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Sid Roth with Curry Blake on It’s Supernatural!

In this Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! Classic episode from 2000: Curry Blake’s daughter died and miraculously came back to life!

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    23 replies to "My Daughter Died. Then I Saw Her in Heaven! | Curry Blake"

    • Shabel Ij

      Lord i want to know you

    • 疗愈之音林泽鑫

      i like this brother.~

    • Cristina Gonzalez

      Para mí es de bendiciones este programa pero póngalo en español

    • Sandle Grench

      Please, please contact me curry Blake. Put your email in the comments or tell me how to contact you. I beg.

    • oldonetwoable

      Con men, if they are really healing, why aren't they going into hospitals and clearing out all the patients, funny we never hear of this happening. These "healings by the thousands" never seem to make the news or it happens in some remote, primitive village that nobody knows about. Sure a Father would wander around for 20 minutes with his injured Daughter in his arms instead of ringing an ambulance. Sure the Drs said she was clinically dead for 30 minutes without seeing her dead. Nonsense and embellishments.

    • Sheree Sweeney

      Thank you for this video 🙏🌟💞

    • DaughterOfTheMostHigh78

      I love Sid Roth. Lord knows I do. But he always interrupting somebody lol

    • Jerusa Luz


    • Edna Burger

      Thank you GOD !GOD IS SO BIG ALWAY .We love you so GOD .

    • David Phillips

      1 John 5 through others

    • Lutchmee Dhooky

      Pasteur curry please for my daughter ashna she cannot walking she had infection in body pray she can walking pray for Esha for her vision eye pray also to my son nuvin he had many pain in body in life

    • Lutchmee Dhooky

      I have my son is dead in my hand he go to church I my dream i see Jesus take my son hand and go amen

    • Ameer

      That's beautiful to see your daughter in heaven ♥️💜🧡💙❤💛💚

    • Brenda Chirata

      Hello Fellow Christians. I have a question when do we as Christians draw a line between having faith God will do us what we are asking him for and when we have to say God if you change the situation glory to you and if you don’t change it glory to you. Give me bible verses if possible. Sorry if this is out of topic for you

    • Mandela Australia

      If there is ever a time not to say hold that thought with a hand up in someone's face it's when a father is talking about picking up and holding his lifeless child. Unbelievable!

    • Patricia Ebert

      The devil tried so many times to kill me…and my oldest son…using fear on me especially ..like my last son…but I actually died…at like 7 from a heart murmer n fear n heat.. One night in 70s…n it made me question everything…n believe…n then yes later after Mutch sevier abuse…I got saved when 15 from 700 club..n I was praying n one night god woke me up n showed me a vision.. didn't think he really heard my casual prayers…but this was stuff I never read in bible…I never read bible.. N later once I did .know it ..I was blown away at the interpretation…n every bit of was just so personal ..n scriptural.. ! But please pray for my sons ..for salvation and deliverance…

    • George Tito

      Curry Blake I'm sorry i don't believe you at all you can't go heaven!!!

    • lucy Waithira chege

      I wish prayers for our grandchild Alexandria Lucy cerebral palsy needs Supernatural miracles healthy healing , I wishing Prayers for LORD give me New teeth, Lucy Kiambu State County Kenya

    • Paul Crozier

      Praising God for this Man 🙏Thank you Jesus ❤️👏

    • Campa lovesJESUS

      I hope somebody sees this please but has anyone else noticed that when people are raised from the dead they are always hungry. Legit check the girl in the bible, JESUS and others either they were told to be given food or they said that they were hungry? Amen.

    • Natalia Palovcak

      Death is Life. The soul is encased in a vessel similar to the cocoon of a butterfly. When the body dies the Soul is free to Fly

    • Pray Pal

      Thankyou Lord for both of these men of God and for John G Lake … they immulate our Lord Jesus and make me want to do the same. 😊🥰❤

    • Jacqueline C Rodriguez

      Please Brother Curry Blake, requesting healing prayers over my kidneys. I have been on dialysis close to 4 years. I have PolyCystic Kidney disease. I pray that all the cysts on my kidneys disappear, in the name of Jesus! Amen 🙏🏽🕊✝️

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