Bill Morford reveals where most Bible translations get Jesus WRONG!
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This episode originally aired in 2006. Stay tuned for more It’s Supernatural! Classics from our It’s Supernatural! archive!

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    23 replies to "Most Bible Translations Get Jesus WRONG!"

    • Terri L

      This guy didnt reinvent the wheel. Personally, I didnt need words to change to understand what my current translation says.

    • Bonelwa Bell

      I was so sick last night and i said God you are greater than this pain release me from this and it was gone thank' God

    • Miguelina Vivieca

      God is powerful.

    • Diao Ai Lien

      Whatxis, the word forctemplevof God

    • Diao Ai Lien

      Dear Sid. How tovget that, power tranlation book. Thank you

    • Gladys Free

      I'm not interested in a new Bible'.what us wrong with the true bible.dont be deceived.and teach others.the only true Bible is the KJV.listen to Gail Riplinger.I challenge you to get her on your program
      And Steven Anderson and many others
      No new age iluminauti Catholic Bible's.Jesus said not to be deceived.and do not change a not or tittel .

    • Tina Schmidt

      Yes, Jesus IS COMING. Soon! I have had many dreams and visions and visitations from the Lord and his angels. Be ready Church!

    • celticmist14

      What does he mean about political correctness

    • maria rodrigues

      Thank you Jesus n make me like this brother

    • kerry guzman

      Hey Sid what happened to the Golden Globe Glory that you predicted would happen in 2021 and that billions would get saved and millions of healing ministries would come forth,didn't happen you make too many false statements you should go to heaven with jesse duplantis next time he goes in the cable car and get your information straight,both are just couple of phony bolognies



    • Steve Kicks

      Wow! What a message for too long we Christians have taken being grafted into the vine to mean we replaced Israel, no that grafted means joined united etc. I repented of those ideas and have been forgiven I love being grafted and serve God in healing rooms, it's a real privalidge to pray & talk with people and see God heal, set free, and deliver so many glory to God in the highest and love to my Jewish brothers and sisters gadol adoni umhulal me'od.

    • Mahder K828

      Amen 🙏🏻

    • Mark MacRae

      Kjv is the word that GOD preserved! All others take scriptures out, twist scriptures, take words out that attack key doctrines, take away the deity of CHRIST, etc they are perversions! The word of GOD warns not to do that!

    • Rose Morris

      Some new bibles have things added onto them, by the evil new age.

    • Gideon Adzimah

      Amen 🔥🕊️🔥

    • Claudio Perri

      Salvation/Justification for the Sinner/unbeliever…Romans 3:24,25,26, (AKJV)

    • Alex W

      But God ALLOWS sickness in our life for HIS reasons!

    • Rosemarie Rabi

      How to buy that Power Translation Bible plse ..🙏🙏❤

    • Mary Seals


    • Jonathan chai


    • rsempel1

      Just because sickness is evil doesnt mean we dont have to put up with it, because we are in a fallen world and we are at least sinful and I do believe that one day we are going to die unless Yeshua comes back before that moment. And Jakob was touched by God after the struggle they had and he had a limp after that so what about that?

    • Sarah Young

      Great for a new Messianic Jew like me. Thanks.
      Blessings, DrRed

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