Join Sid Roth and @JosephZ as they discuss what’s coming…

    16 replies to "Most Believers Are NOT Ready for What's Coming…"

    • Claudia Gezella

      He did win. The elections were stolen

    • Martha Mendiola

      Brother I don't know what to believe anymore. Back in the days there was no charge to go get deliverance or a Revival now they are charging alot of money. What happened to a love offering.? Back in the days we used to go to revivals without cost only picking up love offering. Alot people don't have that kind of money to go to a revival where they are going to charge 300.00 dollars we barely have money to pay our rent or pay our light bill. What it wrong with these people it's all about money. Yes I know they need money too.

    • joan beckford

      Amen, thank you, Sid Roth 🙏 ❤️ 😘 💖 💙 ♥️ 🙏. I just love your faithfulness in Jesus Christ ❤️.

    • Brodda Black

      I believe the USA is going to see destructive forces come against them that they have never seen

    • Gérard Niyondiko

      Jesus is the only superstar! All the glory to Him. Well said.

    • Becky Dean

      Praise God. This was so encouraging. thank you

    • Greg Byrne

      You are not God's. You can no more change the climate of this planet than you can change your gender.
      The PRECESSION of the alpha omega equinoxes is. Eclipsing the electromagnetic gravitational equator of the Sun's Oort cloud magnetosphere is increasing the Earth's Double Torus magnetosphere causing these the climate change END TIMES. These are just the birthing pains as Jesus put it.
      Gobekli tepe was buried by 19 cataclysmic antediluvian deluges pulled out & around the planet east to west by the moon every 40 years when Mercury-Venus-Moon-Earth were in conjunction spanning a millennium the last time we eclipsed the Sun's Kuipers belt. The first one this equinox will be in 2033.

      Jesus like Lot & Noah before warned us.

    • Maryam Laure

      thank you absolutely…NOT BY WHAT WE SEE OR HEAR BUT AGAIN AND AGAIN BY WHAT WE BELIEVE….THE WORD OF GOD…NO OPTIIONS.. be on earth as it is in heaven….God says i have given you the choice or life or death – the power of cursing or blessings…..

    • Portland Local Church

      Donald Trump did win and we all know it.. the evil world non elected leaders stole that election… but God has the last word and don't think for a second that God's plan was defeated .. it has only been accelerated and when the hammer swings , as it will soon enough, we will k ow that nobody can stand against our God…

    • Zoé

      Amen Sid ! Praise God ❣️🙏🇮🇱❤️

    • Jacob Jacob

      I feel in my spirit that God will not abandon humanity. The end will not come until the harvest has reached its intended fullness. God intends that no person goes to hell, but that all find a fullness of their cup that overflows and runs over. God is searching the land and rescuing these who seek to know him. I'm so thankful that the God of the Bible is so patient with us. Praise to Jesus, thank you Lord

    • DONOVAN 7

      TRUMP actually did win , but it was stolen to expose the corruption of the "Swamp " and it's not over yet.

    • Flick 123

      I love how excited they are💙💙💙love you guys ,and bless you🙏🙏🙏

    • Suellen Johnson

      Thank you for everything you do , Sid! I love hearing about all the people on your show and their testimonies! So inspiring! You are a blessing to the body of Christ.

    • Mélina Guay

      The election was stolen. President Trump won that election. The evidence will confirmed the reality and the truth. All that his hidden will be unveiled!

    • Sandra Enston

      gbu and your family amen lets have more shows like this

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