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Disney has declared war on our families. For the sake of our children, we will not be silent!

We’ve recently started development of Supernatural Sid, an animated Bible series to teach children how to have an intimate experiential knowledge of God. They will not only learn to explore the greatest life-changing stories in the Bible, but they will understand how to walk in the supernatural of God and operate in the gifts of the Spirit to win every battle they face!

We have a world-class team of writers, illustrators and animators that rival the best in secular television and social media! Believe with me that through this series, millions of children worldwide will be born again and filled with the awesome power of God! The devil thought he had won the souls and minds of this generation. But NOW it’s God’s turn!

▶▶Click here to support Supernatural Sid: https://bit.ly/3rmKqlH

    17 replies to "My Response to Disney [This is How We Fight Back]"

    • Emmanuel Isaac

      In india every movie blasphemy holy spirit

    • Debra Charuka

      Thank you sid 😘 💖

    • Jackie Bejo

      Thank you Jesus that Sid Roth is standing for righteousness! Keep standing may God protect all who are including Ron and all the Saints entering our government! We have the victory because our God is so powerful and wonderful all praises to Jesus!!

    • James Wood

      And it shall be like the days of Noah

    • margaret mburu

      This is the most amazing thing i have heard of Late.., May the Lord cause it explore to the world to change the world of our kidos…

    • Mia Reynolds

      I agree and I am very disappointed with Disney. Its bad enough that this stuff is in general media everywhere, Dont put this into the minds of little kids.

    • Princess Getimis

      We must fight back in Jesus name!!!

    • Angelina Kauffman

      Can't wait to have my children to watch supernatural sid

    • Velazquez

      Super book :0 I love that show

    • Velazquez

      I learn that already 🙂 but I still love this and to know that I am 11 year old I love this show




      Use jesus name to bind up all the regional strongmen cast them out of your mind, soul and command them to come out of your spiritual territory

    • dimitri H

      Thank you Lord for Dr Sid

    • mandy2cute

      I love this❤

    • 🌺Faith Comes By Hearing

      Keep us posted where we can buy them!!!

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      **Write up👆 My Team✍️ for daily prayer dedicated to
      promoting healing, self actualization and self
      love principles…….

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