Join TJ Malcangi and Jessi Green and expect your miracle!
▶▶Your Journey from Victim to Victor [4-CD Set]:
▶▶Your Journey from Victim to Victor [Digital Download]:

It began with a vision of Jesus at the scourging post, where T.J. found his freedom from invisible chains of severe O.C.D. and panic attacks so paralyzing they cost him his job. At the time he weighed as little as 105 pounds!

Faith begins where the will of God is known.
And then his schooling began. In Your Journey from Victim to Victor, T.J.’s 4-CD/audio teaching, he lays out the keys needed to break strongholds of wrong thinking and to release healing. That includes an awareness of how entrapment comes by:

• Ignorance of the Word of God
• Unbelief in what God has said
• Not focusing on what God has said
• Sustained or subtle demonic torment

Change direction by taking command of your mind.
T.J. shows you how to cast down destructive thoughts and also gives three ways to take charge of your mind.

• Recognize the source of the thought
• Refuse to identify with the thought
• Get specific with the Word of God

Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to help you get your freedom, and what Jesus did for T.J. Malcangi, He will do for you. T.J.’s lessons were meant for you, and he prays powerful prayers for the healing that comes with freedom. It’s your decision to make!

▶▶Your Journey from Victim to Victor [4-CD Set]:
▶▶Your Journey from Victim to Victor [Digital Download]:

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    12 replies to "Need a Miracle? Watch This Video!"

    • David Veltmeyer

      Divine intervention & deliverance over my life from demonic spells & evil intentions, demonic powers, witchcraft, curses of toronto evil doers, toronto🤬satanic people of the devil and evil🇨🇦 😡canadians & demons.Increase of knowledge, divine help & for me. Divine protection & divine wisdom & godly friends, success, salvation for my sister Natalie and her Kistemaker family in Ontario, my mother Ana, my brothers James & Henry & their Veltmeyer families in California. I need divine 🙌healing in my throat from thyroid issues that is causing discomfort in my😊neck area.Bring my bunny🐇pet Snow, raise her from my freezer when the 7 years period of the great tribulation starts. 🙏God bless you abundantly.

    • Charisse

      My son healed from scoliosis!! My other son healed from Asthma. And my other son healed from emotional distress.. Myself healed from high blood pressure, sciatica nerve damage, and sinus and allergies!! Thank you Jesus that I shall never
      Lack in area of my life… so shall it be..🙏

    • Josefina Berroa

      Hallelujah Hallelujah

    • Sharon Suko

      ❤️message TJ!!!

    • Sam Kari

      I was born with a heart condition and given a pacemaker as a result. Please pray that my heart will be healed and I wont need a pacemaker!

    • Milo Ventimiglia

      WHAT MORE CAN I ASK FOR , Thank you Jesus $ 32,000 weekly profit our lord God have lifted up my life !!! , Glory to the everlasting GOD ALMIGHTY .❤️

    • Erin Meow

      Jesus….save me. You took those stripes for me too. Take the pain away. Restore me to when I didn't have pain Lord. Thank You Jesus….and Amen.

    • Jane Nichols

      Believing for healing of a torn rotator cuff and pain and type 2diabetes. Thank you in Jesus name!❤

    • Bobbie Gant

      I need a financial Blessings overflowing In JESUS NAME Amen

    • Victoria J

      I receive! Thank you, Jesus!

    • Pray Daily

      I've been needing a miracle. Spiritually.

    • Anna Konwea

      I receive divine healing and touch of God in Jesus Name, Amen

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