The Stand | Day 864

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    5 replies to "Ministers & Leaders Conference 2022 | Double Portion | Session 3"

    • Rose. Butske

      I've be enven asking vitamins for over 20 years!

    • Rose. Butske

      Husband Gary Sr. Got Covid and he wore the mask all the time and I never wore one and didn't get Covid Rona😂😂guess what the doctor gave him a year ago Vitamine D and C

    • Rose. Butske

      Wait they are in tha parking lots too no bio hazards tanks

    • Fernando Juarbe

      If you see anybody with a mask getting close to the property take tell them take it off cause pastor Rodney went to Jail because of that that's so bomb ♨️♨️🔥🔥🌪❣️

    • patandemy

      Thank You ever so much❤

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