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On this episode of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! 2016: Something new is happening. Guillermo Maldonado has moved in miracles for years, but he just returned from Argentina, where in a matter of minutes he saw 60 people get creative miracles, even new organs. And he says it’s transferable.

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    28 replies to "Need a Miracle? Watch This Anointed Video with Guillermo Maldonado! | Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!"

    • Tony ATTARD

      pls can you pray for me i had corona virus i was very sick although i am.negative now i still feel.not very well and i suffer from.arthirithis and i.suffer from.bad depression and i have serious money problem pls i beg you to pray for me i have to pay a lot of rent everymonth thanks too much i hope i would have reply from this angel of god from.argentina


      I need miracle of my tooth too


      Pray that I get healed of bipolar

    • Onyia Ukamaka

      Amen i receive my miracle for him.leading me here hallelujah in jesus name amen

    • Victor Mwageni

      I need a job please pray for me

    • Victor Mwageni

      Amen and amen

    • Victor Mwageni

      A miracle will happen today

    • Victor Mwageni

      Miracles happen now

    • Victor Mwageni

      I need a financial Breakthrough

    • Victor Mwageni

      I need a debt cancellation miracle

    • Virginia Woodside

      Sid Roth I have some profund supernatural experiences you may want to hear

    • Emilia DeLeon

      I need help. 😫 I ask for prayer to resist the devil so he will flee from me. I ask in the name of Jesus amen.

    • Jon

      I need a miracle today Jesus 🙏

    • leah rivers

      💎 I Believe AND Receive ALL of THIS, THE VERY GREATEST of Blessings AND Favour, From God Almighty… In EVERY Area of MY Life… FOR NOW AND EVERMORE… IN The Holy Name of Rabboni YHVHshua-ImmanuEl, KHA MASHIAKH, KHA ADONAI… Khallelu Yah, AMEN E AMIN, E SE'LAH, FOREVERMORE!!!!!!!!! 👻🔥📖 ⚡

    • Anyang Mukjah

      Need a healing and restoration please pray for me.. Amen 🙏🙏

    • Nita Panchu


    • Dianna Fernandez

      I got healed on November 12th 2021 at a prophetic conference, this man of God was there, a person from his team prayer for me and I got healed from 3 breast masses, I live in my healing every day from then on, God is the same yesterday today and tomorrow, there is no respector of man with God.

    • Victor Mwageni

      I need a debt Cancellation miracle

    • Victor Mwageni

      Financial Breakthrough

    • John Maraga

      My name is Irene from papua new guinea I have heart valve diecease I believe God gave me new heart and valve. I am all so nee d new thyroid gland and head ache to go away,,I believe in the power of Jesus Christ my lord and savior thank-you jesus

    • John Maraga

      Please pray for me I have constant headache that never stop I am from papua new guinea

    • Ann
    • Victor Prasad

      Praise the Lord. I am from India. Please pray for getting answers to all my prayers.

    • Victor Prasad

      I am from India. Please pray for my daughter serena, her life to be settled, as she wants good teaching online job with high paid salary.

    • Victor Prasad

      I am watching from India, please pray for my good breathing , and also healing of back pain.

    • Crystal Williams

      We are standing in the gap for our brother for a creative mericul in this risk he got damage an he is in the hospital right now plz pray for us

    • sagai mary

      God of faithful plz pray for my daughter Suzanna to break friendship from her friend keerthi. Lord plz breakthrough their friendship n get separated n focus on their studies carrier n future lord. Plz jesus deliver them n plz do this miracle I don't want to loose my daughter Suzanna het friend is spoiling her. Plz jesus I ask this in jesus name Amen

    • sagai mary

      God of faithful plz pray for my husband may god deliver him from anger hatred n bless him with patience forgiveness n humbleness. Plz pray for his health business n finances. May our family become close to God n may the holyspirit dwell in our family n change our lives n b a example. May the divine power com on our family n draw closer to God n lift us in his loving care. I ask this in jesus name Amen

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