The Stand | Night 868

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    10 replies to "Ministers & Leaders Conference 2022 | Double Portion | Session 12"


      Yes I want that song ❤❤❤❤

    • No Thankyou

      Pastor. Rodney. Is. The. Best. Teacher. Of. This. Time!!!!

    • No Thankyou

      Now. Is the. Time……

    • No Thankyou

      Grab. The. New. Manual. I'm. Throwing. My. Credentials. Down. The. Toilet!!!!!!

    • No Thankyou

      Venture. Your. Highways!!!

    • No Thankyou

      Shame. Is. From. The. Devil

    • No Thankyou

      Hallelujah. Be. Blessed. And. Bless. Others. Always

    • David Sain

      Wow! So awesome! Powerful Service! All praise to JESUS!!

    • Tim Trainor

      Just experienced last week a firing from my job and then, within a matter of hours (the next morning), I got an agreement where I received a 50% pay boost… and then at the beginning of this week I got another gig to work for double the rate I had previously been charging for years.
      Glory to God! He did it… He set it up… He has blessed our foundation and now He's doubling our acceleration!
      All honor, praise and glory be unto our most excellent and good Lord, King, Savior and God!

    • B Hicks

      It’s so beautiful to see all the nations represented here ! ❤

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