public education system has no place in any Bible believing church.

    • jerry douglas

      you ment Isaiah 55:8-9, God bless brother

    • The Mustard Seed Adventures

      Why? I don't believe you! I feel attacked😅😅😅

    • So LaCoastra (Playoff So)

      Great sermon Pastor

    • KJBibleStudy2

      🙁 🙁 🙁 YT sucks 🙁 Constantly suppressing & deleting my comments & channels & truth 🙁 This is why you remain deceived 🙁

    • LadyPsalms139v14

      Lord Jesus Christ is waiting!
      There's still time repent and trust in Jesus Christ alone as Lord and Savior!

    • Faith Over Fear

      KNOW YOUR A-B-C's

      So you want to go to heaven
      I'll tell you a story of love
      A tale of admit, believe and call
      To our Savior up above

      Admit that you're a sinner
      Deep sorrow fills your heart
      You feel so broken God will heal you
      And fix what's been torn apart

      Believe that Jesus really lived
      From Bethlehem to Calvary
      He paid for your sins and rose from the dead
      So that you could be set free

      Call to Him in prayer right now
      He's waiting for your call
      He's the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
      Bringing salvation to us all

      Shirley 💕

    • Psalm 118:8

      Love and blessing to you Pastor Mac! Praying for the lost 🙏🏼✝️💯

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