Sid weighs in on the popular prosperity gospel.

    11 replies to "My 2 Cents on the Prosperity Gospel"

    • Troy Black

      I love this! This is the Biblical answer to the money problem in the world and in the church.

    • Raye Baldwin

      I hadn't watched this channel much but this was a good message. I am going to listen to it again.

    • Tim Johnston

      Everybody's purpose in life is too pick up where Jesus left off preaching the gospel that is it when I was saved I asked God for a million dollars God said I do not want you to have that

    • Samson Babayan

      Buy crypto!

    • Samson Babayan

      Two words Melike Shleemon(king Solomon).you Have to pass the tests! DUPLANTIS EVENS SAYS SO HIMSELF! WISDOM IS THE PRINCIPLE THING!

    • Clyda Powers

      Where instructed to do all things in moderation and I think that includes having material things and money is a material thing and as you said you can't buy the most important things in life those are things that God helps us with love joy closeness to others we're all too stuck in the Earthly thinking and not in the heavenly

    • darrin ward

      There is no prosperity Gospel in the Bible

    • Corinne Culbertson

      Sid- this program today touched my life like no other. It was truly the most intimate invite ever thank you for inviting me in to sit with Our Lord and Savior and be blessed. This particular segment with you had me in tears of happiness and I felt the blessing and the Holy Spirit. I will “Pray~Obey~ and believe” and invite Jesus and seek a closer intimate relationship with him. You truly touched and encouraged my soul. I will ask what my purpose is in “The Book of Life”
      “I’m keeping my eyes on Our Savior Jesus Christ”. Thank you Sid for always bringing Gods word to the people. Warmly~Corinne Culbertson and family

    • Linda B

      God bless you sid roth I been watching your videos for years I loved God so much I believe in him I don't like to use the word poor you don't want to invite poverty I fell sad for the homeless people how they are living I hope they can get the help they need fear is not a good thing you just have to pray against it and be strong in your faith

    • Dennis Bergman

      Thank you Sid, from nz…

    • I believe in Jesus Christ

      how about Christians walking the streets in America and talking to people about Jesus.. get up get uncomfortable and speak God's truth without being ashamed !!

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