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Joan Gieson spent 8 years with healing evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman, then traveled 18 countries ministering with Benny Hinn. Joan says it’s time to impart what she learned and was given!

Healing in His Presence. (Book) Joan Gieson received a miraculous healing under the ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman, one of the most intriguing Christian personalities of the twentieth century. Joan went on to work with Kuhlman’s ministry, receiving exclusive glimpses into her private walk with the Holy Spirit. Now, Joan wants to share those with you!

Through miraculous testimonies and transferable teaching, you will discover:

• The power link between the miraculous and friendship with the Holy Spirit
• The importance of atmosphere: creating space for God’s anointing
• The connection between supernatural compassion and miracles.
• The impartation available to those who ask, seek and knock!

Keys to the Miraculous. (3-CD Set) Joan learned how to experience her Master’s Presence and she began to flow in God’s miraculous power. She never looked back. Her pursuit of her Healer led to 8 years of ministry with Kathryn Kuhlman, then more ministry with Benny Hinn across 18 countries. Joan teaches, shares and prays for you on this series. It includes:

• Discovering the Miraculous
• Keys to the Miraculous
• An exclusive interview with Joan Gieson

Like Joan, your personal healing can lead to a greater intimacy with your Healer and much more than you can imagine!

Joan Gieson was a busy mother who was suddenly blinded then miraculously healed. Her life was transformed and her walk with God has transformed countless others.

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    17 replies to "Need a Miracle? This Video's for You! | Joan Gieson"

    • LikeMeNow

      Genuine. I know God is here with me. I am healed in my stomach and throat and in my finances and in my mind and in my blood. I am healed

    • ladyluck60#

      God heal me and my family please thank you God almighty God bless us all amen

    • exotic animal family

      Please pray for my mom yvonne, she has breast cancer..

    • YouTube guest

      Our family and church prayer group is praying for Sam 35-year-old boy single 15 years on alcohol and drugs. The devil is a liar the father of lies and we are trusting God for complete deliverance so Samuel can I live a normal life and preach the gospel.
      In the name of Jesus Yashua Messiah the Christ.

    • Ununuma Favour Ekpete

      I request prayers for my brother who has recently been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. My dad passed away four years ago from same illness. I believe the Lord to heal my brother and give him a new colon and rectum.

    • Justus Tru Rainboe

      I sent this to Laura' My beloved Daughter, Bella Grace's Mama. ❤️, all this and I absolutely 💯 ask prayer for and concerning all of this, and for real, salvation for all Who are gunna be blowing hell wide open, straight up, yet like her, seemingly have no regard, please pray for her, my friend, Austin and all these I care abouts salvation in which if u could understand how bad Hades is and I pray via Holy Spirit and His Holy Angels and interpretations and influence from Heaven and grace Covenant safe and sound and coverage allows all to know JUST HOW BAD , HADES/HELL IS AND SEVERE AND WHY AND HOW IS WHERE MOST ARE GOING. WIDE GATE. PLEASE PRAY FOR EVERYONE OF OURS AND COMPLETE STRANGERS EVEN salvation, anyone u pass by in daily life, PLEASE In Jesus'name, and that I'd and we'd never experience another moment of Hell on any level in Jesus' name and Jesus, Heal our experiences and expectations and souls andnhearts and body's and Spirits and support and finances and decisions in Jesus , Your name, Thanks, Amen. Release me and us from this pressure and injuries from Satan and his abuse in Jesus' name, thanks , Expose , expire, expell him, give us forgiveness God, repentance, refuge and way of escape, but let Satan never escape You, Jesus and You dealing with Him for us, IN Jesus' name, thanks, amen! Hallelujah 🙏 grrr. Please let Your perfect will be done, God in all Godliness and grace , salvation, forgiveness, redemption and favor and Perfect love and personality and protection, character, wisdom, air waves, and health and wholeness and Holiness and ability of God to even repent and high right relationships bc of Your intimacy and Favor and Fathering and divine appointments and blessings, nothing we could earn or deserve on our own. We cant earn or deserve miraclulous perfect health or how and Who and what circumstances we are born into either , but bless it and us for Yourself , Lord, none of this is irrelevant(bring Your unveiled revelations, so no more coercion ever takes place , please or abuse from jezebel and Lucifer pr mammon or religion or man or flesh) Jesus name.amen! Thanks ! Amen hallelujah 🙌

    • lipa shmelzer

      Hallelujah !!

    • Jane Kembabazi


    • Purity Njoka

      Please pray for my knees they really hurt especially at night.

    • Walter Killens

      Praise the Lord amen thank you Jesus

    • Walter Killens

      Praise the Lord thank God in Jesus name amen

    • RangelBoy56

      Amen 🙏🏽

    • Ella Murchison

      Joan pray for every area of my life in Jesus Christ name.

    • FireRocks🔥

      Hallelujah I pray for healing in my kidneys and bowels ! I’m fighting 2 addictions I break them off now in the name of Jesus Christ I pray Amen bless all of you who read this Amen

    • Wanda Brady

      In the Nsme of Jesus I believe and receive this prophecy!

    • Martha Shatika

      Glory be to God ameni i received it and claimed it in Jesus name ameni.

    • Luciya Mithaiwalla

      Amen in Jesus name AMEN 🙏.

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