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The Miracle Explosion with Joan Hunter, Joan Gieson & Clarice Fluitt.

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Get ready for a Miracle Explosion TODAY!

Join me and my special guests, Joan Hunter, Dr. Clarice Fluitt & Joan Gieson LIVE today on our It’s Supernatural! Network (ISN) and on GEB America & GOD TV. Watch a preview for this live event.

Joan Hunter is building on the shoulder of her parents, the Happy Hunters. They saw a large number of miracles in their ministry.

Clarice Fluitt is known for God answering her prayers for outrageous miracles.

Joan Gieson is known as the “Miracle Lady” at Benny Hinn meetings. She gets more people in wheelchairs walking than anyone I know!

All three have received the Kathryn Kuhlman anointing. Their three anointings combined will cause an explosion of miracles! They will be praying for you to receive an impartation of a miracle anointing.

    27 replies to "Miracle Explosion | Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!"

    • ted oneil clark

      Such a beautiful woman was Kathryn 😀❤️😀

    • D Lewis

      Isaiah 54;3. /45;3

    • Matthew Hogan

      It's now October 2022 and I'm watching this and I received my healings right now in the name off Jesus i coming into agreement in Jesus name amen

    • Marie Ochoa

      Need prayers healing from cigarette or tobacco my son Jimmy he’s 33 yesterday Doctor said he has pressure, teeth toting and he is lost case if he doesn’t confess. Pray with me I believe

    • Letecia Ramirez

      South Africa God bless you all
      We expect explosion sudden loud energy breaking loose

    • Cindy D Elliott

      Amen Joan. I have been healed from Fibromyalgia. And the one that God used when I was delivered and healed did this very thing. He asked God what opened the door that allowed Fibro came through the door was closed after we sent Fibro back through it. HalleluYah.

    • Maria Filipinas Maucher

      Please pray to my daughter Angelika and the 3 Kids Selina,Dave and Noah an String faith

    • Emy R

      Wow , this is amazing , my husband cousin call me Wonder Woman ❤yooohooo❤

    • Denni Lister

      Pls pray for me. I have fibromyalgia, cfs, hypothyroidism and ptsd. God bless you all. I believe in miracles 🌼🌼🌼

    • Kathryn dalton

      I accept for my family

    • Bikila Boja @Offitial

      Thank you Jesus my almighty God!!

    • Bikila Boja @Offitial

      oooh thank you Jesus. Miracle Miracle Miracle…..endless Miracles by Jehovah-Rapha!!!
      I got healed from Virus infection(herpes) after watching this miracle video.
      thank you Jesus……..

    • Jackie Cecil

      Tonight October 2, 2022, I have been healed watching this Miracle Explosion/Sid Roth's It's Supernatural. I was healed of trauma from childhood, from adult trauma as a man choked me to the ground. I heard, felt, and praised God for the cleansing and purification of trauma in my body. I believe Isa 45:3 will bring a new beginning to my life. Thank you, Lord Jesus!

    • Penny Capps

      I had fibromyalgia years ago. The pain was unreal. I was on so much medication. I cried and prayed to God for healing. God healed me, I don’t have it no more. GOD IS SO GOOD ALL THE TIME ❤❤

    • Zenny Ferrer

      Clarice is my favorite I want what she have 👑🙋‍♀️❤️‍🔥🔥Lord give it to me

    • Sholanda Forney

      I believe All things are possible and I believe in the supernatural tangibles Money Manifesting for me Now

    • Martha Shatika

      Glory be to God ameni i received it and claimed it in Jesus name ameni.

    • Elanie Nakada

      amen my miracle is inside of me already praise the Lord amen❣

    • Teresa Walker

      I watched this in 2016, and my kidneys were healed from damages, and I had been in renal shutdown twice!!!

    • Bhaskar Rau

      So far I am not healed of all diseases basker rau india reply now amen

    • Bhaskar Rau

      So far I am not healed all my disease Rey now amen basker rau india reply

    • Elizabeth Holyspirit

      Blessed holy trinity bring heavenly people in back n front homes glory 2 God

    • Drupattee Sammy

      Super. Natural

    • Drupattee Sammy

      Praise God praise Jesus praise God of. the. Super Halalujah Thanks you lord 🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖

    • Luciya Mithaiwalla

      I also have taken the healing for my rotator cuff pad shoulder.
      I recvd Restoration for my backslidden children. Unsaved loved ones being saved, delivered. My little grandchild to know Jesus only as her Lord n none other. Healing for my husband from pride, arrogance, drinks.

    • Emma Fuller

      Praise the Lord for Miracles. I’m healed in the blood of Jesus!!!!!

    • Abba Schools

      SidRoth it's supernatural

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